An OpenStack-powered cloud appliance

With "pay-as-you-go" flexibility

The World's Most Accessible Private Cloud

Simple to use and easy to operate.

Breqwatr brings the value of the public cloud into the comfort and control of the enterprise datacenter, putting self-service infrastructure at the finger tips of those that need it most.


Intuitive UI

Simple to use and easy to operate. Breqwatr offers a truly intuitive user experience that virtually eliminates the learning curve for end users and administrators.


Designed to meet the demands of the Enterprise, Breqwatr introduces Cluster manager and Instance Manager which provide a ‘shared nothing’ cluster architecture along with control plane and instance level high availability.


A curated deployment of OpenStack has been tightly integrated with the appliance hardware upon which it has been deployed.  All of the infrastructure APIs are readily exposed for further integration with 3rd party tools and platforms.


Our web-scale engineering is designed to enable modular expansion with linear scalability of critical cloud resources (Storage and Compute) providing the just in time elasticity the enterprise need to be more agile and responsive.


As a hyper-converged, fully configured appliance, Breqwatr takes all of the complexity out of building and managing private cloud infrastructure. Imagine Time-to-Value measured in days not weeks or months.

OpenStack Community Member

Breqwatr is a proud member of the OpenStack community. Breqwatr is committed to making OpenStack more accessible. In re-thinking self service, we have kept user experience at the forefront of our design principles.

Our Partners

Recognized as a visionary and ranked #1 for overall flash use case in Gartner's Critical Capabilities Study.


Bringing sector-leading performance and availability with unparalleled quality of service capability, Solidfire is the under pinning of Breqwatr Cloud System - the world's first turn-key cloud system.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions is a fortune 500 global distributor of IT infrastructure solutions. Arrow will distribute Breqwatr and Breqwatr CS to a multi-national resale partner network.

Disrupting the datacenter networking status-quo, with software-driven networking designed for the cloud.


Data center networking designed from the ground up for the cloud. Arista provides scalability, open APIs and extremely low latency, that is the perfect highway for Breqwatr Cloud System's data fabric.

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Why choose us?

Remove the guesswork

Our curated configuration of OpenStack’s core projects: Keystone, Nova, Cinder, and Glance removes the learning curve so you can get up and running faster.

Breqwatr seamlessly integrates into any environment through an open API-based framework providing straightforward integrations with compatible 3rd party software, hardware, and cloud platforms.

The experts are in the box, so you don’t have to find them, hire them, and worry about retaining them long-term.

What People Are Saying About Us

The user experience is one of the key features of Breqwatr. While public clouds can provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with a user interface that is easy to grasp, enterprises looking to create a Private Cloud have fewer resources. Turning the compute, storage, and network resources into something that can be abstracted and provisioned through software is something that many companies don't have the resources to do.  Read More

Tom’s IT PRO,
Michael Simmons, Contributor

Deploying private cloud doesn’t have to be difficult....Breqwatr’s cloud appliance gives small to medium sized businesses a turnkey solution for deploying private cloud. Administrators can simply rack the device, patch it in and begin serving up private cloud throughout the enterprise. Learn more  

Erick Wingfield, Senior Contributor

“Ready-made server box running a custom OpenStack distribution and sold as a subscription-managed service.... It may be as close to plug-and-play as OpenStack gets."  read more

SDx Central,
Keith Griffith, Senior Reporter

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Start developing today! Breqwatr provides the elasticity and simplicity of the cloud so your team can provision its own infrastructure how they want it, when they want it 24 hrs a day.

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Time is money. When the market demands innovation you need to get your ideas out the door, fast. Breqwatr provides the speed and self-service you need to meet the increasing demands on your business.