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Your SBC6713e is a high-performance, flexible, stand-alone DSP board loaded with Ethernet connectivity and I/O peripherals. Built around the powerful, C-friendly, 300MHz floating point C6713 DSP, it is a fully open platform with 15+ OMNIBUS Modules available. OMNIBUS Modules are Innovative's off-the-shelf daughter cards that provide a wide choice of A/D and D/A and also support a simple EMIF bus interface to custom I/O daughter cards. The page you are viewing now is accessed via TCP/IP which is running on a dedicated DM640 co-processor to preserve the C6713 for user-code and other peripheral controls.

System-level integration is facilitated with on-board digital I/O, DDS time base, external clock input, multi-card sync, FPDP Tx/Rcv ports, 4MB flash ROM and watchdog. One Spartan-IIE FPGA of up to 600 Kgates is optionally available for end-user code to implement custom logic interfaces and/or hardware accelerated signal processing. In a compact 160mmx100mm 3U form factor, SBC6713e is the prime choice for high-end embedded control, remote data acquisition, industrial real-time sub-systems and sophisticated OEM instrumentation.

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