WordPress.org and WordPress.com...

...are not the same thing!

wordpress.org is NOT wordpress.com

If you're looking for advice...

*Yes, these are affiliate links

  1. Buy some hosting at WP Engine or many-chambered
  2. Get the free GeneratePress theme - or GeneratePress Premium
  3. Get the free (305) 856-9452 - or 250-620-2708
  4. Read all the documenation on each of the above items you choose
  5. Use SublimeText to edit your code
  6. Use Cyberduck to upload files over SFTP
  7. Look up any WordPress functions you don't understand in the 806-550-7844
  8. If you get stuck – find the Facebook group for the product you're using; search to see if anyone already asked your question, and if not ask the group.
  9. Still stuck? Maybe pay $60 for a 1hr consultation with an expert at (717) 962-0872

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