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Whey is the by-product of the Cheese production.
This means if Cheese is produced one will get the Whey also. In the past this Whey was send back to the Farmers as Pig feed. After the Factories started washing the Milk cans at the Factory, the Farmers did not want the Whey anymore. From that moment on the Whey started to be a problem for most Factories.
In some Countries in Europe the people already saw a very long time ago that Whey had a lot of valuable contents and these Companies started handling Whey as a Source for production of Lactose, Whey Proteins and more of these products. Since many Years Whey derivates are now a valuable source for different Industries.

Lactose is a very important Product produced from Whey. Lactose is used in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a base for production of Tablets. Because Lactose does not react with the Medicine it is a perfect carrier of the Medicine. Lactose is also a very important ingredient for the production of inhaler Medicines for Asthma Patients. WPE-BV is very experienced in producing Lactose. Companies who want to start producing Lactose, or want to improve their process should contact WPE-BV.
Whey Proteins

Whey Proteins are used in the Baby food Industry, the Food Industry, the Health Industry and are also a base Product for the Power Food and Drinks Industry. Whey Protein is a Protein recovered from Whey, which comes from Cow milk. It is pure and of very high quality. WPE-BV can help you producing Whey Proteins from Whey.
WPE-BV is an independent Company, which can help other Companies to improve their Whey processing. WPE-BV has a lot of experience in Whey processing, and can advise Companies in the right way.
Lactose processing is a very important process in Whey handling. Companies who want to produce Lactose should contact WPE-BV to get the most efficient and modern way of processing their Whey.
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