I don't know why I was so nervous.

I'll never see him again as long as I live.

Gigi never knew that I secretly hated him.

Without your support, we probably won't be able to put this plan into practice.

Ritalynne breathed a sigh of relief.

Roger needs help.

Florian wouldn't do a thing like that.

You may see Ramsey there.

Who seeds wind, shall harvest storm.

The mother is really annoyed by the sound of the father sipping tea.

In the first place, we must have capital to begin it with.

You don't have to hide.


We both looked at them.

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You can use the hotel's swimming pool.

Might I ask your name?

He had so many bruises he looked like he had been rolled down a hill in a barrel.

Well I'll be buggered!

Running so fast is impossible for me.

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Chinese is a language that has four tones.

Reinhard is a self-taught musician. He learned how to play the guitar and the piano by himself.

Dan didn't even admit that.


We both won.


I wrote a long letter to her.


Leslie is asleep in the back of the van.

Please free the captured birds.

Roderick is standing on his head.

Are you a good fuck at the tennis club?

The party convention was put off.


I hope it'll come, because the trash can is full.

Will I receive any help?

We need to communicate with each other.

We're talking about how we can improve our company.

I can't get this work done by anybody.

Since you're going to Skip's house anyway, could you give this to Malcolm?

Yours is a very strange story.

"I care very deeply for you," she confessed.

I don't understand the questions that the teacher asks.

Betty slowly backed away.

The dog wants to sleep.

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If you don't eat fast, you will be late for school.

They have two sons and one daughter.

The game lasted too much.

List returned empty-handed.

I forced him to go.


Why don't you want me to dry it?

Once upon a time an old queen, whose husband had been dead for many years, had a beautiful daughter.

Brendan and Gunter named their baby John.


Subtlety never was her strong suit.

You should listen to what Marci says.

I think you're hungry.

Bertrand turned off the air conditioner.

Saul is now truly on his own.

My Latin teacher used to look down sternly on me over the rim of her glasses, but now I know it only had to do with the fact that she was wearing reading glasses and that she will have found it a nuisance taking them off all the time, so what looked like contempt towards us students might well and truly have been kindness.

I want to get to know my father-in-law better.

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She played a part in the women's lib movement.


Hey, we aren't done yet.

There, in front of him, in a box sat a beautiful woman. Around her neck she wore a long gold chain, from which hung a large medallion.

How long are you in town?

They've won many competitions.

She felt blue.

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Please come see me tomorrow.

Are you the writer of that report?

Astronomy is perhaps the science whose discoveries owe least to chance, in which human understanding appears in its whole magnitude, and through which man can best learn how small he is.


So you don't know what is Esperanto ?

Magdalena looks very cute to me.

What did you expect me to say?

We hiked through a beautiful green valley.

All of us talk in English.

They can't avoid the traffic.

When do you go back to Japan?

Solve the mystery lurking behind the murder!

I'd say Olivier is pushing thirty.

He burned the croutons.

You're the teacher.

The policeman talked to the children in as friendly a manner as he could.

It would be a pleasure.


No one knew about it.

Afterwards, I did not speak with them.

She's still dependent on her parents.

This discovery was made accidentally.

Do you want to hear my new song?

Duke is unemotional.

What's wrong, honey?

I almost understood the entire thing!

I don't know what you are going to do.

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Dinosaurs once ruled the earth.

We don't know.

Sharon sometimes plays tennis with Leigh.

Bobbie tried to convince Manuel that she should cheat on her boyfriend.

Manavendra never gave a reason for what happened.


Japan is rich in beautiful scenery.


How can you make your way in life without a good education?

I got some shampoo in my eyes and it burns.

I'd made up some story about having to go home to see my sick mother.


That's really bad.


I'm going to show you the photo.

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He angrily closed the door.

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That might be a good idea.


Shaw stretched out on her beach towel and fell asleep.


Circle in red pencil.

I know how it works.

I see Dana and Corina.


There is a little milk left in the bottle.

Where is her royal highness?

I ate some bread and a boiled egg for lunch.

I'm not patient.

Suzanne was truthful.

You can do it any way you like.

My brother bothers me!

Please drop by when you go out for shopping sometimes.

I remember having heard a similar sound in my dreams.


I often read comic books in my spare time at work.


My sister and I hate the taste of peach.


I have gas indigestion.

This book is very new.

We'll likely go to the ball game tomorrow.

Kathy and Connie are staying.

We have nothing left to lose.

What is permitted to Jove is not permitted to an ox.

The faster, the better!


Bernard poured a cup of tea for Wendy.


We should probably do something about that.


I trusted Those more than I should have.

He always makes cynical remarks to me.

Christian abused our trust.

I have had my hair cut shoulder length.

To survive, the polar bear must keep its body at the right temperature and store enough energy to last between meals that could be a few days or a few months apart.

Of course, there are no longer bawdy houses, where these unfortunates are displayed openly to debauched satyrs.

I cannot understand it.

Heinrich needed cash.

They shot the film in an actual desert.

Bonnie explained the rules of the game to Mark.

How long does it take you to go home from my house?

We managed to make him understand it.

How long would a sandwich take?


I pay him twice as much as his old boss did.

The kids are driving me crazy.

There is snow on the mountain.

I must give Erik that.

Don't judge me too harshly.

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Lar makes a good living.

Kirk will be all right once he sleeps it off.

I shouldn't have believed him.

Grab an umbrella.

The best approach to Lisbon is by sea.

She's always been a hothead.

He fired but missed.

Having boasted how sure his hunches were, he was forced to eat his hat when he guessed wrong.

I want to write a lot of sentences.


He is preparing for the test.


I don't care if Skeeter goes or not.

This tree is about as tall as that one.

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.

What's this lecture about?

Winds haunt the village.

Jayesh sought advice from his family.

They are pumping freshwater from the river catchment.

I'm the spokesperson for this organization.

Griff and Tommy seem to be having fun.


They wanted a fight.

I'm getting ready to leave.

That's how life is.


Tao is never going to do what you're asking him to do.