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(18 Feb. 2007)



May the Joy, Peace, Good Health and Good Fortune be with You throughout the Year!!!



Thanks to the classmates who organized our Kong Se 35th-Year reunions in December 2006, we all had a great time. Each and every time, class activities always bring out the kids inside us.




( photo courtesy: Shanghai: Kuan Yee Foo; SF: Mark Liew; HK: Chan Kin Yee)


Congratulations to Li Kin Sum and his family, his son married last weekend. (photo courtesy: Tam Sai Ying)



Classmates welcomed Man Kong visiting Hong Kong last month. (photo courtesy: Tam Sai Ying)


Thanks to Tony Tao to summarize the meaning of the Pui Ching's Red and Blue Spirit :

We just added a new web-based Forum on this web site. We will send an e-mail to all Kong Se classmates, informing you how to access to it. We hope the new Forum can provide more choices of forums and ease of use. We are planning to move all our current e-mail-based Forum to this web-based Forum, leaving the group e-mail system for important functions, such as class activity announcement and other important news.

There are many advantages in a web-based Forum over an e-mail-based Forum:
1. It will no longer flood your e-mail box. All the messages and replies are stored in a database inside this web site.
2. You do not have to worry about contracting viruses anymore from receiving virus infected attachment from e-mails, because you read or post messages directly from the web site.
3. You can access to the new Forum at any time and at any place.
4. Messages will be kept in the new Forum as long as we want. You can read any old posting, or reply a message at a later time.
5. When you post a message to the new web-based Forum, you do not need to worry about upsetting some classmates who do not want to receive any forum messages.
6. There are more forums in the web-based Forum than our current e-mail-based Forum.
7. New forums can be added much more easily and quickly in the web-based Forum.
8. The new web-based Forum page is stored in a secure area.
9. Once you have registered, you will get your user account automatically. You can set your user preferences: find any posting faster, rearrange the posting list, set to receive a copy of the reply of your posting through e-mail etc....

Thanks to Tam Sai-Ying, his staff programmer Jeff Chan, and the Kong Se web site team to make the new Forum possible.

However, only your contribution of thoughts and ideas can enrich the content of the forums, making it a source of knowledge and a place to meet our old friends.

Dear Kong Se classmates, we routinely move any past event information and photos to the 3043763603 and the Previous Activity Section after they have been posted in this main page for 30 days. If you have not visited us for a while, you are welcome to browse there.

We welcome Kong Se classmates to send us your gathering information and photos in your area to us for posting. Even though we may not be there, through this web site and our group e-mail networks, we can share your happiness.

Please send your gathering information or the photos ( or scanned photos ) to Tam Sai Ying, Kwok Yiu Tai, Poon Kin Chung, Tin Mun Sin or to this webmaster address.

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