Considering becoming an academy?
Fixed price conversions for £12,500+VAT

J & G Marshall Ltd was created to help schools not just understand the academy conversion process, but to navigate successfully and effectively through it.

Our philosophy is simple – our team all sit on governing bodies.  As a result, we see the process from the point of view of the schools, not the policy makers. We help senior leaders to continue to focus on education outcomes, while we handle the tasks, paperwork and hurdles that can come with conversion.

Furthermore, our support grows with you. We have the credentials and experience to help academies and MATs grow and flourish. We highlight your strengths and signpost areas to develop before they become critical concerns. This understanding is a vital part of a healthy academy trust.

To find out more, read what the schools and academies who work with us have to say. J & G Marshall is a true partner.

Our services

J & G Marshall has supported more than 250 schools, academies, stand-alone-trusts and MATs to put the frameworks in place to help them achieve their education goals and aspirations. To facilitate this, our services and expertise can be tailored to ensure our work is targeted and cost-effective. Click on each of the circles below to see the areas where we can offer support:

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What we're talking about

J & G Marshall is delighted to be launching two free CPD events to help and support education leaders; whether they be headteachers, business managers, governors or trustees. Both events will be held on December 4 2018 at The Centre at Birchwood Park. Refreshments will be provided and multiple guests are welcome from the same […]

The first half term is drawing to a close and we are all crawling to our first break. This only means one thing… the first meetings of governors and trustees are taking place up and down the country. Let’s cut to the chase. Governors and trustees are an important and undervalued component in the education […]

Over the last couple of weeks, a couple of things have caught my attention on television…bear with me on this one. Firstly, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the Panorama investigation into Bright Tribe was compulsory viewing in our household. It would be fair to say that it had me ranting at the TV screen and Juno, my beloved […]

What our clients say

""What makes J&G Marshall stand out is their way of working. They are always available and working to the principle that whatever is important to us is important to them. The combination of skills, experience and can-do attitude is a powerful one, and is the heartbeat in Jeff's team.""

Darrell Janes, Chair of Governors, Hermitage Primary School