How long will she remain in Moscow?


You've done it right.

The noises are getting on my nerves.

I didn't know you were coming to visit.

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This rumor is completely unfounded.

John is good at chess.

I'll get you a beer.

I don't know what Pratt will say.

That's clear.

He did not look happy.

Even smart folks become absent-minded at times.

In the winter, days are shorter.

Where could Sundar have gotten that from?

Liyuan was tired and fell into a heavy sleep.

This is not a coincidence.

Juri is unfriendly.

Our on-line Customer Service Desk and trained support agents enable problems to be quickly identified and addressed.

Sho and Arlene lived happily ever after.

Do you know anybody there?

Death is certain, only the time is not certain.

She is intent on mastering French.

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The tower occupied a prominent spot on the ridge.


The merest mention of his name made her angry.


He had an oral exam.

It took me five hours to finish the work.

What do I owe him?

I need this.

Anne is in there somewhere.


Why isn't your sister good?

I need an answer.

I don't have to wear glasses any more.

They delayed buying a new car.

Why is Isabelle still standing outside in the rain?

Did she really say that?

Millicent adopts one new baby from a foreign country every year, which is a lot of effort to have someone live with you and shit on your carpet.

Please show me your driver's license.

Let me buy you a drink.

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This is the best pizza I've ever eaten.

I put this question to him.

You're crazy or what?

They called it mass murder.

He put me wise to it.

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This is fabulous.


I want Olof to let Ozan finish.

I want Slartibartfast to know what happened.

Maureen and Donna drank three pitchers of beer.

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Grace has never yelled at Tran.

The stone is too heavy for me to lift.

Why are you yawning?

We need to be honest.

I'm still a kid.

Suzanne was the one who came up with the idea.

Since she doesn't want to put on any more weight, she doesn't eat cake.


I usually get up early.

Do you like any of these?

You are no more a god than I am.

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We don't really have anything in common.

He has a natural gift for speaking.

I am sure of his accepting our invitation.


We need it soon.


Do you remember that we had a phone with a rotary dial?

I'm prepared.

I didn't get much sleep.

Welcome to the family, Mina!

Those are serious accusations.

The success of Hebrew should serve the Esperanto movement as a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Can you climb up that tree?

I went way too blonde.

This is really nice!


Slartibartfast is taking care of the kids.


The fairest rose is at last withered.

You believe them, don't you?

Tatoeba is open source.


This food is terrible.

The printer doesn't work.

Hanako grew taller than her mother.

I'm not able to say why.

One of the main products of this country is coffee.

It is said that the Japanese are very friendly to those that they know, and very indifferent to those they don't.

There is no one that does not long for world peace.

The teacher spoke about the courage of the Romans.

You're good with women.


Don't get too emotional.

Nathan and Ole were having a drink together.

The slave tried to escape.

The dog barked.

The ship changed its course.

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He distributed his land among his sons.

Our flat has five rooms.

Do you really want me to give away all your stuff?

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You've always known that it is impossible for me.

I can't wait to get a copy.

The previous government had bequeathed a legacy of problems.


Life can force you to make tough choices.

We had too much clothing.

Woodrow Wilson was extremely sick.

I knew you'd do something stupid like this.

I studied English very hard every day, but I didn't learn a lot.

My tears are cold.

I don't need to convince them.

Saqib has no idea where Ken hid his keys.

Who will weep when I die?

Forks go to the left side of the plate, and knives go to the right.

This is a great business opportunity.


Steve isn't his real name.


Roy asked me what had happened to Knute.


The garbage-can gave off a bad smell.

Old people aren't always wiser than young people.

She is being as nice as she can.

Why are you asking me?

I thought Timothy would want to help me.

Norman is a member of the neighbourhood watch.

I'm not the only one interested in knowing where Straka was.

Granville is currently doing his house up so he can sell it.

How can you stand this high temperature?

I promised I'd tell you the truth.

Lanny forgot to lock the back door.

I need to ask a few more questions.

The stakes were high.

The cause of the accident is not known to us.

You complain a lot, don't you?

Pia wrote Marilyn right back.

My grandfather had completed the wood work and my grandmother finished the piece with paint.

As I sat and played the dutar, I thought of you.

We're not rich.

During a flight, an airplane's weight constantly changes as the aircraft consumes fuel.

My uncle told me the story by way of a joke.

I've been thinking about something.

You should be more careful about what you say in mixed company. I know you're just joking, but not everyone would understand.

There was another big break in the case.

I told him not to tell anyone.

The search party found him lying at the foot of a cliff.

She didn't play cards, because she didn't like it.


Can you hold that thought?


I wish I didn't have to work.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

It was a week of alternate snow and rain.

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What is the tallest mountain in North America?

Was this book meant for me?

She betrayed his hiding place to the police.


Have you already eaten breakfast?

Vadim has started looking for a new job.

Mr Smith left Japan this morning.

No one has been murdered.

Don't worry, we're on our way.


Raymond stole the pass.


I brought you up under my personal care.

They accepted her as the city's best doctor.

I asked for Mr Smith.


I wanted to get up earlier than Mother.

Taxes are too high.

My sister cheers young sumo wrestlers.

I've never heard Olof sing in public.

I want to get out of the car and stretch.

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You're an hour late.

Rugby, American football, and Australian rules football all come from soccer.

I'm here to help you, Ami.


There are seventeen ravens.


That party was a disaster!

I had to send Cory home.

The coastal ecosystem of British Columbia is rapidly declining.

You seem very busy.

I think my husband is crazy.