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Why I Created pickupflip

I'm just someone who wanted a Spanish flash card website that didn't exist, so I built one. I wanted to be happy while studying, so I also made it look pretty :-)

All other websites focus heavily on conversational Spanish. It was odd that on day one I learned the sentence "Where are you from?" I don't know if I've ever walked up to a stranger in my neighborhood and asked "Where are you from?" so why would this be a must-know sentence?!?

I was thinking about friends and family who's babies went from mumbles and spit bubbles to full conversations. They started by naming objects. Once they had a handful of words in their noggin, they started formulating complete sentences. BINGO! This is how I wanted to learn!

Would You Rather...

Imagine being in a Spanish speaking household and you're sitting at the dinner table. You realize you don't have a napkin. What do you do? You know zero Spanish and need to figure something out!

Would you rather know how to formulate a sentence and properly conjugate a verb? or would you rather just say "napkin, please? Thank you." Knowing how to say napkin will get you much further! Sentence structure is easier when you have a plethora of verbs, nouns and adjectives to chose from.

It's Simple and Effective!

There is so much of emphasis placed on predictive learning strategies and personalized repetition schedules. Let's as a question, How many people have made it through school without predictive learning strategies? We learn if we practice, it's just that simple, and the most effective learning technique is repetition with the use of flash cards!

It's really simple. First, we break down the vocabulary categories by location. This could be household terms, travel terms, terms describing your car, etc... Next decide if you want to learn verbs or nouns. Finally start flipping cards! Once you select a category, it's important that you review it daily until you know every single term, then move on. After a while you will need to return and re-memorize them. This is how our brain works. Terms are stored in short term memory first, but the more times you return to the terms and practice them, the more they will move to longterm memory.