She invites us to all her parties.

Please state your opinion with relation to this project.

Casper and Cristina both died in the accident.

It is clear that he has made a big mistake.


I've learned to trust them.

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Francois's had his fair share of problems lately.

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Don't you think he's cute?

Kurt posted a picture of her cookies on Pinterest.

The judge asked the defendant if he knew the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie.


Naomi won't stop fighting.

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If I wasn't so hungry, I wouldn't eat this.

I must be sure.

Don't move an inch.

I don't trust anybody.

When well-meaning noobs start giving out advice, expect the end times.

Were there any survivors?

Eliot served dinner.

The teacher skipped the exercise on page 21.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me in surprise.

You should suppress your pride.

Were you able to find her?


Juan got Stefan out of trouble.

What did you tell him for?

My cat is gone, it's already missing for three days.

It's a job that would help me pay for my studies.

Wow, you're really obsessed with Lynn.

When he saw my new haircut, he looked at me with eyes as big as an anime character's.

We had to leave quickly.

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Things shall end up sorted out.


I'll get off at the next station.


List tuned his guitar.

Anatoly was surprised when I told him.

I hid in the woods all day.

I put in a good word for my friend at today's meeting.

What are they doing there?


I don't know why I lied to him.

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Are you aware of how much she loves you?

He was very careful for fear he should make a mistake.

The doctor ordered her to go on a strict diet.

That's more than I expected.

My house is designed so as to withstand an earthquake.


Gold is a very expensive metal.


Are you ready to start?

Who was taking care of Ann when this happened?

Jesus is just fine.

I hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Don't you just love it?


You don't have an email address?

It sounds like they're not going to leave.

I'm sorry?

I told him to stay.

She rushed home from England.

I met Marion last night.

A tiny spark may become a great conflagration.

He pressed his pants.

Lois won't be able to help us.


I actually like Cris a lot.


There's a very good chance that Jerry won't be at school tomorrow.

Just do what I tell you.

I never eat before breakfast.


None of us was able to answer the question.


We cannot control the tongues of others.

We weren't scared.

Jesse is Greek.

Is there anything you can do for Surya?

David is smart and hardworking.

Mahesh suffered from a heart attack and almost died waiting for the ambulance.

We were all quite fond of Rakhal.


You can cry if you want.


If you have an umbrella, let me join you under it.

When did you move to Boston?

The guests should be arriving soon.

You need me here.

What's the most dangerous slum in Rio de Janeiro?

The lubrication system was poorly designed.

I thought I had it all.

They can stop hoping as long they don't manage to force the company to accept necessary concession.

He had his left leg hurt in the accident.

I can not agree with you as regards that.

The response has been awesome.

We enjoyed the party very much.

I thought Jarl would eventually realize Shari didn't like him.

Sassan didn't lift a finger to help.

You'll have to ask someone else.


The fog is getting thick.

Both of Lindsay's parents died when he was very young.

She fell in love with her friend's younger brother.

The forest is burning.

I'll fix you some coffee.

My sister hit the jackpot!

No other woman in our company is so proud as she.


I'll see to it that you get to go.

We never bribed anyone.

Rolfe wanted Glen to be his dance partner.

I'm sorry, you are not allowed to.

I can hold my breath for a long time.


Sanjib should be able to do it.

I think I need to go.

I'll be gone for a while.

I didn't say it.

Josip will be there, won't he?

I was hammered.

Is there a shorter road to get there?

When you compare this dictionary with that one, you can easily see which is better.

In the house of his father, every prince is great.

English has become an international language.

I was going to write to you, but I started doing other things and forgot.


That voice sounds familiar.

He saved her at the cost of his own life.

On May 13, 1888 slavery was officially abolished in Brazil.

She contributed to the Red Cross.

It's about time for the train to arrive.

It's time to call in our chips.

Keep accounts.


We stayed in our house and watched TV.


Who told her?

I don't want to humiliate Sanjay.

There was a terrible storm here last week.

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He was exposed to danger.

Ray asked Marilyn to dress like a French maid.

What kind of medicine did you take?


I don't know how Kari talked you into this.

Julie is the kind of guy who likes to try new things.

After all, Stella was the only person who had the ham.

Harmon did it all.

We were excited.

I found a buyer for your house.

My house is situated near the station.


Just looking at her, you can tell that she likes you.

We can continue playing, as long as we don't make too much noise.

At first I chose to listen to him in silence.


Tait's new gadget is cool, but useless.

Philae's landing site was named Agilkia.

This is a very, very rare problem.

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Where do you hurt?

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I have to find the key.

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Joyce has been waiting for Joni all afternoon.

It is a curse.

Jock forced himself to speak.

He is the only person that can do it.

Now, join the game.


Children sometimes have imaginary friends.

They agreed that you should choose the track and establish the goal.

I have the feeling that Tracy won't call me.


I see Darryl quite often.

Such things have been known to happen.

Hirofumi certainly has charisma.

Where did you take these photos?

Keep it in a cool place.

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What do you think we must do in order to maintain the peace of the world?


Call me if anything happens.


I'm immediately behind her.


I still have a few questions.


They are manufactured in various sizes.

An optimist believes we are living in the best of all possible world; a pessimist tends to agree with him.

How long will this rope hold?

The forensic analysis couldn't determine where the mud had come from.

We're going to Boston to see Irving.

If he really liked me, he would call me more often.

This problem is too simple.