Fracking chemicals showing up in cows milk.

The EPA once protected Americans . But one has only to go to their own fridge to see where these chemicals are ending up including fresh water sources like the Great Lakes and farmers grain fields. Too bad says big oil and American Government officials who profit.

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UPS cuts employee benefits to increase CEO salaries. UPS workers struggle just to get by while their CEO bosses make millions while blaming Obamacare.


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For decades America was regarded as great! Then came the bush years and war, poverty and intimidation became the norm. The same patiots who caused this mess are now preventing Obama from regaining Americas image as anything but a country of war and hatred. Obamas plans for peace and prosperity are met at every turn by republican threats not only to people around the world who disagree with their message of hate but to Americans who also oppose them



Patriots are complaining about the leaks by Manning and Snowden, how they are making us so much less safe. Does anyone remember hearing anything from these people when the Bush Administration revealed the identity of CIA agent Valeriy Plame (Wilson) when her Senator husband objected to the Iraq war? Irony or patriotism?

Jeff Sessions Is Forced Out as Attorney General as tRump Installs Loyalist



Hey Buttface, You Have... Never Mind - I Don't Care, Do You?

Acting Attorney General Sat on Board of Company Accused of Bilking Customers

(709) 529-5499’

The New Attorney General Promoted Hot Tubs for a Scam Company That Got Shut Down by the FTC



Yoga Shooting



Jim Acosta: White House shares apparently doctored video posted by conspiracy site InfoWars to justify suspending CNN reporter’s press pass

A 1977 court ruling said that administrations cannot bar correspondents from the briefing room without “due process.”

Sarah Sanders Won’t Name Which Journalists tRump Considers Enemies Of The People

Thousand Oaks: Marine Veteran Shoots 12 in Bar


Pat Robertson on Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi Money More Important Than Journalist’s Life

Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk “$100 billion worth of arms sales”

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: At Least 11 Dead and Gunman Identified

A Direct Result of tRumps Attacks on Journalists

Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was 'murdered' by Saudi Arabia

GOP leaders hesitant to challenge tRump on Saudi Arabia



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Washington Post publishes 'last piece' by missing Saudi journalist Khashoggi

Judge Says Traitor tRump can Name call Because of Politics

tRump calls Stormy Daniels 'Horseface' after a federal judge dismissed her lawsuit against him

Read the judge's dismissal of Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Donald tRump

Laughter as tRump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalist – video report

tRump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

tRump anti-discrimination official once called most hate crimes hoaxes



Freeloader tRump Avoided Taxes for Decades

Donald tRump Sister, A Federal Judge, Implicated In Alleged tRump Tax Scheme


Stormy Daniels' tell-all book on tRump: salacious detail and claims of cheating


WATCH Nikki Haley to Fox News: World Leaders Laughed at tRump at the UN Out of 'Respect'



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tRump Picks Supreme Court Nominee with Similar Qualities




Does Kavanaugh Like Beer up His Butt While Raping Women with Friends or Do These Common Words Mean Something Else?

Kavanaugh’s Treatment of Renate Schroeder in High School Was Worse Than We Thought

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Donald tRump Jr. Fears More for His Sons Than His Daughters in the #MeToo Era

The White House Has Placed All Sorts of Limits on the FBI in New Kavanaugh Probe


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tRump Has Laundered Russian Mafia Money 1300 Times Through His Properties

How money laundering works in real estate



Private: tRump's World of Luxury Real Estate Is Fueled By Money-Laundering


tRump Says Media Is 'the Opposition Party' After 350 Newspapers Push Back on 'Fake News' Attacks

the Russian view of American news

tRump revokes former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance and those who Threaten Putin?

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Bribery Payoff: Coal Industry Purchase EPA Post from tRump

tRump’s Coal Bailout, Repeal of Clean Power Plan Would Bring Early Death to Many Americans

EPA and DoD are downplaying dangers of poisoned water

President tRump Orders Help For Coal And Nuclear Plants

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Politico: EPA intentionally delayed release of cancer study, officials say

tRump’s EPA rule would censor science, putting public health at risk

LOCAL U.S. EPA accused of procedural 'sleight-of-hand' over western Lake Erie algae cleanup strategy

tRump Says He 'Saved Coal,' but Miner Deaths Nearly Doubled in His First Year

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‘Treasonous’ tRump and ‘Putin’s poodle’

'Disgraceful,' 'Pushover,' 'Deeply Troubled'

tRump backs Putin on election meddling at summit, stirs fierce criticism


Local GOP leader in Ohio resigns over tRump-Putin summit

tRump slams Russia probe and blames U.S. for bad relations with Putin as the two leaders meet

tRump and Putin unite in denying any Russian collusion during US elections at key Helsinki summit

the NRA, tRump and Russia

The backlash from tRump’s Britain visit will be felt for years to come

assistant agent




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Kellyanne Conway appears to accidentally calls tRrump 'commander of cheese'

What We Know: Family Separation And 'Zero Tolerance' At The Border


tRump administration holding immigrant babies in prison camps




These Private Prison Companies Are Already Profiting Off of tRump’s Order on Family Separation

'Mind-Blowing': Military Contractors Making Tens of Millions Helping tRump Tear Families Apart

tRump plans massive increase in federal immigration jails

Following the money on ICE and tRump's internment camps



tRump Trades US National Security for Ivanka Trademarks in China

inch plant

Making China Great Again - Asian View

Japan: Chinese ship appears to help North Korea cheat on sanctions




Ivanka tRump wins 13 new trademarks from China in 3 months


Ivanka tRump received valuable trademarks from China just before Donald tRump’s ZTE reversal

Did the federal government really lose track of almost 1,500 immigrant children?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces immigration laws that will separate children from parents

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US Bashes UN For Critiquing tRump Family Separation Policy



Startling increase in physical and sexual abuse of child immigrants by US Border Patrol

ACLU reports widespread abuse of migrant children by immigration officials


Does the U.S. keep immigrant children in cages?


