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About Us

The world is getting smaller everyday, and our impact even with a small environment has global impact. This why we feel that more company are forming social enterprise. Be it a marry between the social mission of a non-profit or government program with the market-driven approach of a business. Thus help to create a more just and sustainable world. With people equipped with the skills, values and capabilities for global challenges like environmental sustainability or human development.

Our community is an interlinked one, merging climate change, women's rights, education and water. We will do this by put 100% of our company's profits into organisation and charity that company target areas of change. These current will include the following type of organisation, ones that give free education to children, particularly girls(e.g Care International), ones that provide support for victims of domestic violence(e.g Women's Aid), and organisations that protect and provide clean drinking water(e.g Water Aid).

We will go about achieving this by producing free mobile application that benefits our end users. By giving them a bespoke tool or experiences they enjoy, and would frequently use. All the while our software will collect soft user data, nothing that violates a person's private identity. But information like what group of users with a set market share are buying or are based. For example a restaurant location apps, that records which area users might be looking for a set food type. We will then take this soft data and use it to build useful Business Metrics, that our subscribers/business-subscribers can use to create better KPIs (e.g Key Performance Indicator).

We also offer our subscribers the ability to create smart targeted advertisements, deal or promotions, which is aimed directly at users who are interested in the subscriber's products or services. In a set location, or during a set time of the day. Allow a yogi studio could for example to message users set a target promotion to users who are interested in doing yogi, at a time in the day when stress is at high point. Increase the effectiveness of the advertisement.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

Feel Good

Delivers an enchanted experience for those times when you want to transform your body and mind.

Do Good

100% of all profiles, go towards support worth while cause around the world.

Promote Good

Recommend Duara to your friends, and for every purchase your friend makes earn 25% off the profit.

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