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Andy Jung, Owner, Fusion Golf & Sports Performance Andy Jung, Owner, Fusion Golf & Sports Performance

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Looking to improve your body to improve your golf game? Our efficient and effective movement screen allows us to test an athlete's range of motion and readiness to perform. We will use the results to develop and tailor a workout program to optimize your movement and unlock your swing.

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Fusion Golf & Sport Performance

Fusion Golf & Sport Performance is all about optimizing our athlete's movements. It all starts by getting assessed to identify any limitations that may be apparent. A personal program will then be created to address any limitations, build strength, and improve speed. Ultimately we will create an all around better athlete to help you perform at your highest level, whether you are a youth athlete, college athlete, avid golfer, or play at a professional level.

Our Programs

At FGSPerformance we have a solution to your performance needs no matter your skill level or personal needs. We offer One-on-One Training, our Foursome Special, Group Classes, and Online Coaching options.

Meet Andy Jung at Fusion Golf & Sports Performance

Meet Andy Jung

Andy Jung, Owner of Fusion Golf & Sport Performance, graduated from UNCW with a degree in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and TPI Level 1 Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. Andy has made a passion for helping golfers and other athletes achieve their goals by optimizing their movements and training protocol.

One On One Golf Strength Training


Private sessions with a golf fitness professional is the most personal solution we offer for your performance needs. Each session will follow your program that we have created and allow for minor day-to-day adjustments that your body needs.

One On One Golf Strength Training

"Foursome Special"

Get your weekly foursome together and change the way you approach your game. This small group training allows us to address your personal program and goals while enjoying the improvement with all your friends in a safe and fun environment.

One On One Golf Strength Training

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a great program we offer for an individual that may not have the resources to meet with our team and facility in person. It also allows an athlete to work on their own time and take on more responsibility.

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