Was there a scandal?

Romain is the kind of man I like.

His way of thinking is very childish.

I crossed the street.

We haven't got much time.

Tell me what you want and I'll see if I can get it for you.

I don't think you want to hear about my problems.

If you don't want to stay alone, I can keep you company.

There's no way in.

It's a very touching story.

Eli just cleaned his room.

Marilyn should've protected Simon.


I'm pretty sure about that.


In my language, the "," is called comma, the ";" is called semicolon, ":" is called colon, "..." are called ellipsis, and this sentence ends with a period.

Three were killed.

Somebody has to go first.

I'm glad I could do something for you.

I won't let Butler hurt you.

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Pim was sitting at the bar three stools away from Jeannette.

We didn't kill them.

Manny said he liked the idea.


He treats me with severity.

I'm in a meeting. Don't put through any calls for me.

The man kept talking for an hour.


Jonathan and Peggy don't trust each other.


You know Donna really likes you.

Write a poem with four three-line stanzas.

I explained the procedure to him.

Would you please keep the noise down?

Ethan spends a lot of money on clothes.

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Don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

Why don't you come in and have a cup of coffee?

Women like men like their coffee: They've got to be strong, hot, and to keep them up all night long.

I spent fifty dollars to get my dog neutered.

Kyung denied the charge.

She always cried sheerly.

What's your home address?

The German team lost and now I am sad.

You need what I have.


Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

Troubles are everywhere; in front of you, on your left, on your right. You can't escape.

In any case, it's no business of yours.

The gravity of a black hole is so powerful that not even light can escape its pull!

I guess you're right, Jane.

What exactly does this button do?

I have considered that very carefully.

That wasn't the deal.

The Government are considering tax cuts.

Let's come back.

That building whose roof is brown is a church.

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The sky was red.


I can usually hear my neighbor's TV.

You could hurt yourself.

I love him more than anything.

I have a puzzle to solve.

Our entire much-praised technological progress, and civilization generally, could be compared to an axe in the hand of a pathological criminal.

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She does all the cooking.

We'll have to take strong measures.

Frank is probably with Ti right now.


He became friends with her while in the U.S.

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Stop use and unplug the AC power cord from the electrical outlet immediately if the device functions in an abnormal manner or produces unusual sounds or smells.

I don't know why we let you do that.

What he has once heard he never forgets.

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I want to find a good job.

The traveler was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.

Many immigrants to Britain have come from Asia.

Cocoa can be very bitter.

Swamy was killed with a fireplace poker.


There's one law for the rich, and another for the poor.

Hiroyuki and Claudia don't exactly see eye to eye.

Pull the foreskin back before putting on the condom.

I'd just woken up and was still drowsy.

Huashi and Kolkka had a nice time together.

I'd like you to meet my husband.

Sorry I'm late.

She left home with everything she owned.

Ole solved the problem by himself.


There is a risk that it may become stormy.

You're tired.

What scares you most?

By the time Ramsey realized what was happening, it was too late.

Don't do that again, OK?

He thought of himself as being charming enough.

We'll be talking about that more.

The police found a suicide note in Gregg's pocket.

Spike nearly had a heart attack when he saw Hubert standing on the edge of the roof.

Someday, the USA will elect its first woman president, and it will rejoice in the long overdue occasion.

I've got a visual on a possible hostile.

For my diet, I can't eat any more sweets for the next two months.

Torsten is cranky.

He wrote a lot of books on China.

I didn't want to go with you.

I have never accepted a gift.

It's clear that you're wrong.

You won a prize in the spelling competition, didn't you?

That's all I do here.

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I live in Rome.


I don't like the theater, but I go nevertheless because you like it.


What? I can't hear what you're saying.


Over one hundred people came here.

Why don't you actually consider your situation instead of just chancing it?

I want to know what's out there.

Arthur is serious, isn't he?

I figured you might know who Granville went with.


She is a very clever liar.

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Can people change their habits?

By that time, astral projection became a prerequisite course in his university.

He is adequate for the post.


Knute grabbed the rope with his right hand.


My sister-in-law invited me to lunch in their new house.

He was slain in battle.

That's a felony.

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When will the Italian class start?


The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

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He obtained the job through the good offices of his friend.

The path between the two houses was blocked by snow.

You're skinny.

Darci and Leif got married when they were very young.

I want to take a closer look at that report.

Why did it have to be them?

He studied all the harder for being praised by his teacher.


Beth won't let Chris kiss her because he's very dirty.

The girl is jumping on the bed.

The U.N. has condemned the Somalia suicide bombing that took the lives of at least 33 people on Tuesday, including six members of Parliament

After a stressful day at work, he went home in a bad mood.

I don't think Jean-Pierre really meant what he said.


You can swim, can't you?

If you turn left, you'll see a coffee shop.

I think I'm ready for a change.

You need to call me.

We'd like a table in the non-smoking section.

That guy over there looks like Malcolm.

An injustice has been corrected.

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There is no air on the moon.

Sumitro felt the cold rain on his face.

The economy is picking up.


Last year in the spring I attended a cooking class and learned how to bake bread.

Shut the window to prevent catching a cold.

I suppose an explanation is called for.

Konrad didn't want to change the subject.

Japanese tourists abroad are big spenders.

She will have it that the conditions are unfair.

Let me back in.

At any given moment, there are perhaps eight francium atoms in the whole of the earth.

I met him the day before.

Feeling sleepy, I went to bed.

Osiris, Anubis, and Horus are some of the most famous ancient Egyptian deities.


Marcos has something in his right hand.

This is getting old.

We do know their very background.


Grace can't blame Frances for being angry.


He was able to do everything at will.

My father gave it to me when I was a kid.

We arrived at the city, where we stayed for a week.

Have you learned your lesson?

Be careful, OK?

She shares a room with her sister.

They passed the Cape of Good Hope.

In Flanders between 10 and 20 percent of professors and lecturers teaching in English did not attain the required language level.

That place is very cold.


Who's going to believe him?

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I want to know who you're going out with tonight.

Cyrus is a good friend of mine.

Val made several tries, but failed each time.