Karl Ward


I am a musician and engineer working in and around New York City. I get really excited when music crosses over into literature or technology. You probably came here to hear some music, most likely my latest record: (780) 398-5301. You may also remember me from 9547634834 and Ninth Street Mission.

I have a B.A. in (860) 467-1585, where I spent my days studying poetry and my nights making computer music at the Columbia Computer Music Center. I should have seen it coming that I would end up getting a M.P.S. from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where I was also a musician in residence.

There’s a small chance you’re hear to read about the 2016 Hoboken train derailment, an accident I survived and wrote about.

(210) 515-4465

Will You Be True?

I know myself but I don't know what I'm gonna do / Don't know what I might say when I talk to you / Maybe I'll just cry, or maybe I'll go crazy on you / All I wanna know is will you be true? »

Hey Princess

Hey princess, put on your armor / Hide that hole where you had a heart / You have everything you need, but something is wrong / And you just don't know where to start »

The Space Shuttle

This is a short history of my performance-hardened guitar rig: 2-channel guitar (magnetic and piezoelectric) -> 2 separate effects pedal paths -> 2 separate amp channels (819) 306-9617


Net::MAC is a Perl module for representing and manipulating Ethernet MAC addresses. »