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Mini 5 - Performance Without Compromise

Mini5 & Mini6 are recognised low cost structured cabling brands, with a reputation for high quality and lower associated installed costs. Both Mini5 & Mini6 solutions are available to approved installers as a 25 year system & component warranty.

Mini5 is a punch down Cat5e modular UTP or a shielded (STP) Cat5e keystone solution, utilising LSA punch down connection blocks. The wall plates are available in modular 25x50mm or LJ6 25x37mm (also suitable for floor boxes). Panels can be ordered in either the flat or angled type (with cable management). A wide range of accessories and cable products are also available and can be ordered for a complete Cat5e end to end solution.

Mini6 is a Cat6 UTP or Cat6a shielded punch down or Tool-less modular keystone solution, where the same style keystone jack is used for both the panel & wall outlets. Two versions of the UTP jack are available, the lower cost 25x50mm modular style meeting the original CAT6 standard and the CAT6 (Plus) keystone style which meets and exceeds the CAT6 component level standard, a 25 year Installers warranty is available for the component level product only (details on application). All Mini6 premise wiring cabling products together with the moulded patch cords are LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) as standard. Accessories are universal to both Mini5 & Mini6 brands.

A wide range of Wall boxes, floor standing enclosures, fibre products together with active switching hubs & media converters can also be purchased under the Mini5 brand. All Mini5/6 products meet ROHS & CE standards.

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