Saul failed to finish the race.

You can always count on her.

I bought her a clock.

The only useful knowledge is that which teaches us how to seek what is good and avoid what is evil.

Vultures circled over the dead bodies.

Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.

My worst vice is smoking.

They're a great band and deserve the cash.


She has to keep her powers hidden from her family.

Do you wish to complain?

Everyone looks uncomfortable.

He's nice to everybody.

Laurianne took a sealed envelope out of his pocket and gave it to Paul.

Bozhena is a pretty blonde; she is the prettiest girl in our school.

I can do anything I want.

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Evelyn was special.

The train leaves at nine, arriving there at ten.

I'll put some salt on the meat.

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There is a restaurant on the top floor.

You make such a lovely couple.

I like spoons.

Do you like to look at yourself in the mirror?

Don't leave the riddle.

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I don't think he is fit for the job.

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You never liked her.

Saiid keeps Jacques's brain in a jar.

I think Roberto would like that.


I don't know how long it will be good, seeing that I have never used it.

They arrived in Paris at the same time.

Why don't you want me to dry it?

I can't help laughing at her.

Kit wants to know what happened.

Wolfgang stayed there a couple of days.

We went to Korea by plane.


I just told Randal to leave Sylvan alone.

The whole nation is waging a war against poverty.

Other people at the meeting didn't agree.


Generally I don't like listening to country music.

Iron is a very useful metal.

Society will be better if we work together.

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Don't worry. It's not the end of the world.

Do you have to work today?

I should get back to writing my report.


When I was young, we could swim in the river.

Alex just wants to be with Michael.

Nothing happened after all.

Ken deserves to be punished.

I almost passed out.

Please show me the menu.

He came crawling to me to ask for a loan.

I had no problem with that.

Dani made me chuckle.

Does that store keep dry goods?

I prepared breakfast for him.

Frances arrived home safely.

Ahmet is out shopping for a birthday gift for Gary.

He looks pleased with his new car which he bought yesterday.

Aaron is extraordinarily good-looking.


Pay attention to what he says.

Before I forget, I will tell you.

He expressed himself very well in English.

Sandy is a strong kid.

The facts are buried in a few old books.


Do you agree that 2 in a set with 2 is a set with one member?

I want you to step back inside that room.

The train was delayed for two hours because of the heavy snow.

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He froze to death.

I folded one.

Where are all our suitcases?

Rolfe set up a company recently.

What an idiot!

It's a free country.

That's the difference.

He availed himself of the 'off-and-on' holidays to visit his native country.

I want to buy a gift for them.

His parents helped whoever asked for their help.

I'll do my best on the test.

I can't live this way anymore.

Can you pick it up?

Eugene had mixed feelings.

I used to run at high school.

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He devoted his life to his study.

The Black Legend also exists in the Philippines.

He got all he wanted.

It was his habit to rise early.

These messages have to be read between the lines.

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The permafrost is thawing.

Please call me at any time.

I tried to in vain to deal with the problem.

When are you coming back? That all depends on the weather.

I'll have her take care of it.

Did that really cost you three hundred dollars?

Herve's the dead spitting image of his father.

It's right there on your desk.

We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one's own ego and one's own desires.

I have met him many times.

Treated roughly, the cup has some cracks.


You're in the countryside.


Tomorrow, if we can go out, we'll see how they are.

There's still a chance.

Where did you buy your pants?

I couldn't make it stop.

The cat escaped from being hit by the car.

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I prefer to spend time with friends.


I am taller than he.


How can you be reached?


Elric drew two squares on the blackboard.

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Formerly this building was a hospital.

Robin was sitting silent for half an hour.

The child annoyed him with questions.

Have you been away?

Susan shined her father's shoes.

What are you people thinking?

It was cloudy yesterday.

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Moe really does swim well, doesn't he?

Most of the exiles were killed or captured.

My mother's father is my maternal grandfather.

Andrea is really successful, isn't he?

He expelled the students from the room.

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I don't know how to continue this sentence.


It is very good of you to say so.

She lost her tuque but later found it.

Food prices will come down soon, won't they?

There was a tense silence, when the curtain fell.

This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.

There was nothing for it but to obey him.

I am free all afternoon on February 27.

Who ruled this country?

Hello, this is Dr Yamada's surgery.

Thank you for letting me know that the Model 600-J printer will not be available until May 4, 1997.

He dared not jump over the brook.

I'll make you pay for this.

Ravi was skiing with his father when the accident happened.


You're my teacher and my wife!

He's always running short of cash.

He holds a record in swimming.

You won't trick her; she knows a thing or two.

She just started dating someone.

Where did you spend your vacation?

They came from the middle of the country.

Wait a minute, please.

She beat off a big snake with a plastic toy bat.


There is no going out in this weather.


Sekar climbed onto the roof.

Mike likes the cat.

That strategy obviously didn't work.

No wonder he refused your offer.

I can't agree with you here.

I know a man who can speak French well.

It all comes down to a question of loyalty.

My daughter's pet is a rat.

You'll meet someone else.


Judge can't swim and neither can Barrett.

Werner put all his money in a box and hid it under his bed.

Have you ever repaired a TV?

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Can you stop calling me that?


I told them to come early.

If you have a complaint let me hear it. There's a difference between superficial obedience and honest loyalty you know.

I feel quite bad.

The journalist doesn't make it clear.

She poured coffee into the cups on the table.

If I want your help, I'll ask you for it.

We can't be certain they're Canadians.

I know Olson isn't planning on going to Boston with you.

Brender is no hero.

She wants to learn Toki Pona.

Her recently-released short story collection thrills enthusiasts of postmodern works in Esperanto.


In some places, people died of hunger.