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The concert hall was alive with fans.

My pen has run out of ink.

I need to see you now.

Gabriel needs to make a move.

They met in autumn, got engaged in spring, and had a beach wedding in early summer.

Can I ask you something personal?

The dog wagged its tail.

Throwing eggs is a felony if the damage done by the eggs exceeds 400$.

Pia doubts Rodney's story is true.

I tried to be aggressive.

All excess is abominable.

You can bank on that.

These walls aren't soundproof.

That was the last I saw of them.

He is an ambassador at the American embassy.

I'm glad Mwa got caught.

Why did you want to come back here?

Helen always studies for two hours a day.

I'm going to teach you some manners.

Tell her how displeased I am.

My sister likes sweets.

Olson and Knute used to be married.

It was very hard for me to find your flat.


You break it, you bought it.

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I'm going to go tell everybody.

You'll never be alone.

I want to help you, but I can't.

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That's not fair. He started it.


I'm not going to ask you again.

Everyone must go home.

If it rains tomorrow, I'm not going to the meeting.

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I have a schedule to keep.

Ross is hanging up the laundry.

Your baby is doing fine.


Someone stole my dartboard.

I can't get this lid off.

That's not important, is it?

Get it settled once and for all.

You don't see this kind of vegetable vending machine in the city.


As a boy, I used to lie on my back on the grass and look at white clouds.

I don't like it when Jorge stays out late at night.

They know the routine.

Raghu had lots of run-ins with the law when he was a teenager.

Why did you stay with her?


Our ship touched at Marseilles.

I cannot solve the problem on my own.

The experience will do you good.


Hello, boys!

He brought back his child in his car.

I need to know more about him.


We didn't know anything.

We've been at this for three hours.

It's been more than five years since I last saw him.

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You must gain Amy's trust first.

He was very tired.

I pointed out that he was mistaken about the matter.

It takes only a short time to learn how to explain things to students. It takes much longer to learn when not to.

That was a horrible thing to say about Glen.

I don't see the relevance.

I take a few night courses.

Facebook will buy WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars.

She grew up in a small town.

Guillermo's college application was rejected.

I'm a private person.

He is not coming, either.

If you oversleep, you'll end up hungry.

I knew you'd know where to buy that.

My school grades were average.

Why not try some of this cake?

I was pretty upset.

She went to the Takasu clinic.

Justin usually gets what she wants.

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Neal convinced me you were the best person for the job.

Glasses are more convenient for me than contact lenses.

The shop is closed on Sunday.

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I was a doctor.

I don't know why Cris isn't here.

She's right behind you.

I go to work by bus.

He used her bike without asking permission.

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We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

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I wish I could speak English as fluently as you.


Language is a bridge, not only for our contemporaries, but also between the past and the future.

Sjaak is a diabetic.

Oysters are in season now.

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The road is in a deplorable state.

He managed to make both ends meet.

If you wanted to improve your Spanish, you shouldn't have come to Chile.


You needn't have bought that book.

Japan should not spend much money on weapons.

Rajarshi fired me.

Let's dine at restaurant this evening.

Don't pretend what you don't feel.


There's too much pineapple glaze on the ham.


I love Occitan.

You used to be so much fun.

This smartphone uses an ARM processor.

Do you still care?

It is impolite to elbow one's way through the crowd.

We have to leave it there.

He shouted to her to be careful.

Did Dalton show you his stamp collection?

That's unfortunate.

Sentences can teach us a lot. Much more than just words.

Few people know each other well.

I have a package here for you.

Sofoklis likes to wear clothes with vertical stripes, because she heard they make you look thinner.

We have till tomorrow night to decide.

I brought some wine.

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How many persons does this hall hold?


Kusum swallowed his chewing gum.

Which side of the bed do you sleep?

She was acting as if she was in charge.

Carry the bags upstairs.

I just left you a message.

A woman was arrested yesterday for leaving a baby unattended in her car in searing heat.

I wonder how much it would cost to get my house painted.

The house is on fire.

I wasn't there at that time.

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You should learn to restrain yourself.

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

You never can tell what will happen.

Bucky doesn't like people telling him what to do.

I saw him scolded by his father.


"Don't scare me", she screamed as he came up behind her.

If he hadn't been injured, he might have won.

Surya is almost always late.

That woman stays young.

People over 18 are allowed to drive cars.


You can't tell him not to go.

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What did Donne really mean by that?


He would often go fishing on Sunday.

I can't leave you here alone.

I'll see her tonight.

The teacher illustrated his theory with pictures.

See if you can find out more about what happened.


I think Alfred was the one who told me that.


He missed the 8:30 train.

Please don't leave me here by myself.

They spoke badly of you, but we can't say who it was.

I said show me that.

Kayvan's distracted.

Remember your station in life.

I can't just sit here.

Russ told me that he would help us.

Who doesn't want love and affection?

Let me take a look at your driver's license.

His brother is a famous soccer player.

We have lost control of the robots!

Isn't it infuriating?

Patrick bought some of the potatoes that Ariel was selling.

This place is really nice.

Woody didn't say much about what happened last weekend.

No matter how much you lap coal, it stays black.

What is your favourite animal?

They see another boat going into the port.

Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to me.

Regarding the matter of house-rent, I have come to terms with him.

Lindsay was bluffing.

I have confidence in Siegurd.

Theodore said he was ill, which was a lie.

Even Roxanne looked happy.

I'm giving you all I can.

His letters become less significant.

Some friend you are!

Let's consider the worst that could happen.

Somebody attacked me.

Stephanie finished breakfast before 7:30.


I knew there was something wrong about that girl.