The most horrendous moves ICE has made since tRump took office


tRump’s Xenophobic Vision of America Is Inciting Racist Violence

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(650) 460-4006

The racial demons that help explain evangelical support for tRump

Under tRump, America's religious right is rewriting its code of ethics

Poll: Republicans who think tRump is untruthful still approve of him


Pence Accepts tRumps Lies

Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says



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13-year-old Indiana school shooting victim survived being shot 7 times: Family

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At least 17 dead in 'horrific' Florida school shooting, suspect had 'countless magazines'

Florida school shooting: These are the 17 victims

Florida school shooting: Students to march on Washington

Students Who Lived Through Florida Shooting Turn Rage Into Activism

Marco Rubio and an N.R.A. Official Were Jeered and Lectured on Gun Control

NRA chief slams anti-gun "elites" after Florida school massacre

Porn star Stormy Daniels detailed alleged affair with tRump in 2011 interview


tRump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence

Pence dismisses 'baseless' allegation that tRump had affair with porn star

tRump Campaign Could Have Made Illegal Payments to Stormy Daniels, Watchdog Group Says

Putin defends tRump, rails against US foreign relations

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(262) 777-8306

Putin Defends tRump's Climate Move

Putin Defends tRump Pulling out of Paris Agreement

tRump defends Putin: 'You think our country is so innocent?'

(604) 201-4509

Putin defends climate deniers and looks forward to the Arctic melting

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(662) 219-9544

Putin Defends tRump, Says Deep State Conspiracy Sabotaging Him


Putin Defends tRump and Ridicules His Enemies

Putin in Iran Rallies Opposition to tRump Threat on Nuclear Deal

Tied To Russian Bank Linked To Putin - Defends tRump And Owns Cybersecurity Firm

Putin Defends Massive Cut in US Diplomatic Staff in Russia



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(602) 789-8614

(774) 442-8554

tRump attacks Senator Gillibrand in tweet critics say is sexually suggestive and demeaning



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tRump attack on WTO sparks backlash from members

President tRump attacked NFL players (again) and withdrew his invitation to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors




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(514) 757-3953

The President vs. Federal Law Enforcement: tRump Attacks Everyone

'Cowardly': Donald tRump Faces Backlash for Attacking Legendary Civil Rights Leader John Lewis

Donald tRump Attacks 'SNL' Again: 'Really Bad Television!'

Black Voters Defeat GOP Confederate Pedophile

Federal Judge Slams tRump Administration’s ‘Circular Reasoning’ For Imprisoning U.S. Citizen Without Access To Lawyer

Read the GOP Act Here

Understanding the Republicans' Corporate Tax Reform

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Tax Reform Proposals Threaten Homeowners

Donald tRump Makes Fun Of Asian Leaders Who Hosted Him

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Video:Nobody Can Call tRump A Kook Around Lindsey Graham, Who Called tRump A Kook



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(775) 395-7839





(956) 369-1177


Fox News host Neil Cavuto blasts Donald tRump: 'You're the President. Why don't you act like it?'



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tRump Rape Accusers Turn On Each Other

All of Donald tRump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault



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Pro-Roy Moore pastor: “More women are sexual predators than men”

Textbook co-authored by Roy Moore in 2011 says women shouldn’t run for office

Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice, Suspended Over Gay Marriage Order

Roy Moore’s preposterous threat against an Alabama news publisher backfires spectacularly


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(315) 635-1023


More Women Are Accusing Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Scandal

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(201) 953-4009

(830) 219-2584

Roy Moore challenged Alabama law that protects rape victims, documents reveal


State Dept revolt: Tillerson accused of violating U.S. law on child soldiers

Torch-carrying white nationalists descend on UVA

tRump Supporter Plows into Crowd - Spreading tRumps Message of Hate

Video: car crash into protesters

tRump Says: white nationalists” who have been treated “absolutely unfairly.”

North Carolina woman confronts man flying Nazi flag at his home

Heather Heyer's Mom Has Powerful Message For Driver Who Killed Her Daughter

Did tRump Just Blame Victims for Domestic Terror?




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Charlottesville: Donald tRump quietly slashed funds to groups fighting white supremacy months ago

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Says White Supremacists Will ‘Fulfill’ tRump’s Promises

tRump Repeats Anti Muslin Lie

Letter: Family denounces Tefft's racist rhetoric and actions

My name is Pearce Tefft, and I am writing to all, with regards to my youngest son, Peter Tefft, an avowed white nationalist who has been featured in a number of local news stories over the last several months.

On Friday night, my son traveled to Charlottesville, Va., and was interviewed by a national news outlet while marching with reported white nationalists, who allegedly went on to kill a person.

I, along with all of his siblings and his entire family, wish to loudly repudiate my son’s vile, hateful and racist rhetoric and actions. We do not know specifically where he learned these beliefs. He did not learn them at home.

I have shared my home and hearth with friends and acquaintances of every race, gender and creed. I have taught all of my children that all men and women are created equal. That we must love each other all the same.

Evidently Peter has chosen to unlearn these lessons, much to my and his family’s heartbreak and distress. We have been silent up until now, but now we see that this was a mistake. It was the silence of good people that allowed the Nazis to flourish the first time around, and it is the silence of good people that is allowing them to flourish now.

Peter Tefft, my son, is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer. I pray my prodigal son will renounce his hateful beliefs and return home. Then and only then will I lay out the feast.

His hateful opinions are bringing hateful rhetoric to his siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews as well as his parents. Why must we be guilty by association? Again, none of his beliefs were learned at home. We do not, never have, and never will, accept his twisted worldview.

He once joked, “The thing about us fascists is, it’s not that we don’t believe in freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want. We’ll just throw you in an oven.”

Peter, you will have to shovel our bodies into the oven, too. Please son, renounce the hate, accept and love all.

(770) 839-6618


Ku Klux Klan rally draws loud counterprotest in Charlottesville

(931) 229-8596

(252) 948-3072

tRump's peculiar obsession with authoritarian leaders




Child-Like president Threatens to Publish Tabloid News against TV Personality

Victims of tRump Twitter Attack say he Is Not Mentally Equiped to Watch their Show

Russian 'spy compounds' shut down by Obama over election meddling are set to be handed back to Moscow diplomats by tRump administration

tRump suggested a cybersecurity pact with Russia. Lawmakers say they were ‘dumbfounded.’



