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Will you go with them?

An emergency may occur at any time.

You still have a lot of work to do.

Tell Marc he has to do everything Charles asks him to do.

I think that they will need to sell their house.

Can you swim underwater?

Jinny sent his son to a boarding school in Australia.

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I'm going to eat it.

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They set out for London.

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There was no contract.

You've got to help Matthieu.

How come you know so much about Japanese history?

Ping's daughter is getting married.

Sam's father is older than mine.

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We all labour against our own cure; for death is the cure of all disease.


You're depressing me.

It is important for old people to stay strong.

I've got great news for you.

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She beat off a big snake with a plastic toy bat.

What are you carrying there?

Would you introduce yourself?

Pamela says that he's willing to help.

Linda made false claims of pregnancy to force Dan to marry her.

The students did the work themselves.

How long have you known Jim Robinson?

My girlfriend was crying.

The scientist maintained that the theory should be tested through experiments.

He's an expert in hydroponics.

I'll never work for Grace.

Every person counts.

It's free.

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I'll do anything that you want!


You're going to need your umbrella.

His days are drawing to their close.

Didn't you remove them from the premises some years ago?

My neighbor found a cache of ancient Roman coins using his metal detector.

The whole village came out to welcome him.

Allen went on a blind date.

Listen, I don't want to fight.

We sell orange juice.

Arthur has already done everything we've asked him to do.

Here we come!

Normally, we don't do that in Spain.


Are you in acceptable health?

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I know no one here.

I got the ticket free of charge.

I think I can get her to help.

Why is it that many language courses are ineffective?

Do not put your books on the table.


Mother and I are different in every way.

You're resourceful.

To the professor, she was a joy to teach.

Trying to figure out how this software works is a pain in the neck.

English is not my mother tongue.


Don't you ever sweat?

I travel around a lot.

How does that make you feel?

Do you still want to go to the lighthouse?

Did you get a chance to talk with Tarmi?

Farouk is right here with me.

My brother did it on my behalf.

Kitty wrinkled his brow like he was displeased.

Would you care for another cup of tea?

I'd never hurt them.

Don't you trust them?

Angus was often teased in school.

We work in a factory.

We're wildly looking for the evidence to our own existence.

I can't put up with the way he spits.

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My mother's always yelling at me.

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It was that sound that brought her eyes open.


Surya isn't the same age as Blair.

He found Ronald.

See what the baby is doing!

What does it matter anyhow?

You're a poet and you didn't even know it.

The glove has a hole in the thumb.

We make milk into butter.

You're spreading false news.

He gave up going abroad.

The train arrived at Osaka station.

Like cheese swimming in butter.


The real estate man told lies to the couple.

The dog-eared pages made the book less valuable.

My parents aren't old yet.

I don't think children should drink beer.

The police have caught the murderer.

Give me your opinion, please.

Malloy is learning.

I wish I were as rich as Niall.

Tell everyone you know about my concert.

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I think one of us ought to stay with Kolkka.

He thinks his job is pointless.

How did you know where I lived?

The president and the secretary talked over a cup of coffee.

Let's find out what's going on first.

Thank Clem. It was his idea.

I lived among men and learned to hate them.

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He has been to America.

I've got good news for you.

We haven't found gold in the brook either.

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Is the wait worth it?

I'd rather have a room of my own, no matter how small it is.

A man's worth should be judged by his character rather than by his social position.

Please take another one.

You nearly killed me.


If I'd wanted your opinion, I'd have asked for it.

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I need a man who tells the truth.

They took off from Arlanda early in the morning.

This is the house in which she used to live.

To say more would require more thought than I have ready.

May I ask a very special favor of you?

And then she started ignoring me for no reason.

My mother has gone to the beauty shop.


Would you like to run your own business?

I'll take whoever wants to go.

I stopped and looked behind me.

It is an advantage to be able to use a computer.

I want to follow you wherever you're going.


He is ahead of our class in English.

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He goes to sleep with the lights left on.

In some places, people died of hunger.

They should treat people with more respect.

There are always a lot of vehicles on this road.

I have a right to choose.

Keep the bathroom spick-and-span.

It's only been three days.

Do you have a desire to change jobs?

Clifford adds a little money to his savings account each month.


The only proof was the remains of the semen which had stuck to the underwear.

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Kathy still seems afraid of Milo.

I know who got injured.

Among wild ducks, it seems there are homosexual necrophiliacs.

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Lewis has twenty first cousins on his mother's side, and an unknown number on his father's side.

How come you never told me you already knew Carlos?

Leave more space between characters.


There's no harm in being kissed, is there?


Negative electrons attract positive electrons.


Gene will have an answer for you by next week.

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This is a map which will be useful when traveling by car.

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Suu had a mental block and couldn't remember his PIN number and, as a result, had to leave the groceries at the checkout.

Be quiet while I'm speaking.

Not everyone in town likes me.


You might want to try to catch an earlier train.

Can I share?

Who was the man you sat next to?

They say Coca-Cola dissolves teeth.

You can come in if and only if you know our password.

Stewart told us a long story.

They're moving fast.


Do you want to stay for dinner?

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Lynnette lives in a high-class neighborhood.


I thought you weren't supposed to talk to Jarl.

They say that he knows the secret.

Ken can swim well.

Let him have his say.

Bill got into such a hole with the payments on his house that now that he's lost his job, I don't know how he'll ever get out from under.

I knew I had to move fast.

I was with Jacques for an hour.

What's your major, Lukas?

There's somebody in the tunnel.

The dog sniffed the stick.

Keep your distance from that dog.