Whoo! Today's practice is tough - much harder than usual.

At first, I failed the test.

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Sandeep took his children to the park.

Take over, will you?

He doesn't know any better.


Here's where the fun begins.

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You should've notified us.

This dress suits you well.

She is considerate of others.

How did you understand it was Space?

You may or may not win.

The promenade is parallel to the shore.

Slow down a bit.


Have you ever put your cat into a cage?

A fierce battle was fought by the soldiers.

Darrell wanted directions to a good Chinese restaurant.


They kissed passionately.

I can add many sentences in different languages.

Keiko is at the head of her class.

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I don't think this weather will hold.

How can that happen?

Don't use a language other than Esperanto!

This is international common sense, the great principle of resource management.

The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.


Work in large groups is terribly frustrating.

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Hard work and dedication will bring you success.

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Both were intoxicated.

Why should I care what you think?

He lives in a very small room.

Mistakes happen said the hedgehog and stepped off the hairbrush.

How tall is your wife?

You aren't really going to go to Boston in Christophe's car, are you?

He always relies on other people.

This compelled me to stay another week.

Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the console.


I no longer feel that way about you.

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I think you're trying too hard.

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You can't blame Nigel for doing what he did.

We looked all over for them.

I'd like to talk to you for a minute.


They won't come back.


He remembers writing to her every week.

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It never occurred to me that you wouldn't want one.


It'll be hard to convince Bruno to do that.

The policeman took the knife from the boy.

I think we need more sentences.

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Their accusations may be true.


He cheated his clients out of a lot of money.

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Jeany loves to read.


Would you mind saying that once more?

That shows his theoretical background.

Jack is busy cooking for us.

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Failure to observe these regulations will result in penalties.

He needs an interpreter.

I'll put this back where it belongs after I finish using it.

Would you like to be my friend?

You should've seen Tharen run.

I think Ranjit looks better without makeup.

She seemed happy in contrast to the man.

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I thought that he had already finished the work.


Don't ask what they're thinking. Ask what they're doing.

We'll talk things over.

If everything goes well, I can make two to three pieces per day.

The bar is always open.

There is more.

If geometry is the science of space, what is the science of time?

I couldn't tolerate the stress of this work.


Are you still working with him?


She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.

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What is the depth of the lake?

Curtis will always remember you.

Please excuse my bad handwriting.

This ugly yellow reminds me of the color of your bedsheets.

I wish I could understand why this is happening.

Hey, don't worry about it, Tigger.

God has been very kind to the shark.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Weren't you just a bit surprised by what happened?

Put some salt on your meat.

My tree looks sick. What's wrong with it?

We want to do it right.

All we know is that Matthew is guilty.

The forest path was completely covered with snow.

Kate was astonished by his behavior.

You can speak German.

I want to send a present for his birthday.

Your soul belongs to me.

The probability to win is 0.001%.


Have you and Knapper ever kissed each other?

Recently, the number of foreigners working or studying in Japan has increased.

Since his wife died, Ti has been mother and father in one to the children.

It wouldn't hurt if you smiled a little once in a while.

This cake contains flour, milk, eggs and sugar.

Do you trust Meehan now?

I was sleepy.

She reformulates what the guest says.

Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that.

I ate until I was satisfied.

I'm in a swimming club.

Ping was shocked to hear that Nate had gotten into Harvard.

Adam wept in silence.


I'd like a double for four nights from tonight for about fifty dollars a night.

We were surprised at the big lion.

The secret of life is hanging around until you get used to it.


Was anybody killed?

As yet, I have not completed the work.

We have had enough of empty words.

He never fails to write to his parents once a month.

Do you have adequate money for the trip?

You'll never see us again.

2001 is the year when the 21st century begins.

How about a drink?

He's so deep in debt that he has to get money from one person to cover his other debts.

Rain is forecast for this evening.

I'm ready to work hard.

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person in the world.

I sowed wheat in my field.

Here, have a drink.

This book should help you a lot.

Scientists discover genomic exchange between a vampire-like parasitic plant and its host.

After studying Swedish for several months, I still can't speak it very well.


Alvin wears silk neckties.


Tell Spencer I'm sorry I hurt him.

I'll handle them.

I will write him when I know his address.


I like to conjugate difficult verbs.


I pretended that it didn't bother me.

Everyone has to obey the constitution.

This is one of those days.


Martyn had a strange expression on his face.

Brett's in love with John's ex-wife.

I'm pretty much done.

You're through here, aren't you?

Let's not stay here long.

Why don't you just fire him?

She didn't send me a single letter.

The river flooded the whole region.

I'm starting a new job today.

What a klutz!

She doesn't have as much patience as you do.

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Do you have a computer at home?


I don't know what I can do.

Emil put his shirt back on.

I'd heard you were on the waiting list.


I think we should do this some other time.


What is that supposed to mean?

She raised that child at a great cost.

Remember to water the plants.

I'm sure that Karl will do very well.

Friends are very important to her.

If you find an interesting book, please buy it for me.

We are eating breakfast indoors.

Lex's unhappy.

I do as little as I can to get by.

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I have prepared your bath.

The police think it's a suicide.

Her money was all gone.

Srikanth says he feels a little better.

Hume wanted Pratap to read him a story.

The train will get you there after half the time.

He denies having done it.