Gunman opens fire on GOP baseball practice outside DC; House majority whip shot


D.C. cops used ‘rape as punishment’ after Inauguration Day mass arrests, lawsuit says


Big Oil and Big Gov Profit, But Who Pays?

Fuel tanker fire, explosion shuts down Denver highway



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Oil, gas leaking from abandoned Hilcorp wellhead: Coast Guard

105,000 gallons of oil may have spilled in Santa Barbara County


Oil pipeline spills about 21K gallons off California coast

Iraqi Christians targeted for deportation face 'death sentence' in Iraq, lawyers say

GOP Proposal: Cut Healthcare to Make Rich Richer

Mom busted for breastfeeding while drunk during bar party

Teen Savagely Beaten by Her Boyfriend — for Downloading an App

Dashcam Footage Shows Minnesota Cop’s ‘Brutal Attack’ On Asian Driver

Former nurse suspected of killing up to 60 children



(785) 575-9233


(609) 482-9957

Heartbreaking Video Shows Girl Comforting Mom After Philando Castile Was Shot - for a broken tail light

Police Say Road Rage Led To Killing Of Muslim Girl In Virginia


Most Terrorists in the U.S. Are Right Wing, Not Muslim: Report

Most Of America’s Terrorists Are White, And Not Muslim


Video: Motorcyclist kicks car and triggers chain-reaction crash in apparent road-rage video



Taxes, NOT Tax Cuts Make America Work

(270) 484-6231


Jared Kushner Once Allegedly Admitted That Donald tRump Lies to His Base Because He Thinks They’re Stupid


(609) 457-9131

Does tRump Really Want to Attack a Country that Can Defend itself?

Another Sign oil Companies Winning


tRump Wants to Cut $$$ for Poor While Using $1,300,000,000,000 for Himself and Family

tRump’s budget axes campus-based childcare for low-income students


5 Things Every Woman Should Know About tRump’s Budget

Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by as much as 850%

Death by a Thousand Cuts: tRump's proposed budget would have a devastating impact on our public lands and outdoor way of life

tRump budget calls for $47B in retirement benefits, operational cuts at USPS

tRumps Budget is a Blueprint gor a Banana -Style Republic Military Dictatorship

tRump's Proposed Budget Would Cut $2.2 Billion From Global Health Spending

tRump Team Stands by Budget’s $2 Trillion Math Error

tRump Calls for a Massive Cut in Medicaid

(936) 755-3039

(253) 697-2325


(213) 928-4617

(516) 515-7617

(848) 252-8579

tRump’s Budget Takes a Big Bite Out of Federal Retirement Benefits

tRump’s 2018 Budget: What’s on the Chopping Block for Clean Energy

What tRump’s Proposed 2018 Budget Would Mean for Higher Ed

Oops! Ivanka And Jared Failed To Disclose Their Million-Dollar Art Collection


Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence

Americans Will be Buying Gas and Sending $$$ to Russia

(520) 241-9729

(229) 423-0809

Here’s A Closer Look At Donald tRump’s Disturbingly Deep Ties To Russia

Another day Another GOP Selling out America

tRump Nominates Gingrich Misstress while Wife Dying as Vatican Embassador

tRump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Donald tRump's leak of classified information involved bombs and new batteries

White House Fears Traditional Daily Press Briefings - No Video


How Donald tRump made it harder to fight terrorism




House majority leader in 2016: 'I think Putin pays tRump'

Fake president Offers Fake Response to REAL News


As an Agent of Turkey - Flynn blocked US military plan that Turkey opposed



The White House Found Out About Sessions’s Contact With Russia Through The Media

State-owned Russian website Sputnik seeks White House press credentials


White House Staff ‘Hiding’ as Russia Chaos Engulfs West Wing


Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry

Democratic congressman: 'Impeachable' if tRump fired Comey to stop Russia investigation


FBI Agents Worry White House Will Kneecap Russia Probe

Ex-CIA official: POTUS needs a 'pacifier & a rattle'

From the FBI to the Senate: The status of everyone still investigating tRump’s Russia ties

Valerie Plame - FBI Agent Outed By Bush and Cheney When Husband Senator Opposed Iraq 'War'- Speaks


tRump threatens Comey in Twitter outburst

tRump Will Turn on Everyone - Eventually


Donald tRump: We’re so busy that it’s just 'not possible' for my team to be accurate

(620) 779-0505

(502) 260-9398

FBI agent groups dispute tRump’s rationale for Comey firing

Acting FBI Chief Contradicts tRump On Support For Comey



GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter

tRump Attempting to Restrict Media for his State News Propoganda Machine

tRump Suggested Imprisoning Journalists Over Leaks, Comey Memo Alleges

(613) 202-8281

shaving powder

Russian State Media Get Access To White House Meeting While U.S. Press Kept Out

tRump Bars U.S. Press, but Not Russia’s, at Meeting With Russian Officials

tRumps Fake Anger over Russian Photos

If You Want to Know Whats Going on in the White House - Ask a Russian

tRump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians - sources


Watch The Speech That Should End The Confederate Monuments Debate For Good



(213) 793-9252

(250) 456-0528


'The senator from Kentucky is now working for Putin': John McCain slams Rand Paul for blocking Montenegro from joining NATO


Hey, Look, Another Russian Connection in tRump's Cabinet

CPAC attendees seen waving Russian flags


‘This is not tRump’s America!’: Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

Domestic terrorists killed his son. He wants tRump to remember that America makes extremists, too.


tRump Resistance Grows



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tRump before classified briefing: I don’t trust US intel

Donald tRump Works For Putin? US Spies Don't Trust President With Sensitive Intelligence

Protecting tRump family Sucks Valuable Resources from the American People: Including $500,000 PER DAY to Protect Melania


(940) 888-8505

tRump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

U.S. inquiries into Russian election hacking include three FBI probes

This week in Donald tRump’s conflicts of interest: What a simple trademark can do to a president’s foreign policy

tRump Issues Muslim Travel Ban

Opposing tRumps Muslim Travel Ban


Republican congressman says white terrorists are different



Private prison stocks up 100% since tRump's win



(647) 709-7770

Protests against tRump’s travel ban hit the streets of NYC

(201) 240-9570


The tRump administration’s entry ban triggered wide condemnation from colleges, associations, faculty groups

U.S. tech titans lead legal brief against tRump travel ban

These 127 companies are fighting Donald tRump's travel ban

California Joins 15 States in Court Filing Opposing tRump’s Travel and Refugee Ban

tRump Travel Ban Makes America Less Safe: Ex-Top Security, State Officials

European leaders oppose tRump travel ban, far right applauds

Politicians worldwide come out against tRump’s travel ban

(443) 933-2290

Is Putin Blackmailing tRump, THREATENING US Security?





