I read the novels.

I was thinking about what you said earlier.

Making generalizations seems to be in line with how we think since we tend to look for patterns in the world around us.

The biggest difference between bandy and floorball is that bandy is played on ice.

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When young, she was very popular.

She is charming as well as diligent.

It's drizzling outside.

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

Duane's hairline is receding.

She's in a depression.

We took it for granted that he would join us.

From a distance, that stone looks like a person's face.

She was never completely free from pain after the accident.

I heard that Rolfe had been smuggling drugs into America for years before he got caught.

Floria will be joining you in the observation room.

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My room is always clean.

Judith couldn't stop blaming himself.

I know that is difficult to understand for you.

You've gotta get over there right now.

Add the honey, lemon juice, chopped almonds and the chopped apples.

There's a funny smell coming from the engine of the car.

I've been really busy with my graduation dissertation recently.

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Am I going to be OK?

It's not nice to talk like that.

I found out the cause of my death.


Chuck and Ragnar disagree on that point.

We provided food and clothes for them.

I don't think everyone is here yet.

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Sanford is avoiding me, I think.

The teacher suggested that we go to the library to study.

Did you see him today?

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Leads has to go to court tomorrow.

Don't be so self-assertive.

The scientist has a love of facts, even isolated facts, similar to the poet's love of words.

I'm going to find out who broke this window.

I have no idea where Erick was last night.


Do you think there's any chance we'll be able to finish this on time?

It's already over.

Brian had an argument with Meeks.

Sit down! Don't stand up.

When will you get through with work?


Who can't be proud for being Serbian, with their historically greatest achievements being slaughtering authority figures and genocides?

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I'm waiting for you here.

He looks like he's drunk.

I am prettier than you.

My father was completely bald by the time he was forty.

My parents hate him.

The supermarket hired many part-timers.

You joined us, didn't you?

What a wonderful view!

I don't give my real name to any website.

Slave labor and child labor are sad realities.

Roxie is quite safe.

Christopher Columbus drank unfiltered seawater.

His car looks as good as new.

I'm not able to do any other work.

The bus was already in motion when he tried to board it.


She misses him, especially on rainy days.


Rabbit droppings are not raisins. I suppose you knew that.

Glen bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

I stand corrected.

Do you need a hand?

Do you have enough blankets?

I think I could convince Lum to put you on the list.

Andre isn't very likely to be here on time.

Their flight was discovered yesterday.

I saw them leave together.


The dough is made from water, flour, salt and instant yeast.

She suggested a solution.

Leslie is quite unlucky.


He didn't catch the signal.


He got bogged down at work.

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In general, people in America tend to prefer bigger cars.

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Is there any place special you want to go?


She took advantage of the fine weather to paint the wall.

Close it.

Overtaxed heart, kidneys and liver are inevitable results of too much food.

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He took advantage of her.

We're planning a party.

Is this some kind of test?

I've changed my website's layout.

I want to know where Del went.


Now, Mosur depends on his parents very much.

There's a swimming pool not too far from where I live.

Phillip expected Colin to come.

My family has lived here for twenty years.

This programme is not suitable for your age group.

It's hard for me to concentrate today.

I know them from work.

Have any of you guys been to Natraj's house?

Manuel doesn't need to work. He's rich.

Hiroyuki took a big sip.

We spend too much time talking about things that don't matter.

Deb has always been a health nut.

Ninja missed a step and fell down the stairs.

She is on friendly terms with him.

It is clear that we cannot live without air.

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There is a black BMW parked in front of your house.

He leaned even closer.

I need to be ready when Milner arrives.

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Let's wait here till he comes back.

I am online.

I am a fan of conservatism.

You are very arrogant.

Father bought me the latest model motorcycle.

I'm interested in history.

He left early.

You're all fools.

It is only through knowledge that we, as a nation, can cope with the dangers that threaten our society.

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Isn't there something you want to say to me?


We haven't done a thing all week.

We are an art portal where writers, illustrators, poets, musicians coexist. They explore every Latin American territory and every writing style known.

There is a threat of a storm.

They ran naked in the park.

It could've been a trick.


Guido used the F word.

When I found my true identity, my life began to make sense.

Morton was sound asleep when Pravin walked into the room.

I recognized her the moment I saw her.

Can you tell if this is Sandra's?


Anne's eyes are huge.

Should I wait for them here?

Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it now.

Don't let him get to you.

These are real.


If I may speak from my own experience, the more difficult the problem is the more essential that becomes.

There was more than one.

Does it get much sun?

I live in Boston now.

I spend a lot of my free time with Betsy.

Whales are classified as mammals.

Amigo has three soccer trophies.

What's the difference between a star and a planet?

William is totally in love with Mahmoud.

Let's keep each other company for a while.

Why don't you have a drink?


Do you still have my number?

My daughter wants a piano.

Myron detests Susumu.


I don't feel good about it.

Aimee could've said something, but he didn't.

Jitendra called me a scumbag.

We've been good friends for years.

There were so many people at the funeral home today.

That's nothing new.

If you don't hurry, you'll be late for your appointment.

Space put his money in the bank.

Were it not for water, nothing could live.

Many couples end in divorce.

How many times have I explained to you that your explanation is most unconvincing?

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We like to keep a low profile.


Let someone else do it.


If he doesn't accept the job, some other person will.

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That's quite a bit.


Something wrong was about to happen.


We have to find out where Steen lives.

But have you received the messages?

The wind drifted the sand.

How many presidents have the United States had?

Would you hand me the screwdriver?

We're all hoping nothing bad happens.

We knew Michael was unhappy.

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You could at least say "thank you".

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I found that he was a kind man.