Ofer is lying ill in bed.

I came earlier than him.

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What are they at?


I'm sure I can figure it out eventually.

The car door doesn't close properly.

True, he was a very good teacher.

The airline makes sure to send your luggage all the way to the final destination as soon as possible, or at a later date at the passenger's choice.

I'm here with a friend.

For us, school was a place to get away from as fast as possible.

To go on from pain to pain mystery to mystery. From stone pain to plant pain. For everything is pain. The pain of battle the fear of not being. Links of pain chain the earth to the sky the waters to the land. And worlds gallop in orbits of affliction. Thinking of surprise.

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One set of teeth for eating, and another set for baring.

Amir played the oboe and Juri accompanied him on the piano.

Pierce kissed her again.

It won't clear up.

Two spots were open.

I'm sure I'm right.

Konrad sat on her bed crying.

The dog is bleeding.

I'm going to Boston with you.


Sanity dated Randal when they were both teenagers.

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Belinda seems to think this is a good computer.

The cook put the food in the dumb waiter.

That better not be Rich.

Don't forget to set your alarm clock.

The office held a memorial for him.

I feel so much better.

I wish I could believe you.

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We vacationed there for a week.

Isn't life beautiful?

She helps her.

You just messed up once. You don't need to agonize over it.

Hans Christian Anderson's fairytales made him the world's best-known Dane.

Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.

Tell me what's wrong with him.

No longer mourn for me when I am dead / Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell / Give warning to the world that I am fled.

Did you have a good day?

That was their choice.

It's important to be able to drive a car these days.

I should've expected this to happen.

What have you found out?

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Why do this now?

I'll get you out of this horrible situation.

This must've belonged to Lonhyn.

My favorite subjects in high school were geometry and history.

Everything seemed to work.

Why don't we take them there?

I understood Ning's point of view.


I'd never do that to him.

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Claudio lives in a small house on the other side of town.

Who told you about Hurf?

Do I look happy to you?

I don't think Shutoku will be able to help us.

Dion doesn't seem to be interested in doing anything.

This theater will hold three thousand people.

Marco was late for class yesterday because he had an accident.

She almost fainted.

Her favourite band is Warpaint.

Sri checked his cellphone for messages.

I was just relaxing.

You seem perfect.

I'm pretty sure Rudolf's competent.

Do you need a break?

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

Is there anything else you want to do?

Did you see them today?

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What did Sheila say he needed?


I was very encouraged.

I'm not a wealthy man.

The sky will soon clear.

We'll eat at six o'clock.

I'm assuming you're American.

It is only the cat's fault.

Free transportation will be provided, but you are expected to pay for your own food and drinks.

You've been really helpful.

I have two brothers and two sisters.

After working zealously, we were refreshed by fruit and water.

The fence is part wood and part stone.

Stanislaw had no inkling as to why his boss wanted to see him.

Saad helped Chet to her feet.


The theater was too crowded.

Gunnar will understand.

Are you reading the Bible?

Find out all you can about them.

I can't see anything in here.

You have to see it to believe it.

This box is too heavy for me alone to lift.


I should hurry and take a shower.


Fighting isn't my style.

I met them in Boston last week.

We've been friends for a long time.

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Leung saw his name written on the blackboard.


I don't know if if I don't do it today, I can't do it tommorow.

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We can handle them.

The file was stolen.

Did I miss something interesting?

Excuse me, but aren't you Dr. White?

Some people like cats, others prefer dogs.


Shatter won't help you, you know.


He's capable of wickedness of any kind.

You may as well make friends with people who need you.

That's relatively easy to do.

At first we used to go separately, but one day we started going and returning together.

Lowell plays the tambourine.

Arne was forced to resign.

This is above reason.

My mother told me that the only thing he could give me was a reputation.

It's very likely to rain tomorrow.


I am going to play tennis in the afternoon.

All of my friends like him.

They wanted to try new ways of living.

Neil is worked up.

Three of the bodies had gunshot wounds.

The twins have come down with measles.

I urgently need your help.


My credit card is maxed out.

These programs had to be paid for by taxes from the people.

Who was that guy?

Don't you want to get them back?

Dale opened his mouth.

My teeth are sensitive to cold foods.

Matthias has already decided where he wants to go to college.

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Siping was hiding under the table.


She became a postman.

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Go upstairs and go to bed.

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The teacher was angry with me.


I am going to work.


Who notified you?


The police are here.

What serious contemplation are you in?

The dancer whirled around the hall.

I had not run five minutes when I got out of breath.

A new tax has been imposed on cigarettes.

"Do you know what day it is today?" "It's our wedding anniversary!"

Five brothers worked together on the farm.

The police demanded that I move my car.

What do we do for a living?

Be quick! We haven't much time.

I want to find a way for us to be happy.

We're defenseless.

Herb was simply doing his job.

Sally said that he couldn't wait any longer.

Everyone was there.


Stuart won't be here long, I promise. She just needs somewhere to stay for a couple of days.

I don't like to leave people hanging.

Nobody's doing that.

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Do you all learn Esperanto?


At what age will I be able to withstand what now hurts me so easily, makes me disheartened and anxious?

Anita cut himself.

Tell him I feel fine.

Sooner or later secrets become widely known.

I'd like to live in a better neighborhood.


Pass the beer over here.

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I woke from a nightmare.

I worked for Drew.

I must get back to work.

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I'm sorry I was so mean.


He raises horses and cattle.

I can't support him through this.

Linda was called back from college by her father's sudden illness.


Did you ever kiss him?

He suffered from high blood pressure.

Sally called on Mr Taylor.

The bus was empty except for one elderly woman.

I just don't see why we have to eat there.