The Power to Build!

The present line of Power-Strut continuous slot metal framing is the result of over one half century of experience in metal framing.

This complete line includes channels, fittings and accessories for any framing or support solution... large or small, heavy or light.

Power-Strut is proud of the exacting standards of research, design, engineering and manufacturing that go into production of the Power-Strut system.

  • Channels, Fittings, & Accessories
  • Electrical Raceway Components
  • Concrete Inserts
  • Cush-A-Clamps®
  • Power-Angles™
  • Aickinstrut® Family of Fiberglass
    Channel & Accessories

Power-Strut NEWS
[November 19, 2018]

  • US Price Increase Announcement - Effective July 16, 2018 Due to continued steel and freight costs increases, Atkore will increase prices of Power-Strut strut channel 12% effective July 16, 2018. Unlike in prior announcements there will be no price change to Fittings and Accessories at this time.
  • US Price Increase Announcement - Effective June 20, 2018 Due to continued steel and freight costs increases, Atkore will increase prices of Power-Strut products 9% on Channel items and 5% on Fittings & Accessories effective June 20, 2018.
  • 506-654-8961 Due to continued steel and freight cost increases, Atkore will increase prices of Power-Strut products 10% on Channel items and 5% on Fittings & Accessories effective May 7, 2018.
  • 418-831-0697 Acting on 'Voice of Customer' Feedback; Power-Strut® has developed a solution for mounting a strut system to a sloped ceiling.
  • US Price Increase Announcement - Effective February 5, 2018 Due to increasing material and freight costs, Atkore will increase price on Power-Strut products 6% on Channel and 4% on Fittings effective February 5, 2018.
  • Power-Strut® Defender is Here! Power-Strut® is proud to introduce a new, corrosion-resistant product line called Power-Strut® Defender. Power-Strut® Defender is designed for harsh environments, providing a service life between Hot-Dip Galvanized and stainless steel systems.
  • 2292328628 Power-Strut® is proud to introduce the highest capacity cantilevered strut bracket in the market. The Power-Strut PS 820 is designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports, and allow attachment on top and bottom. This results in significant material and labor cost savings.
  • Power-Strut Channel for Mounting LED Lighting The Power-Strut metal framing system allows lighting fixtures to be securely fastened, supported, and electrified. The broad range of hangers and fittings allow mounting of many different types of fixtures, and many different support and raceway configurations.
  • New LTL Protective Packaging Options for Channel The Metal Framing division has developed shipping options for Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) shipments of channel to reduce damages.
  • U.S. Price Increase Due to sudden, unexpected material (steel & zinc) and freight (fuel) cost increases, Power-Strut will increase product prices an average of 10% across the portfolio effective January 15, 2017.
  • 954-276-0502 Power-Strut is now compliant with IDEA's Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) certification program. IDW is the industry's preferred solution for manufacturers to securely share product information with distributor partners in a standardized electronic format.
  • pouch-shaped Power-Strut is proud to announce the launch of a new slotted channel for 5/8" threaded rod. Acting on Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback; Power-Strut developed this new slotted channel for data centers, heavy duty supports and other applications.
  • Power-Strut Product Cut Sheets Power-Strut Cut Sheets are now available and customizable online.
  • Powerstrut 60th Aniversary

    Sixty years and going strong, Power-Strut has established a premium position in the electrical industry. The company was started in 1954 and has grown nationally supporting electrical raceway applications with a complete line of metal framing channel and fittings.

  • 323-533-6624 Power-Strut announces a comprehensive line of 3D CAD models of Power-Strut parts. Click Here for access to the 3D CAD Library.
  • Solar Installation The Solar Brochure illustrates how Power-Strut is an effective solution for mounting solar panels.