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Ministry building 101 is being started for one purpose only. It is not to advance a single church, ministry or personality. It is to advance the cause of Jesus Christ so that all of us can become more effective at enlarging His Kingdom.

Ministry building 101 is a basic, common sense approach to enhance or begin a ministry. Ministry Building 101 is not a string of formulas that guarantee success, but basic ideas formed in the crucible of 30 plus years of hands on ministry that can offer ideas anyone can build on.

I hope you find Ministry Building 101 informative, practical and above all a place where you can get ideas that will help you learn basic techniques that you have been searching for but have been unable to formulate in your mind. These will be simple down-to-earth thoughts based on years of successes and mistakes. Ideas that took root and helped build a strong evangelistic ministry that sees souls saved every week, men developed for the Ministry, and Churches being planted world wide.

How many people our church runs, where it is, and who I am are not important. What is important is that ideas can be shared, that if you feel can work for you, will enhance your ministry and raise your understanding of how to build it. That is the purpose of Ministry Building 101.

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Ministry Building 101 Blocks

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    Strategic Prayer

    The most important facet of our walk with God is found in prayer. It is the lifeline of our souls and by it we access heaven and heaven accesses us. Through prayer we can speak to God and receive answers from Him. This builds us up in faith, helps us strategize our salvation, and lifts our faith to new levels as we receive answers from God. (Matthew 7:7-8) Daily prayer should be a regular part of our spiritual life. We need to follow the example of Christ in this discipline. (Mark 1:35) (Luke 18:1-8)

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    Personal Bible Study

    Personal Bible Study is another building block that many neglect. The time we spend in the word of God will pay rich dividends in our ministry, our personal growth, and our knowledge of the will of God for our lives. Many Ministers are looking for the will of God, yet they neglect their time of devotions and Bible Study. The word of God is the will of God, it is that simple. Without the ability to say what God says our words will fall to the ground without impact. We traffic in words so what better words can we find than God’s Word? (2 Timothy 2:15)

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    Public Evangelism

    Ministry is about serving others. The call to serve others should move us to see the need for personal evangelism. Taking the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world that we are called to serve. This powerful tool of Ministry building is often neglected by men, but it is the method that Jesus used to reach the world. The Apostles used personal evangelism to turn the world upside down, and so should we! This is the main tool we have to enlarge our ministry, to enlarge the Kingdom of God, and to take territory for Christ. (Mark 16:15)

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    Personal Development Through Disipleship

    Building a strong and lasting ministry requires discipleship. Every minister needs to be a disciple so they can grow into the role of disciple maker. You can’t teach what you don’t know! A.W. Tozer said, “Only a disciple can make a disciple.” Ministers must be able to submit to a teacher who can train them in the ways of Christ so they in turn will develop and be able to train others who have become disciples. (2 Tim 2:2) Someone said, “You minister what you are.” Your public ministry is what you learn in private. Discipleship then teaches men to be teachers of men. Jesus said,”Follow me and i will make YOU fishers of men.” We must follow His method of personal development through discipleship. (Matthew 28:19-20)

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