I would never be your wife.

She turned her old dress into a skirt.

Would you mind if I sit at the same table?

Don't be rude.

Turn left.

I am happy to see our green flag flying in the wind.

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Please speak more slowly.


I'm not trying to impress Jerome.

In a certain Tsardom, across three times nine kingdoms, beyond high mountain chains, there once lived a merchant. He had been married for twelve years, but in that time there had been born to him only one child, a daughter, who from her cradle was called Vasilissa the Beautiful.

Patrick believes everything Toft says.

This is a huge mistake.

Do you live here?

The income tax rate increases in proportion as your salary rises.

The boy made a fool of himself.


Tuan was talking to me.


Who's your friend?

The small dog tried to get away.

Today was still tomorrow yesterday, but today will be yesterday tomorrow.

We were winning.

I need a rest after all that resting!

Shall we meet tomorrow morning at nine?

Even the mightiest of empires comes to an end.


I want to drink one more bottle of beer.

Graeme got a bargain price.

Don't get me flowers anymore.

I couldn't hear the sound well.

I can't stand being laughed at in public.

Please ask the secretary to stock the office supplies in the storage room.

Murray didn't want to eat after all.

I just hope Takeuchi takes your advice.

Unfortunately, my wife and my lover don't get along very well together.

I'm working like crazy to make sure I have enough time.

Cookies are delicious.

I didn't bring them.

Look, I'm not going to tell you again.

I don't even know if Jiri went to college or not.

Ability to talk distinguishes human beings from animals.

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They formed a company to control it.

Well, I can cross that off my bucket list.

I love doing this.

To threaten the children of a blind fighter for human rights, who's daughter can't go to school, is extremely cowardly. A government who's guilty of that kind of abomination is not worth any respect from its population.

My brother is a boy and my sister is a girl.

Many Asians are lactose intolerant.

I stopped smoking and drinking.

He's lazy.

Do you have home delivery?

We'll pray for you.

I had rather never have been born than have seen this day of shame.

You don't know them, do you?

I need the new version no matter what.

She was on the point of laughing at the clown's actions.

Tears began to roll down her face.

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This is utter nonsense.

I want something to do.

Just because you're a capitalist doesn't mean you have to shop.

Is it just me or is it hot in here?

One cannot learn a language without being in touch with the language.


I promised Marguerite I'd help him.

The girl with fair skin passes for nineteen.

I couldn't find a pulse.

We're working on getting that done.

I can loan you the book, then you can have a look at it. Maybe you will like it.

I'm sorry to see Geoffrey go.

Europeans are the world's largest consumers of alcohol.

We have to build scaffolding strong enough to support the weight of dozens of workers and tons of equipment.

Elementary schools are gradually disappearing.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.

I understand how to solve the problem.

She has invited you all.

Everybody called Olaf "the Sphinx", because she always spoke in riddles.


I'm not going to forgive you.

Do you have any alternatives to the plan?

This scares the shit out of me.

No arrests were ever made.

Some people only buy organic food; they think that in this way their body will not be damaged by pollutants.

I'm not sure why he asked me that.

He was born in a small town in Italy.


That's not even funny.

Don't trifle with such serious matters.

Hurry up! The concert is starting.

What did you two talk about?

I decided to tell him the truth.

No one called the police.

Try to find out if everything he said is true.

I've never seen such a lovely girl.

Does anyone want to go up?


I'll see you at dinner.

Jordan always speaks his mind.

Stefan painted his room white.


It's still in limbo.

What's the purpose of all this commotion?

Raspberries are very expensive.


She studies mathematics.

Mark goes to school on foot.

The doctor told Sandeep not to eat or drink anything for three hours.

Did you know that Alastair bought a new car?

The box was so heavy that Alvin had to help Ritalynne carry it home.

The decision will merely have been delayed for a few more weeks.

It's snowy today.

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Terrance can't even read French, much less speak it.

It's much more convenient.

He couldn't stop laughing.

Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan.

Liber is anxious to see you.

It's my bad.

I can't find my keys anywhere.

Terrence will have to do it by himself.

This is really beautiful.

Val is right-handed.

I want to know absolutely everything.

What were you doing with him, anyway?

Maybe nobody else saw what happened.

The war was finally brought to a close.

What were you thinking of?

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I'm also learning French.

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May I take your coat?


We have lots and lots of time.

I'll apologize later.

Venezuela asked oil-producing countries to cut oil production to force prices up.

Did Bill show an interest?

When Clay gets here, give me a call.


I want a car that runs on solar power.


She likes that bass.

I suppose Kees told you that.

How are things with you?


Are you sleeping with her?


He still hasn't responded.

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Was anyone arrested?

Dave went into the bank.

Srikanth and Micheal rescued an orphaned kitten.

That'd be the last thing I want to do.

They missed the early train.

Please say hello to your parents.

A few things didn't quite meet Marion's expectations.


Let's make it a fair trade.

The police detective found a bloody knife.

You need have a good microphone because we care about sound quality.


Is this program compatible with Windows XP?

My father has many books.

I don't think I've ever met anyone like you.

I think we owe Roy an apology.

We must call a cat a cat.

Be careful, eyes, what you see, cause it's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings.

This discovery was made accidentally.

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He had his secretary type the report.

The horse has four legs and still stumbles sometimes.

The doctor released him from his pain.


I'm half an inch taller than Mat.


Japanese don't talk a lot because they know that what people talk about is usually about themselves, albeit indirectly.

Kristin asked how much we had paid.

I was about to head out.

The police will get you to find the bullets.

Suzanne says he didn't know what to do.

I need you tomorrow.

"Nature is cruel and beautiful... like me," said Gary.

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It admits of no doubt.

He saw her video.

Environmental pollution is causing abnormal weather conditions.

Don't you like Richard?

I'm going to a store.


Is this car yours?

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I didn't see anything at all.

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Change is important.

My friend has dark and suicidal thoughts and I don't know how I can help her.

This may change next year.


I was wondering if it would be OK if I took tomorrow off.


Seeing that she is tired, we had better stop for a while.