(717) 699-0794

tRump Begins Detaining Immigrants at Airports

Russian lawmakers decriminalize some domestic violence

(816) 763-0050


tRump admin orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout

(815) 732-2348

South Dakota lawmakers could scrap voter-backed ethics rules

tRump Lies to Make Point about Building the Wall


President tRump Tells ABC News’ David Muir He 'Absolutely' Thinks Waterboarding Works

tRump Arresting Reporting for Reporting the Truth

President tRump Just Reinstated the "Global Gag Rule," Which Will Deny Women All Over the World Access to Abortion

(732) 523-4269

Here's A Complete List Of Democrats Boycotting tRump's Inauguration

FBI, other agencies probing possible Russian aid for tRump: report


Fake news writer claims responsibility for tRump win


Hillary Clinton Leads by 2.8 Million in Final Popular Vote Count

(613) 991-8455

How Russian oil giant Rosneft could claim U.S. oil

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in tRump buildings, records show



Amnesty: Up to 13,000 hanged in Syria's 'slaughterhouse'


Putin Easily Controls US Elections - By Simply Dangling an Email in Front of Hateful, Fear Mongering, Scandal Fabricating GOP



(703) 587-4342


tRumps Pick also Secretly director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company


Like 911, GOP Knew About and Ignored Russian Election Threat

(575) 526-2778



Inside tRump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin

Donald tRump Calls on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails


Ex-Colo. GOP leader said only Democrats committed voter fraud. Now he's charged with voter fraud.


(530) 924-1162


Dutch commit $10 million to replace lost U.S. abortion funding

tracking tRumps LIES

WATCH: 19 lies the tRump administration told this weekJust under last week’s 20.

tRump’s claim that Obama first ‘identified’ the 7 countries in his travel ban


Without evidence, tRump tells lawmakers 3 million to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote

(519) 346-3813

Donald tRump is, once again, taking credit for jobs he had no part in creating


Carrier Union Leader: tRump ‘Lied His Ass Off’ About Saving 1,100 Jobs

tRump falsely claims U.S. murder rate is at ‘45 to 47’-year high


Ethics lawyers to sue tRump over foreign payments

(866) 398-6001


Conspirator in chief: 14 fake news stories created or publicized by Donald tRump

GOP Wars Create Anothere Terrorist

Americans Following Their Leaders


White High School Football Player Who Kicked a Coat Hanger Into the Rectum of His Black, Disabled Teammate Avoids Prison

IHOP server says she received ‘hateful’ receipt message from teen customers

Police: Fake news story led gunman to popular DC pizzeria

(401) 434-1471

Texas mosque destroyed in early-morning blaze; cause unknown

Following tRumps Lead: CEO Reverses Self, Chooses Profits over Public Safety

(325) 309-9232

Muslim MTA employee, NYPD officer targeted in alleged hate crimes

US mosques receive pro-tRump hate letter calling Muslims 'filthy'

Letter to mosque: tRump Will Cleanse America of Muslims like Hitler did the Jews


Hate incidents spreading in wake of tRump win

(303) 766-4920

Immigration hardliner says tRump team preparing plans for wall, mulling Muslim registry

20 Horrific Acts Of Violence In Donald tRump's First Days As President-Elect



Public High School Teacher’s Assignment: Post ‘WHITES ONLY,’ ‘BLACKS ONLY’ Signs All Over Campus

'Whites Only’ and ‘Colored’ Signs Taped over School Water Fountains

death warrant

house party


Black veteran says he was refused free Veteran's Day meal at Chili's after man in tRump shirt questioned his service

Mom who snapped photo with Clinton on post-defeat walk getting death threats

Doing What Terrorists could Not:tRump Successfully Divides America

Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Now Over 2 Million

Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

Anti-tRump presidential elector suing to unbind from state's election result

(708) 245-8765

When Presidents Attack Citizens


tRump Mobsters Creating Nazi like Lists Targeting Climate Changers

Experts ask Clinton to seek recount in 3 battleground states

Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Teen Earns Thousands Publishing Lies

Expert: US Has 'Sloppiest' Election System; 'Massive Fraud' in NC:even Mexico's election systems are more advanced


The angry white man next door: Hearing out a tRump voter

Steve Bannon’s Dream: A Worldwide Ultra-Right


(631) 428-4241

New York City spending more than $1 million per day on Donald tRump


because tRump Says So

tRump would Limit Freedom of Speech



tRump's party of angry, white, abusive males

(469) 957-6440

Hate for Republican High School Newspaper endorsing Hillary

tRump Women would Give Up Their Right to Vote

Bush Voting for Hillary

New York lawmaker becomes first Republican in Congress to say he'll vote for Hillary Clinton


Scope of tRump's falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

tRump the Sexual Predator

Child Rape Allegations

tRump Would Date daughter

Unwanted Groping

Bad Sex with tRump

Donald tRump's lawyer Michael Cohen apologizes for threatening reporter over rape claims

All of Donald tRump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault

tRump Brags about Groping Women

tRumps Forgive Themselves for Taking Others Property

tRump’s long record of broken promises - sued 3500 times for Unpaid Bills


melania Steals Michelle's Speech


ragtime music

tRump Steals Rolling Stones Music

(928) 600-7943

tRump Ties to mob bosses and Construction Companies

tRump Steals Jeb Bush Website

Stealing from Vets


Texas Officals Bribed to Drop Charges


Phoney Promises to Models


GOP Routinely Kill Muslims Then Wonder 'Why the Aggression?'

