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Suppose it rains tomorrow, shall we still go on the picnic?


There's something I've got to tell you.

Dorj worked 10 hours a day.

How dare you behave so rudely!

I'll be back for my suitcases later.

What a miser you are!

Keith and Sanche are cleaning up the mess.

I'm sending you funny videos.

At least try it.

We had fun dancing.

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I'm glad you replied.

Neville broke into the deserted shack.

I know some of these boys.


She looked her child in the face.

Willie doesn't like Harry either.

She is in her hotel now.

I have a son.

FWD vehicles have the tendency to understeer.


Earl wasn't about to leave Liza alone with John.

I tried doing that once myself.

Watch carefully how I do it. Did you see it?

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In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two swindlers promise an emperor beautiful new clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their position, unjust or stupid.


He doesn't know the truth yet.

It's been a long time since we last met.

Let's see if we can cancel our reservation.

One hair of a woman draws more than a team of oxen.

I want you to do it alone.

If the birds of prey want someone's blood, if they want to go on draining the Brazilian people, I offer my life as a holocaust.

My father likes his job.

Floyd used to be obnoxious.

You won't believe what Mickey told me!

We have an elegant solution.

Haptic sensations defy precise description.


Kayvan knows exactly where Nici is.


There's one other thing we need to buy.

You needn't do it at once.

Let's look at the map of the city!

Stop asking me for a drink! Go and get one yourself.

What I told him was true.

The ship was christened by the princess.

I was knocked unconscious.

Rayan promised us his assistance.

I was very happy for Mott.

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The weather stayed fine for three days.


I'm going to see Santa again.

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She has got her favourite CD.

Rolfe suggested that we wait here.

I had already eaten before I arrived at the party.


Kei is startled by that question, but shakes her head as it to say that it's nothing.

Leave this country.

We missed you last night.


Ted likes playing the trumpet.

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You had better get in touch with your parents at once.

Could you please tell me how to get to the station?

There is little wine left.

Saqib actually did that.

I know Bryan doesn't like you.

Even my mom knows.

She is more human in thinking than you.

Heidi often eats things that other people consider strange.

You don't have to impress me.

Sekar threw his cigarette on the floor.

I was sort of expecting that to happen.


I know that Lisa doesn't like spinach.

Kevyn has one brother.

Are you trying to blackmail me?


I asked Kylo to describe it.

I've lived in Boston since 2013.

I put my arms around his neck.

Tareq won't come in.

I don't meet very many women.

The first attack missed the target.

Douglas did not oppose slavery.

What a huge setback will make a people suicide.

Kari ate a Japanese-style breakfast for the first time yesterday.

I've got to talk to him.

Is Timo in trouble?

Does your friend speak Esperanto?

Where are you rushing off to?


He often paints landscapes.

The rain beats against the window pane.

I'm beginning to feel a little hungry.

Tao seemed genuinely shocked.

He invented a false rumor.

Our mother had no choice but to make dinner with leftovers.

What is your interpretation of that?


You've run through all the butter?

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I'm afraid something is wrong with him.

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I'm occupied at the moment.

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I don't ever want to hurt you, Joel.

Will you show me your new word processor today?

Amanda placed a cushion on the floor and sat on the cushion.


The business contract ran out last month.

It's better to have a car to arrive at the hostel.

There are exactly two goblins who each hate every wizard.

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He was always hungry.

I'll just wait here.

If it is fine tomorrow, we'll go to the forest.

Narendra drives a truck and his wife drives a station wagon.

He denied that he had said such a thing.


You should have nothing to do with him.


Don't tell a single person.

How long is Rio Grande ?

She doesn't have many friends.

Don't touch that. It's evidence.

Life isn't just a destination, it's how you get there.

She poured her heart out.

He cheated on the test and got caught.


Alexander unhooked the fish and released it back into the water.

Look at me when I talk to you.

I know him by name, but not by sight.

You're disloyal.

Speech was given to man only to conceal their thoughts.

He has made a big improvement in tennis.

Hitoshi doesn't watch TV very much nowadays.

What's your favorite curse word?

I suspect we would have to look at that.

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How did Florian get into Eduardo's office?

It's so unfair.

Annie smells bad.

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It's a pity when somebody dies.

I prefer going out to staying home.

Kelly struck a match and put it to his pipe.

I've got work to do, so piss off and leave me alone.

Light is no less necessary to plants than water.

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The allusion was not lost on me.

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Let's clean the house.

It's half an hour by foot from here to the station.

I want to cut down on the time it takes to process records.


"Dad, this a real sword?" "Of course, it is a duel after all."

It's easier to make plans than to realise them.

John makes fun of his dog.

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That's entirely up to him.

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He stood aloof from her.

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She felt an aversion to him.


Rebecca has been awfully quiet today.

I'm not overly concerned.

I had no way of knowing where Jacob was.

I would die for you.

She led the old man into the room.


The princess attended the King's coronation.

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This is from Mayo.

That was a total waste of my time.

He was never content with his success.

Discussion continued in the Foreign Ministry over social integration and the policy of accepting foreigners in Japan.

Everybody looked around nervously.

I ate a quarter of the cake.

It'll be good to get home.

Can you finish it by noon?

My headache has gone away.


Take this medicine, and you'll feel a lot better.


Those and Marvin have an open relationship and have agreed that they can each see other people while in the relationship.


Audrey wants it.


We're actually quite similar.

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There's been a an increase in wholesale prices.

I was in way over my head.

I wonder if you have ever really cared for me.