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O Y2k Information
Details of how the PC will fair after the Date rolls over to 2000. There is a plain explanation of how it has all come about, and how the Hardware could cause unpredictable reactions. There is also Links to Software Patches and Fixes. Will the Millennium Bug bite, and to what extent?

O avoirdupois weight
Are these "The Last Days" - or are lots of people just going "nuts". Also: ..... In Defence of Smoking .. and .. The Politically Incorrect Page Includes Philosophic Comments on our times. ( Popular!! )

O Thai Cooking
Turn the food that you are eating now into something tasty,
in The Thai Kitchen with Shelly Wit - Includes a Free Recipe

* Craft By Video
Information and description of craft videos, and general information and illustrations. Now updated Craft Hints-N-Tips Page - Decoupage Behind Glass

* Video Production
Support to All The Arts + Copy Writing & Corporate Services

* Another Australian Poem
By Kevin Petherick Collins - Make a Comment

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New or Interesting Links and Software Sources - Something for Everyone
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