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That's really pathetic.


We had a chat over tea yesterday.

We have to get ready for next week.

They had had that problem before.

Chew your food well.

He went on walking in the rain without an umbrella.

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Keep him away from me.

I'd like to move to the country.

Vicki is still married to Root, isn't he?

Why don't we ask them to help?

I told Knut where we had gone.


I'll go check.

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The inhabitants of the city depend upon the river for drinking water.

My watch has stopped.

Which syllable is accented in the word "Australia"?

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He fetched some water from the well.

It's actually very simple.

Susan knows right from wrong.


You sure sound upset.

Jean-Pierre said he didn't know why Robin didn't like John.

Did you have any trouble keeping up with the others?

When I'm sitting in this chair, it's really comfortable.

Today's not Christmas!


The new regulations were confirmed by the full committee.

The exam is easy.

We're not looking.

I think we need more ice.

I guess you cannot do it.

I negotiated with the travel agent about the ticket price.

What are your thoughts on that?

The rich man bought a Millet.

Valerie said he wanted to eat breakfast in bed.


You'll never be an actress.

Mum and Dad aren't coming with me.

Cynthia needed attention.

Do you work on Sundays?

Gaziantep was freed from the French occupation in 1921.

Helen's forum experienced an irreconcilable schism over whether to use one or two oven mitts.

My hobbies are reading, writing, walking and entering sweepstakes.


Women talk nonstop.

Everyone wants to know you; you're famous.

They appointed Mr White as manager.


Just do what you have to do.

Please hold on to the strap.

Now, listen to me carefully.

I haven't even told Vick.

Allan regrets having been rude to Joel.

I'm not trying to pick you up.

Ariel didn't come back home last night.

This lawn mower is gas powered.

Life would be a mistake without music.

We're afraid we'll miss our train.

I've never trusted Wendy.


Jaime talks about you a lot.

I wasn't talking...

The translation is extremely faithful to the original.

There has been a case of death in his family.

He's a mean drunk.

He came to the meeting, but for some reason didn't even utter a single word.

How is work?


Someone's taken my umbrella.

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Rakhal and I have worked together for over three years.


Thanks for coming.

In a popular show, the Horta is a silicon-based lifeform.

You needn't have bought that book.


I can hear everything you're saying.


Harmon bought Tracy a box of cookies.

We never forget our true friends.

The accident destroyed all his hopes for success.

Don't you guys feel great?

Taro was in a hurry and left his wallet behind.

One has to protect his family.

Having idled jobless for a while I wavered. I'd rushed into handing in my notice but maybe I should have endured it and kept going...


He was told to remain standing all the way to go there.

I am a liberal.

We don't need to talk to her.


I don't know how much more of this I can take.

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The air is fresh in the morning.

The hardest part of language learning is remembering vocabulary.

I need to get Sanjib home.

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Can't anyone take Rafik's place?

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One mind is good, but two are better.

I want you to drop it.

Get him out of there!

The frog croaks.

We've had a lot of storms this winter.

Which would you choose?

I just had my hair done.

Let's go take a look.

The bartender walked over to where Kaj was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.

Who's causing all the problems?

Heat was spread throughout the room by the electric stove.


She advised him to save money.

In 1964, Roger Miller agreed to record sixteen songs. One of those songs was "Dang Me." It became his first number one selling record.

I just need one more day.

I doubt that Liza is innocent.

The Queen made an address to the nation.

Esperanto is the most popular auxiliary language ever invented.

Can you say how employees may be recognized for excellent performance?


Tollefsen and Len had a nice time together.

Lou wanted to fix that.

Danielle applied for the job and got it.

Thanks anyway.

Her sons are in the garden.


I cannot grow a beard in the army.


We're not going anywhere with this, are we.

I've already checked those possibilities.

The only true language in the world is a kiss.


Where's the bank?

No one is innocent.

Rodney really enjoys talking with Dannie, doesn't he?


Children are more at risk for lead poisoning.

The Morales are in the living room.

You're really funny.

Why don't I write in Russian?

Let's wait until he wakes up.

I've been hunting with Francisco.

Rafael has trouble admitting that he's wrong.

I'm beginning to understand why you don't bother to try to explain things to List.

The girl washed her hair.

I've been working here three months.

The council agreed on it.

Leave him alone.

The union has asked for the mediation of the government in the dispute.

She's a perfectly ordinary girl.

I was busy, but I helped Mother.

We were trying to protect Sue.

While I was dreaming, a woman in a white robe appeared to me.


We worried a lot about you.

As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has the eternal God for its first.

My mother baked a cake for my birthday.

Do you talk to Gil a lot?

Forget about that right now.

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I've always hated this place.

What's new with you?

Both pieces are made of metal.


What is your earliest childhood memory?

I'll tell them you're ready.

He buys us newspapers.

She told her story in tears.

Could you loan money to my brother?

Television is obsolete as a medium in any case.

She lives in comfort.

I always leave my bicycle filthy.

We have to get out of here. The building's on fire.

Saify asked Luc what she wanted.

Dan was happy for Linda.

Don't drag out Chinese sayings about the importance of an environment conducive learning just to justify moving house for a child's entrance exams!

Nikolai has been hammering all day.

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They can speak Spanish.

You should do all you can to help your neighbors.

Dana is still just as handsome as he used to be.

When will we see each other?

You look disappointed.

It cost me a lot of money to build a new house.

"I can't start the engine." - "Let me have a go."


Duke flipped on the radio.

She always yielded to his opinion.

I want to learn Kazakh.

Do you want my email address?

You'll come with me now.


I have an electric guitar.

Do that which is right.

That result was predictable.

This bicycle has been left here since the beginning of this month.

I stayed at home because I was sick.