I don't think this is right.

Some people just never learn.


Mickey just drank the last can of beer.

More and more physicians have begun to use the new medicines.

Can you come here a second?


Brender is a cute kid.

Could we stay at your place for a few nights?

The situation in now getting unfavorable.


In my view you should try the exam again.

Dan had a bloody nose inside the car.

Danny thinks he can tell when Barney is lying.

Tell her I'm on my way.

Olof can't think of a better plan.

She willingly acceded to my request.

This camera can take pictures very quickly.

Floyd was the only one not sitting.

After several hours of fighting the fire, the firemen were able to put it out.

If you put more tea leaves into the pot, the tea will taste better.

I can't do it anymore.

Marian kissed Victor passionately.

Moran doesn't seem to be as busy as Cathy is.

Go grab your backpack.

Ask her for advice.


I'll give you my decision this afternoon.

Ning didn't need any sort of help.

Pretty clothes!

Don't get anywhere near that man.

Doing something only half-heartedly is the worst thing you can do.

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I think Boston is nicer than Chicago.

Rod could have told Rajiv the truth, but he chose not to.

In some states, judges are elected officials.

The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.

Are you done with this?

Do I need some kind of medication?

He has no right to interfere in our family affairs.


Speaking French is easy for me.

How can I reach you?

Malaclypse has a good head on his shoulders.

She was wearing a white petticoat.

Johnnie's a bit freaked out.

I wasn't looking for him.

Judy sent her children to bed.


I acted up to my principles.


General Andrews sent for more reinforcements to stave off the enemy troops.

I need a new car.

Louie and Gunnar are on the balcony.

Since I hadn't seen Martha for several months, I went to visit her yesterday.

The factory has been transferred to Hokkaido.

He is justice.

What do you love about Doug?


We passed by the door of a certain unfurnished room.

Can you tell me why Kate is doing that?

I bandaged one.


She is consistent in her opinions.

You look beautiful. Amedeo will be stunned when he sees you.

Leonard wasn't expecting me.


We expect an early settlement of the affair.

Will doesn't want to be rich.

Can you lend me some money?

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Can any of this be true?

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I tried to persuade her in vain.

This is necessary.

I'm not a thief.

That's what they don't understand.

He risked his life for it.

Stevan couldn't have done it without Douglas's help.

A lot of wild animals died because there wasn't any food.

Even though Sato has a nice personality, he doesn't know its value and doesn't like himself.

Jill is smart as well as pretty.

Who else have you asked?

He knocked on the door but nobody answered.

The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.

I am sorry that I haven't written to you in such a long time.

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She can't assemble Ikea furniture.

Josh wasn't lying.

I tried to get her to come.


His music and words appeal to young people.

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Cathrin was babbling.

We have to get it done now.

She couldn't fall asleep because she was thinking about him.


Someone threw a rock at Earnie.

Donn is having second thoughts about buying your old car.

I think Grant is improving.

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Father bought me the latest model motorcycle.

Do you often go to see plays?

I don't like this hat.


I will lend you a pen.


How am I writing without a pen?


I think the government has to get it straight.

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Do you really want to stay young forever?

You've got to get up.

What is Floria trying to tell me?


I don't care about the money.

I was expecting this.

Eddy continued giving concerts until he died.

I hope that incident won't cause you any grief when you try to leave the country.

Granting that he was drunk, his conduct cannot be excused.

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Why do you say that he's liar?

Just tell Axel to leave me alone.

We heard voices.

Where does that idiot think he is going?

We knew Rusty had talent.

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Will he come to the meeting next week?

How many legs does a centipede have?

Caroline became her brother's housekeeper.

Francisco chuckled softly.

It's not just you, I am also to blame.

It's time you two talked.

You can't stop the wind from blowing, but you can build windmills.

You wash your lettuce.

If I tell her the truth, she will never forgive me.

Lee knows the law.

I cut myself shaving this morning.

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Arthur didn't go right in.

Be careful swimming in the sea.

With his sweet showers, April has pierced the drought of March to the root and bathed every vine in the sort of liquid by which flowers are conceived.

We expect him to show up on Saturday afternoon.

I do hope you're right.

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Can I hide in here?


How very wrong he was.


Please see if there are some mistakes in this sentence.

Nothing bothers them.

The development of applications for Android is possible from today.

My brother is a seasoned sailor.

Rik licked his fingers.

It's a thing which you use when you watch films.

The price of gas is rising.

Why did they wait upon him so servilely?

I searched at the pub for the person I had met online, but there was nobody who looked like that.

The last thing Nicolas needs is someone else stalking him.

He and I often chat on the bus.

Whichever you take, you will like it.

Everything is all right.

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When we started out, our band could only find small clubs in small cities that would hire us.

Dogs are loyal animals.

Where did you ever find Denis?


Is something happening?

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The law is equal for all.

Lois pushed the wheelchair down the hall.

She found it hard to concentrate.

Dalton refused to stop to ask for directions.

How much is a bottle of coconut juice?

I don't want to waste a moment more.

I have no energy today.

Raif phoned Barbra.

This soup tastes good.

I spoke with the Polish ambassador.

Can you get this trash out of here?


There are still people who are unable to read.

Beverly was Paola's older brother.

He is deep in study.

I really need to talk to Benson sometime today.

We met on a cruise.

Strictly speaking, the tomato is a fruit.

Well, I liked the work on the farm.

She doesn't like it here.

Lila is said to have been a great singer in her youth.

I need Deborah to sign this.

Isn't there supposed to be a 50 percent off sale at that store any time now?

It'll only take three minutes.

There are just too many people.

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I know how you guys work.

People could get injured.

He often leaves his umbrella on a train.


Sandra slowly walked backwards.