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Managed IT

about us

Founded in 2014, FH Technical provides the whole range of I.T. services. Our goal is to relieve the stress of managing technology and to provide the support and security all businesses need to succeed. Our focus is on lightweight, cloud based solutions utilizing a mix of tried and true open source software and emerging technologies. Our mission is to provide proactive, unobtrusive business I.T. support, monitoring, consulting and more. We are proudly located in Jacksonville, Florida and operate throughout the city.

Easy I.T.


We can modernize your infrastructure and minimize downtime while saving you money and space by virtualizing.


We can help you minimize risk and maximize scalability by utilizing cloud services.


We can help lock down your data and secure your business against cyber threats.



So what would you say you do here?

services that we offer


We have the answers to all of your questions. We can guide you through modernizing your data. Hardware and software consulting from someone who has been there, done that!


Let us worry about the blinking lights. With our Cloud based monitoring suite, we can provide proactive remote support before your business is affected.


We can help you get your infrastructure up to speed. With intricate knowledge of hypervisors and their underlying technologies, we can help drive down equipment costs and increase scalability and reliability of your data.

Tech Support

Need a few extra hands in your I.T. department? Don't have an I.T. department? We can provide that high-level support, whether remote or onsite, that you are looking for.

Project Help

We'd love to help get you caught up on your I.T. projects. Whether it's a complete infrastructure overhaul to a simple script, we're the resource you need to get things done.


I.T. security is a growing concern for all business as the shift to the Digital Age continues. Is your data safe? We'll make it so by hardening your networks, providing penetration test metrics as well as network security audits.

why choose us?

Because we won't let you down!

We Are Creative

We are a team of problem solvers. We enjoy the work and our work reflects that fact.

Your uptime is our business

Our primary concern in the event of an outage is getting you back to work, period. Our primary concern outside of that is making sure outages never happen in the first place

You'll like us

Customer support is what we do. Although we're experts in all things 1s and 0s, we like making friends, and everyone likes friends.


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