(269) 309-2318, like US Iraq Report and War Crimes Conviction by the Hague Shows US Republicans Responsible for Muslim Agression - Worldwide Terrorism Follows


No, really, George W. Bush lied about WMDs

Dear Muslims: it's not You - Republicans Hate Equally


Black Americans Streaming Arrests Live to Prevent Police Tampering of Evidence

Girlfriend Video Tapes Boyfriends Murder: Offense - Broken Tail Light - typical

Convincing Americans they Need Opiods, addicting Citizens

then Inprisoning Them for Drug Addiction Making Billion$$$

GOP War Against Americans

Always Forgiving Themselves


Israel Using GOP Terror Tactics on Palestinians

Police not Accountable for their Actions?

(579) 919-4655

Rich Kid gets no Jail for Killing 4

the Church - say no More

97 of Every 100 Rapists Receive No Punishment

(202) 734-4886

One State is Not For Sale

NRA Buys Congress and Senate to Protect Terrorists

US Senate rejects terror list gun sale restrictions


(712) 938-8196

GOP scrambles for response to Obama's gun control actions

California Follows Suit - Not For Sale!

Here is how much money the senators who voted against gun reform received from the NRA

Colbert vs NRA Owned Senate

(431) 253-0988

Is tRump Inciting Hatred and Race Wars for $$$: 'I'm a businessman'



British Official killed by person with US White Supremacist ties


the Many FAILURES of donald tRump - un-American Con Artist and Fraud

This is How Corrupt U.S. Gov Conspires with Greedy Corporations to Attack its Citizens

Prison - Crime Does Pay - if You're on the Right Side of the Law

(347) 858-2690

US Inprisons its Citizens more Than 'Terror Nations'

(218) 254-2547

US Gov Rewards High paying Lobbyists by Offering Millions of Innocent Americans to Prison as Slave Labor


Life Sentence for selling Legal Pot - but Its ok for the Drug Industry to Bribe Congressmen


Corrupt Sherrifs - like the US Prison System - Actually Creating Criminals to Keep themselves in Business

For Americas Prison System - Its Only Wrong if We Get Caught

Addiction to Drugs


US Govt in bed with Pharma turning Never Ending Drug Commercials into Heroin Epidemic

this is How Much Pharmaceuticals Bribes Congress in 2015

(901) 413-2023

9107218003 Isn't our Government supposed to Protect the Consumer, not the Corporation?

Allowing Banks to Bankrupt Americans


Banks Allowed to Keep Stolen Money that Forced Million out of Homes as CEO Salaries and Bonusses Increase - to Help pay for Bribes to Congress?


(801) 404-0328

(940) 655-0141


Christians calling Democrats 'Socialist' Steal $71,000,000,000,000 from Americans EACH YEAR to spread Hate

GOP Diverting funds From Vet Care, Roads & Bridges to Influence Presidential Election

Corrupt Congressmen Pretending GOP Killing 1.2 Million Innocent Muslims for 5 and a half years had nothing to Do with Bengazi. It Was Hillary's Email

Congress Wastes Countless Hours Tens of Millions of Taxpayer $$ on Fake Hillary Scandal but only 15 Minutes on CEO Raising Life Saving Drug Prices 5,000%

CEO Martin Shkreli Laughs at Congress for Holding Fake Hearing on Corrupt Corporatations, maybe Hillary Should Hire a Lobbyist to Bribe Congress into Looking the Other Way

These are the Moral Christians who Persecuted Bill

American Joe Vs a Corrupt Government, Corporate America, Guns and Foreign Influence

Congress now Speaks for Corporations - Leaving US Citizens With No Representation


Is There Anything American About Patriots?

Tennessee Congressional Candidate Has A Dream To ‘Make America White Again’

English/Australian/English owned FOX 'news'

tRump's Wife is Hot, but if He Loves America So Much and Hates Foreigners, Why did He Marry a Foreigner?

Everybody Loves Canadians, but If Your Party Says You Should Be an American to be President - then it Should hold True for both Parties


Wayne LaPierre - We All Know Republicans LOVE the French oui-oiu

Evolution and Change: America Retires Symbol of Hate




Confederate Flag Comes Down!

General Lee Becomes an American


Bigots and Cowards met by True Americans at Anti-Islam Hate Rally


War Mongers Threaten World Peace

the Moral Majority and their Definition of the Truth

GOP Donors Supporting Child Sex for Politician



Welfare Rancher Begs for More

Kansas Welfare State Treating its Welfare Recipients Badly

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Cotton Thirst for War Grows

Rand Paul: His Colors Do Run

Middle East Tribes Know More About US Laws Than GOP

GOP Not Satisfied With 1 US Soldier Suicide per Hour: Thir$t for War Grows

Iran More Educated Than Flat Earth Society GOP

Republican Wars for $$$ Benefit Wallstreet, Oil, Defense

Bribes to Courts Benefit Fracking, threaten Water Sources for Millions

Supreme Court Decision Could End Democracy

Who Benefits From War - 2013

Who Benefits From War - 1991


War-years military suicide rate higher than believed

Tabloid Journalism vs Real Reporting

News Outlet Gives Tabloid Proof Against O'Reilly

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Would Christians Get Upset About a Cartoon?

Drumbeat To Proscute War Criminal Grows Stronger


Obama To Normalize Relations With Cuba

Party of Hate and Torture Oppose Freedom - in the name of God

ElizabethWarren Represents How Democrats Are


Democrats dont like Wall Street bailouts. Republicans dont like Wall Street bailouts. The American people are disgusted by Wall Street bailouts And yet here we are, five years after Dodd-Frank with Congress on the verge of ramming through a provision that would do nothing for the middle class, do nothing for community banks, do nothing but raise the risk that taxpayers will have to bail out the biggest banks once again...

