There is not a grain of dust, not an atom that can become nothing, yet man believes that death is the annihilation of his being.

It is young.

His illness is without a cure.

Did you hear about Rick's plans for the weekend?

Take them for a swim.

Lowell kept singing.

Once a year there is an unannounced fire drill and all of the employees have to leave the building immediately.

We have to leave here at once.

It was to say that going to the station was too much of a bother after all so I should come to the hotel she's staying at. Good grief, what a selfish woman!

Turkeer lived in a homeless shelter for a while.

I'm going to rest today.

Which street should we start with?

You're just jealous that Omar was flirting with her.

My name is Tamako, and yours is?

What's the air temperature today?

I can't go back there now.

What is it with you?

John says when he dies he doesn't want anyone to cry for him.

I don't mind if you go to bed before I get home.

In a word, he tires of everything.

You must leave the diagnosis to your doctor.

I don't think it ever worked.

I don't have enough money to buy the medicine my father needs.

The troop was altogether destroyed.

In the wagon were a few tools and some extra guns.

Can you step outside, please, sir?

The time has come for mankind to put an end to the madness and immorality of the arms race.

Should we really be doing this?

What's your busiest day of the week?

Harris pinned a white corsage on Martha's dress.

You aren't in any danger.

Len believed that Julia was her sister.

A second mirror is hanging next to the door.

I have no problem delegating authority.

This is the future.

I know a culture that thinks life is work, and one must enjoy work.

You're very resourceful.

There's a lot going on.

"Poor blackbird!" said Pinocchio to the Cat. "Why did you kill him?"

We shook hands and parted at the end of our journey.

It's time to go.

I don't have a spare shirt.

I've lived in Realengo since 1993.

Flat land has no mountains or hills.

They became all the better friends because they entered the same college.

When does Beth's bus arrive?

I was surprised to get your call.

She is not a good person.


The fog at 10, where the fuck did it come from, it's really nuts.

They share a love for music.

We took the liberty of putting your candidacy on hold.

They didn't agree how to get there.

A man who is absorbed in his work looks animated.


We got many grapes.

I put all of the sheets to dry on the pole.

You should take notes.

I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.

I heard from him last month.

I don't like my father's attending the meeting.

This shirt costs more than fifty dollars.


The policeman must say, "It is the law."


I had no idea you were here.


I want her here.

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Think outside the box.


Sean thinks he can save the world.


I checked Plastic's pulse.

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My business has at last gotten on the right track.

Shamim just got a promotion.

I'm working on a new idea.

Woman would be more charming if one could fall into her arms without falling into her hands.

Please wait outside of the house.

Although it was a long way back to the station, little by little the old wagon drew near.

The desire for love to be mutual does not belong to love but to vanity.


Judging from his appearance, he is sick.

You're going to make mistakes.

Things are different here.

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Put the cooled, cooked apple mixture into the pastry case.


Now that I got guaranties, I am no longer afraid.

Japan and China differ from each other in many ways.

Apologize to them.


This morning the weather is frightful.


Name is but the guest of reality.


Jump down.

You can't send me there.

Now it's about what we do next.


Ricky doesn't know why Uri wasn't at school.


He was blue from the cold.

I could hear Kimmo and Cristopher arguing.

I think perhaps you're right.


I didn't even know about that ship until I got back.


Luck is a part of life.

It might rain. We'd better take an umbrella.

What's your profession?

She took Chinese medicine, which relieved her symptoms.

Pitawas is watching the Olympics on TV.


The dictionary on the desk is mine.

Are you better now?

The Lusitania sank in 18 minutes.


Do you feel like answering to my question?

This is Fire Prevention Week.

Some dairy farmers play soothing music to their cows while they are being milked, because relaxed, contented cows give more milk.

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I think you're probably right.

Did you really spike the orange juice?

We didn't even get that far.

We're discreet.

I have been typing this report since this morning, but I'm only halfway through.

I wish I'd worn short sleeves.

Jordan is not answering his phone.

Warn me never to go there again.

The bird flew into the cage.

I just want my career back.

A cat is lying on the sofa.

It was an exciting game.

The boy ran and ran toward the goal.

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I want you to be able to protect yourself.

You can not miss it.

Hienz and Peter mailed wedding invitations to all of their friends.


The snow pleases us.


I'm not a centrist.

How many suicides do you think there are every year in Japan?

Let me buy this car.


I like that shirt.


None of us have met him.

This bank secretly opened bank accounts in people's names without their permission.

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.


How close are you to Nelken?

This is a present for you.

Lila sighed heavily.


Hey you, boy, what is your name?

We were engaged.

Drink it down.


Meet me tonight.

Without your advice, I would have been robbed of my bag.

The police detected the spy.

He is thick as a brick.

I held the knife in my left hand.


My father quit drinking.

I'm not as expert as you are.

You're disgusting!


They never learn!

Someone is definitely lying.

They seem so happy.


Thank you for correcting my text.

Did we run over something?

I know what they're capable of.

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Alex intends to change that.

I won't say another word.

This cake is delicious.

Tim writes as if he were left-handed.

That wasn't enough.

It cost him ten dollars to get the ticket for the musical.

It's an interesting argument.

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What's your favorite breakfast food?

I don't like it when Jock is mad at me.

Roxana's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.


We're not entirely sure what happened.

Spanish is much easier than German.

The committee were discussing the problem.


She lied and I don't like liars.

Before, only "frog" is written here.

Scant difference.


He has enormous potential.