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Good Evening and welcome to the guild page for the Knights Of Lycanshire.  The Knights are Aldmeri Dominion Loyalists dedicated to securing ownership of all 6 of the Elder Scrolls and ensuring Aldmeri Emperorship in the campagins we run.  Our focus is PvP and PvPvE within the alliance war, though we will asist with PvE questing and dungeon runs when requested.  As you may be able to tell from the name, we encourage members to undergo Lycantrhopy, however it is not required for membership.  We run on the X-Box NA server primarily, though we do have a chapter available on the PC NA servers as well.  Please fill out an application if you'd like to join us.

Players who hop between alliances in the middle of campaigns are looked down upon.  While we cannot bar you from playing the game, this is looked on as a form a cheating within the Alliance, and as such if you are caught playing on two different alliances within a campaign, you will be removed from the guild as we cannot be associated with such spying.  Please note that this only extends to players engaged in PvP within Cyrodiil.  PvE alliance changing at will is perfectly allowed.  

Talisaerin holds the guild hall as his listed primary residence.  The facilities there are quite sparce at the moment, but we are working on building up an area where we can perform fight training and provide inter guild diplomatic conferences.  It is a work in progress.

If you have any questions please ask Coordinator Talisaerin or Chancellor GAWildKat.


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