So let me say this to anyone who is listening at Citi[group]. I agree with you Dodd-Frank isnt perfect. It should have broken you into pieces! If this Congress is going to open up Dodd-Frank in the months ahead, then lets open it up to get tougher, not to create more bailout opportunities. If were going to open up Dodd-Frank, lets open it up so that once and for all we end too big to fail and I mean really end it, not just say that we did. Instead of passing laws that create new bailout opportunities for too big to fail banks, lets pass...something...

that would help break up these giant banks. A century ago Teddy Roosevelt was Americas Trust-Buster. He went after the giant trusts and monopolies in this country, and a lot of people talk about how those trust deserved to be broken up because they had too much economic power. But Teddy Roosevelt said we should break them up because they had too much political power. Teddy Roosevelt said break them up because all that concentrated power threatens the very foundations up our democratic system.

And now were watching as Congress passes yet another provision that was written by lobbyists for the biggest recipient of bailout money in the history of this country. And its attached to a bill that needs to pass or else we entire federal government will grind to a halt. Think about that kind of power. If a financial institution has become so big and so powerful that it can hold the entire country hostage. That alone is reason enough to break them up.

Enough is enough. Enough is enough with Wall Street insiders getting key position after key position and the kind of cronyism that we have seen in the executive branch. Enough is enough with Citigroup passing 11th hour deregulatory provisions that nobody takes ownership over but everybody will come to regret. Enough is enough Washington already works really well for the billionaires and the big corporations and the lawyers and the lobbyists.

But what about the families who lost their homes or their jobs or their retirement savings the last time Citigroup bet big on derivatives and lost? What about the families who are living paycheck to paycheck and saw their tax dollars go to bail out Citi just 6 years ago? We were sent here to fight for those families. It is time, it is past time, for Washington to start working for them!


the truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow Our enemies act without conscience,We must not.

This executive summary makes clear that acting without conscience isnt necessary, it isnt even helpful in winning this strange and long war were fighting. We should be grateful to have that truth affirmed. I know from personal experience that the abuse of prisoners will produce more bad than good intelligence.

I know that victims of torture will offer intentionally misleading information if they think their captors will believe it. I know they will say whatever they think their torturers want them to say if they believe it will stop their suffering I respect their dedication and appreciate their dilemma,But I dispute wholeheartedly that it was right for them to use these methods. the agencys actions have stained our national honor, did much harm and little good. waterboarding is an exquisite form of torture that was shameful and unnecessary.

This question isnt about our enemies; its about us. Its about who we were, who we are and who we aspire to be When we fight to defend our security, we fight also for an idea: An idea that all men are endowed by the creator with inalienable rights. the country does not need to risk its national honor to win a war.

We need only remember in the worst of times, through the chaos and terror of war, when facing cruelty, suffering and loss, that we are always Americans, and different, stronger and better than those who would destroy us.

Republicans Had To Explain To Colleagues Why Torture Is Wrong

The Senate Committees Report on the CIAs Use of Torture

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GOP Torture Report Defines Republican Culture

GOP: Crimes OK If We Do It


The Report of The Constitution Project?s Task Force on Detainee Treatment

Speech Defines Why America Respects John McCain

Would 911 Have Happened if a Democrat Were President?

Bin Laden Determined To Attack US Ignored By People Attacking Obama on ISIL

GOP Feins Concern for Americans About Torture Report

Grateful for US strikes, Syrian Kurds name baby Obama

Iraqi security forces, Kurds, gain ground against Islamic State

Lawmaker Thrown in Trash:Americans Should Do Same

Did Israel Just Theaten the US?

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War Monger Cant Understand Whats Wrong With Everyone Else


Leaks Prove Israel Using Republican Tactics in Thirst For War


Israel Working Hard To Avoid Peace

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Bush-Cheney Responsible for Spike in World Terrorism

US Republicans Greater Threat To World Peace Than ISIS, Taliban

War Coward on Obama

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France is ditching the ?Islamic State? name ? and replacing it with a label the group hates


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Obama Strategy Working As Iraq Defends Itself

Another Iraqi Town Defends Itself Against ISIS

Intelligence nightmare: Extremists returning home

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Russia Following Iraq Strategy Attacking Ukraine

Former Jihadist Says Wars Created New Wave of Threats

Obama Asks World for Help in Latest Iraq Situation


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Leftovers From Wars Make America a War Zone


War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing



Israel Terrorizes Palestinians Using Republican Strategies


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Tens Of Thousands Attend Anti-Netanyahu Rally In Tel Aviv


7 Arab Israelis charged with setting up IS cell


God is Great- When Its Convenient

Israel Using GOP Tactics





More Question Israeli Thirst for Civilian Blood

Experts Correct Actors Ignorance on Israeli - Palestinian Facts

Man Returns Israeli Medal of Honor After Family Killed in Gaza

Israel Attacks Another School as Gaza Defends Against Illegal Settlements

Attacking Those Who Oppose Genocide

Innocent Civilians Dead, Schools and Hospitals Targeted: In the Name of Self Defense


Terror Boss in US


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Israel Steals More Land From Homeowners

EU Ignoring US - Helping Palestinians


The Horrific Results of Israel?s Good Intentions

Is This Why Palestinians Feel the Need to Defend Themselves?

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Israel Attacks Schoolchildren

CNN Reporter after Israeli Agression

Israeli Soldiers Threatened For Refusing To Persecute Palestinians


Israel Bulldozes Palestinian Homes

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War Coward to War Criminal - Cheney Attacks Obama on Iraq

Clinton on Cheney: If they hadnt gone to war in Iraq none of this would be happening

Obama: The U.S. "Will Not Be Returning to Combat in Iraq"


Cheney Five Time Draft Dodger

Bush Admin Convicted of War Crimes

Most Americans oppose U.S. intervention in Iraq

Republican leader: Obama may act on own in Iraq

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If Guantanamo Bay Had Never Opened, ISIS Would Not Be Born

Terrorist Group, Like Many, a Direct Result of Republican Wars

Iraqi Airstrikes Against ISIS

VA, Like Bengazi, Result of GOP Wars

Should Oil, Defense that Profited Billions Pay for Vet Treatment?

Boehner MUST Investigate Why GOP Did Nothing To Prepare For Droves of Injured Vets

Iraq: Why Unjust Wars Dont End


GOP Policies Create First US Suicide Bomber

Republicans Upset Obama Freed American Prisoner

Another Bush in Office?



