That's no way to talk to your teacher.

It's OK to be different.

Get up at sunrise and marry young!

You didn't tell me Celia speaks French.

I would love to go.

Will we be in time for the plane if we leave now?


It was nice to do nothing.


I couldn't spot them.

I'm not old.

When I phone them nobody answers.


Right now, all I want to do is cry.

Are you coming outside?

They unanimously concluded that he had violated the rules of an unfair imitation and good business practices in the marketing law.

It left me indifferent.

Sushi is a Japanese food.

The school administration blamed Ned.

My father bought me this bike on my birthday.


He yearned for her to come home.

I acknowledge it to be true.

Saiid was named the head of the organization after the director retired.


I wonder what Shyam is doing now.


I know what happened to her.

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I don't think Marcel is happy right now.

Let's see what happens now.

The thermometer says it's thirty degrees.

My mother told me why my father was so angry with me.

How are you planning on doing that?


Nancy laughed softly.

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He lives in Cardiff.

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What disturbed me the most was the noise.


Jerald became a typist.

Girls are strange sometimes.

I'll raise my hand as a signal.

Frictions between Japan and the U.S. are easing up for a change.

I went swimming after I woke up.

The advertising campaign generated a lot of business for the company.

Vidhyanath was normally very reliable and his absence from the meeting was inexplicable.

We'll make our announcement on Thursday.

Mariou isn't in a good mood right now.


It's in your hands, Izzy.

I am busy; otherwise I would accept your invitation.

What do I do next?


He drove slowly up the hill.

"I have to stop you from doing that." "Stop me from doing what?"

The order is shipping on time even though it was placed at the very last second.

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I work with a computer.

Ed was sweating profusely after a half an hour on the treadmill.

I wish I'd brought my bathing suit.

Farouk enjoyed himself at the party.

Hohn was too tired to even just watch TV.


Why is the bus late?

Raj is very kind to us.

I finally found out what happened.

Nobody forgot my country.

This book should be read with diligence.

I want to have a friend.

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.

Please cancel our order.

You have tons of friends.

Give me these 8 crimson apples please.

Tai was clearly a little disappointed.


A blonde is speaking to her psychiatrist.

Donna's worried.

Don't you have a sense of justice?

Masanao is finding it hard to come to terms with Milo's infidelity.

Jon attended Harvard University.


You're cranky.

I know you don't want to disappoint Amigo.

The driver gestured him out.

You don't have to eat anything you don't want to.

I feel like everyone is ignoring me.

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An investigation has been launched.


That could now change.

We're still short on cash.

What's Jeffery hiding for?

I'm fed up with the food here.

It's about ten minutes to the station by bus.

I don't like his language.

Cindy and Elaine were a match made in heaven.

They never say anything about their family.

"Teacher, have you read this book?" "Of course."

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I'll bet you that you're wrong about that.


I didn't agree to any of this.


I have a wife and a kid.

Nobody really wants us here.

Dwayne kept writing.

He grew up in small towns in Texas.

A witty man is only worth something if he has character.

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Raphael wore black jeans.

People are disappointed at the number of angry participants.

He knows how to shear a sheep.

I have a good watch, even if it is not brand-new.

What is the active ingredient in Advil?

Oil is more precious than human life for you, right?

Why did you stop me?

You are not to blame for the accident.

Earthquakes are common in Japan.

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I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Should we start the meeting now?

What do you need to do in order to achieve your goals this year?


I can't tell you what Vance told me.


Coleen is putting on his jogging shoes.

It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.

Dan seemed a promising suspect.

He watched after the children as they were swimming.

The two sisters are so alike.

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I really need to get some sleep.

Would you like to wait?

They caught foxes with traps.

Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

I like being part of this group.


Be prepared.

We can't do this again.

But that's not the only reason he was busted.

You need to rest.

Could you please help me?

I still can't remember what I'm supposed to do.

Someone has unplugged the washing machine.

Charlene never mentioned it again.

I don't know how to manage that large estate.


I don't think it helps.

I heard news of his departure.

Anne talks about that a lot.


Didn't I tell you not to move?

Give me five.

Oleg sat in the third row.

I'm ready to face any challenge.

He was caught red handed.

Hats aren't allowed to be worn inside the clubhouse.

We are now going to move to the crematorium so if Mr. Ogawa and you would enter the car ...

The child came aboard the plane in a good mood.

Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France at that time.

He was caught cheating in the exam.

Are you scared now?

The police captured the escaped criminal.

What's your favorite line from that movie?

He works as a financial controller for a private security company.

Lievaart had never kissed a girl before he kissed Luis.

He doesn't like sports. Me neither.

Why would Trent give up?

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Standing as it does on a hill, the hotel commands a fine view of the bay.

How would you describe the culture of your workplace?

"Cuore" is one of those books whose periodic popularity will be assured whenever--as is certain to happen from time to time--the teaching of virtue to the young is revived.

He has set off for Kyushu.

Sundaresan wants you to call him as soon as possible.

Someone stepped on my foot.

His dog appeared from behind the door.

Immortality is possible.

I've had enough of your help.

This was a mistake.

The water of this well is good to drink.

I wish I knew how to speak French.

I'll never leave you, Lana.

Would you put on the air conditioning?

I'm listening to music, and you?

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This is good coffee.

She likes girls.

Bjorne cared.

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Can you watch him tonight?


The picture was wonderful. You ought to have seen it.

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When she was abroad, she often used Skype.

Get out of my bed.

Pioneer 11 flew past Saturn and its moon Titan in 1979 during which the first close-up images of that planet and its rings were radioed to Earth.

Patricio lives next door to me.

I'm traveling alone.