We eat, sleep and breathe multi media analysis to bring the power of the senses to your internet services.

Dedicated to pushing digital understanding of media assets so that you can understand your customers better.

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Amazing e-commerce solutions

Win or lose a sale with the appropriateness of the product image. Customers are drawn to the images they love laid out in a way that is engaging.  We have great solutions to help put the right product image in front of the right customer.

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Profitable Publisher Tools

The web is becoming increasingly visual with images and video replacing text.  We have tools to help you ensure that you are rendering your site according to the preferences of your “readers”.  We also provide brand safety solutions for your advertising clients.  Big or small we can help you deliver a better experience to your consumers.

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Awesome Customer Data Solutions

A pillar of the “Age of the Customer” is to know your customers more by listening to what they are telling you.  If you are only leveraging the text that your customers share or interact with then you are ignoring over half of the information available to you.  Know your customers better, see what they see..



Our G3C analytics engine is unparalled in its accuracy across a whole range of use cases including: Fashion, Consumer Goods, People, Automotive, Food and Obscene Content


Our cloud platform is scalable in both resources and capacity to ensure that whatever performance you need, we will ensure you get it.

Meta Data

Our market leading G3C analytics engine returns more meta data about the image and video than any alternative. Sign up for a developer account and see for yourself.


Once our clients see the insights and business benefits from understanding the media within their commerce and internet assets, they usually ask for modifications for their own needs. We are more than happy to help.

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We unlock the secrets of visual content that is clear for the eye to see,

but significantly more difficult for computers to understand.