Americans Plan of Attack Against Corrupt US Government

Americans Urged to Sign the American Anti-Corruption Act

Read the American Anti-Corruption Act Here

This Website Tracks and Docs Govt Corruption

Do Our Votes Mean Anything?

Immune Politicians Laugh about their D.C.s Corrupt Bastards Club

GOP Obstruction To Reform May Backfire

GOP Promise More Oil Drilling Will Lower Prices a Failure, Making Corporations Richer


Corruption Forcing Florida To Erase Town From Map

GOP To Sacrifice Education, Aid to Poor for Defense Billions


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Should Corporations That Reaped Billion$$ From War Pay For Military Pensions?


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Time For a Maximum Wage

Are Prices High Because of Obama Regulations or CEO Salaries?

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CEO Highest Salaries Equal 3,489 Years For Typical Worker - Increasing Costs For the Products We Use

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Medical Costs Increased To Pay For CEOs $135 Million Salary

Blackberry CEO $138 Million First 11 Weeks on Job

CEO Works 15 Months For $58 Million


Cable Prices Are Sky High To Pay For CEO $80 Million Golden Parachute

First Solar CEO 15 Months Work

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CEO Gets $80 Million For 2 Months Work

Retired Justice Stevens: Second Amendment Meant Only for Militias

Get the Facts!

4 million fewer uninsured as Obamacare kicks in


Premiums Fall



The Party With No Alternative Plan


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Repubs Silent as Obamacare Success Grows

Does Your Church Oppose Obamacare or Gay Marriage? If So They May Lose Public Financial Support

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Rand Report - 9.3 Million New Insured Under Obamacare

GOP Hate Obamacare - Have No Plan of Their Own

Obamacare May Lower Car Insurance

Drs Reaping Millions From Medicare

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Obamacare Critics Enjoy Benefits

Raise For One Insurance Exec Could Pay Premiums For Entire City

24 Hour Erection Commercials, $75 Aspirin, High Health Costs: This is Why



Constituants Reject Congressmen Deserve Pay Raise Comment

Company Cites Increase in Customer Costs For Increased Profits


Financial Regulations To Be Removed via Supreme Court Decision - a Devastating Blow To Consumers

Insurance Companies Promise 116% Increase in Costs and Profit as Politicians and Big Business Team Up




Relaxed Regs Allow Insurance Premiums Increase To Pay $35 Million To Lobbyists

Do Republicans Have Moral Authority To Question Putin?

Outrage Over Bengazi - Silence Over Iraq

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GOP Seeking Ways To Restrict Voting?

UN Report - US Most Corrupt? Highest In World Innocent People In Prison, Guilty No Jail

22 Military Suicides Per Day - A Result of Republican Policies?


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Military Takes No Credit For Soldiers War Injuries - Gladly Accepts 5.6 Billion Defense $$ per Week and Wants More

Innocent Civilians Not Only Casulaties of GOP Hunger for War


$6,000,000,000,000 Goes Missing - And the GOP Wants More? Lets See What The People Investingating Obamacare and Bengazi Do About This

Latest Torture Report Shows Why GOP Bad For Business

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Voting Laws Changed in Attempt To Keep Poor From Voting - GOP or Russia?

Will We See More of This if Republicans Regain Control?

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US Military the Place to Go if You Want To Be A Rapist Protected By the Government


Ryan Wants Poor To Give More So Rich Can Prosper

Tea Party Fueled by Anger




1 : to divide (a territorial unit) into election districts to give one political party an electoral majority in a large number of districts while concentrating the voting strength of the opposition in as few districts as possible

2 : to divide (an area) into political units to give special advantages to one group

Have you ever wondered why many politicians engage in political corruption without concern about voter anger and rejection at the next election? Or why they engage in punitive legislation targeting their opponents and even their own constituents? Or why they cater to special interests while ignoring the needs of their voter constituency? Or why incumbent politicians abuse illegal narcotic drugs and alcohol while in office, and still get re-elected? Gerrymander is one of the significant reasons for such behavior.

(Gerrymander is commonly pronounced with a soft g.) Gerrymandering is the drawing of election district boundary lines for partisan advantage, to favor the majority party and incumbent politicians of all political parties. A more strongly worded definition of gerrymander is the following: Gerrymandering is an abuse of the redistricting process to draw election district boundaries that give a significant unfair and undeserved vote count advantage in future elections to the majority political party, which controls the redistricting process, and to incumbent politicians of all political parties. (



Does Political Bribery Shape American Political Boundaries?

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Florida Judge Takes First Step In Stopping Illegal Process

In the 2012 election, Democratic candidates for the House received 1.4 million more votes than their Republican opponents, yet the GOP maintained a 33-seat majority.

Politicians Victimize Voters

Wealthy Few Paid For Supreme Court Decision on Gerrymandering?

Corrupt Political System? Computer Databases, Not Voters, Elect Politicians




Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck - 20% Have Zero Savings





Cheney Use of Enemy Combatant Suggests Used Hitler Book To Define War?


Political Bribes Payoff Big As Supreme Court Again Sides With Rich

So Says This Angry Citizen

Average Joe Has No Chance Against Big Business in Politics





Birthers Question If Obama Born in US






How Have Republicans Fared on Their:

GOP War on Terror

GOP Explain Need For War: Says Were Mostly White Southern Men

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GOP War on Drugs

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Republicans Ignore Facts - Boo, Laugh at Real Statistics



Colorado Sheriffs Looking For Ways To Incarcerate More People

CO Sheriffs: No Time To Enforce Gun Laws That Kill Thousands - Plenty of Time To Attack Legal Pot

GOP Preferes Prison Profits Over Americans Civil Rights?




GOP War in Iraq

So Repubs Finally Admit Iraq a Failure?

Deregulation, Mismanagement, and Incompetence Have Squandered Billions in Taxpayer Dollars and Hurt our Mission in Iraq

Bush, Cheney Guilty of War Crimes


A Message To George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran

To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

From: Tomas Young

I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded. I was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in 2004 in Sadr City. My life is coming to an end. I am living under hospice care.

I write this letter on behalf of husbands and wives who have lost spouses, on behalf of children who have lost a parent, on behalf of the fathers and mothers who have lost sons and daughters and on behalf of those who care for the many thousands of my fellow veterans who have brain injuries. I write this letter on behalf of those veterans whose trauma and self-revulsion for what they have witnessed, endured and done in Iraq have led to suicide and on behalf of the active-duty soldiers and Marines who commit, on average, a suicide a day. I write this letter on behalf of the some 1 million Iraqi dead and on behalf of the countless Iraqi wounded. I write this letter on behalf of us all?the human detritus your war has left behind, those who will spend their lives in unending pain and grief.

I write this letter, my last letter, to you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. I write not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans?my fellow veterans?whose future you stole.

Your positions of authority, your millions of dollars of personal wealth, your public relations consultants, your privilege and your power cannot mask the hollowness of your character. You sent us to fight and die in Iraq after you, Mr. Cheney, dodged the draft in Vietnam, and you, Mr. Bush, went AWOL from your National Guard unit. Your cowardice and selfishness were established decades ago. You were not willing to risk yourselves for our nation but you sent hundreds of thousands of young men and women to be sacrificed in a senseless war with no more thought than it takes to put out the garbage.

I joined the Army two days after the 9/11 attacks. I joined the Army because our country had been attacked. I wanted to strike back at those who had killed some 3,000 of my fellow citizens. I did not join the Army to go to Iraq, a country that had no part in the September 2001 attacks and did not pose a threat to its neighbors, much less to the United States. I did not join the Army to ?liberate? Iraqis or to shut down mythical weapons-of-mass-destruction facilities or to implant what you cynically called ?democracy? in Baghdad and the Middle East. I did not join the Army to rebuild Iraq, which at the time you told us could be paid for by Iraq?s oil revenues. Instead, this war has cost the United States over $3 trillion. I especially did not join the Army to carry out pre-emptive war. Pre-emptive war is illegal under international law. And as a soldier in Iraq I was, I now know, abetting your idiocy and your crimes. The Iraq War is the largest strategic blunder in U.S. history. It obliterated the balance of power in the Middle East. It installed a corrupt and brutal pro-Iranian government in Baghdad, one cemented in power through the use of torture, death squads and terror. And it has left Iran as the dominant force in the region. On every level?moral, strategic, military and economic?Iraq was a failure. And it was you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, who started this war. It is you who should pay the consequences.

I would not be writing this letter if I had been wounded fighting in Afghanistan against those forces that carried out the attacks of 9/11. Had I been wounded there I would still be miserable because of my physical deterioration and imminent death, but I would at least have the comfort of knowing that my injuries were a consequence of my own decision to defend the country I love. I would not have to lie in my bed, my body filled with painkillers, my life ebbing away, and deal with the fact that hundreds of thousands of human beings, including children, including myself, were sacrificed by you for little more than the greed of oil companies, for your alliance with the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia, and your insane visions of empire.

I have, like many other disabled veterans, suffered from the inadequate and often inept care provided by the Veterans Administration. I have, like many other disabled veterans, come to realize that our mental and physical wounds are of no interest to you, perhaps of no interest to any politician. We were used. We were betrayed. And we have been abandoned. You, Mr. Bush, make much pretense of being a Christian. But isn?t lying a sin? Isn?t murder a sin? Aren?t theft and selfish ambition sins? I am not a Christian. But I believe in the Christian ideal. I believe that what you do to the least of your brothers you finally do to yourself, to your own soul.

My day of reckoning is upon me. Yours will come. I hope you will be put on trial. But mostly I hope, for your sakes, that you find the moral courage to face what you have done to me and to many, many others who deserved to live. I hope that before your time on earth ends, as mine is now ending, you will find the strength of character to stand before the American public and the world, and in particular the Iraqi people, and beg for forgiveness.

While George Bush Sits Home and Paints



GOP War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan a Success?

(269) 628-4607

Massacre in Afghanistan Defines GOP Policies?

Afghan War Started 6 Months Before 911



GOP War on the Obamacare

House Votes To Repeal Obamacare 52nd Time - Next Off To Beach To Count Sand?

States Against Obamacare Have Highest Uninsured

(778) 352-3043



GOP War on the Poor


Billionaires are hoarding piles of cash


(323) 604-3365

(631) 604-7370

GOP Dont Think Poor Need Aid



Paul Ryan: scrap programs designed to help low-income people because there are still low-income people in our Country. What?!?

(908) 292-8188



GOP War on Immigrants




GOP Filling Prisons With Immigrants for Billions in Profits

GOP Base Animated by Racism



GOP War on Science

Tea Party Repubs Most Likely To Think World is Flat

Bible School Student: Which Dinosaurs Did Cavemen Ride?

Wyoming Steps Back in Time Rejecting Science


(661) 859-7866


Church On How To Deal With Caveman and Dinosaurs Question

There is Actually a Museum That Show Cavemen and Dinosaurs Alive At The Same Time!




GOP War on Women?

Why Republicans cant shut up about contraception



Execute Women Who Have Abortions

GOP: Women On Medicaid Should Be Sterilized


(859) 426-5776


Supreme Court Attack On Women May Benefit Dems


Ambitious Women Begin To Earn More Than Men


Watch and Laugh as OReilly Tells Women They Cant Be President

Texas Laws Force Women To Give Self Abortions?


Repubs Want To Control Womens Contraception?

An Open Letter To Rand Paul

Mike Huckabee Says Women Should Control Their Labidos

FOX News Supports Huckabee Comments?

Abortion Laws Make Miscarriages Punishable Crime?

If Youre Going To Be a Rapist, Go To a Republican District for Safety

Woman Rape Gods Will?


Equal Pay, Maternity Make Women Look Like Whiners?

Rep. Todd Akin - womens bodies are almost always able to prevent pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape




  • Who is having all those abortions?

    Is it only Democrats or are patriots doing the same thing?

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  • How much is an American soldiers life worth?

    To many a life is priceless. But to others who profit from war, it doesnt seem to matter who suffers. Read A Dying Soldiers Letter To Bush.

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  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why do so many people support the political party that hurts them?

  • Why do vets support leaders who abandoned them?

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President Obama Heading in Right Direction Regarding Marijuana

Move Opposed By Pharmaceuticals and the Congressman They Own

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