I started doing this job four years ago.

Today it's quite hot.

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To see her smile, you would be charmed.

I knew Murthy was going to wait for Panos.

He spoke very loudly.

I came near to being run over by the truck.

You're supposed to be helping them.


We didn't click.

Would somebody look after her?

Is everybody happy?

Do you want her to help?

Joyce remained unmarried all his life.

I've been thinking about your problem with Jayant.

I'd like to have mustard on the side.

Kee wanted to help Sugih rake the leaves, but she was using the only rake.

I've missed you very much.


I am glad to be with you.

He has become thin beyond all recognition.

You can put five of them across the head of a match.

Roll over on your back.

I shouldn't be too late.

I have a message from Jorge.

Are you interested in baseball, Sergei?

Jennie has a family to support.

What did you think of them?

Granville kept reading.

I'm really sorry about last night.


Merat didn't tell me why he was planning to go to Boston.

You seem happy.

You'll be notified in due course.


He ate a huge supper. He must have been hungry.

There's got to be something you can do.

There is a wise American saying: Never waste a crisis. And the current financial and economic crisis affords us a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been going and where it leads.

He's trying to appeal to the least common denominator.

Bring Sanford in here.

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Carol has a nose for the best Thai cooking anywhere in town.

Wait a little longer.

It's all right on the part of his family.


"Is it going to clear up?" "I hope so."

Could I borrow your ruler?

It seems that she lied.

I need to charge my mobile.

It doesn't matter who says so, it's still wrong.


It is best to value honor above wealth.

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I got in touch with Douglas.

I'm pretty sure Swamy likes Shakil.

She doesn't listen to her teacher.

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Negotiations are proceeding very slowly.


Don't mess around!


I punished Kerry.

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I provided him with food.

Everybody laughed at Wendi.

I wouldn't rule anything out.


He shared in my happiness.


Everyone else is sleeping.


I don't want to ever see Herve again.

When it comes to my turn to speak, I confuse the words 'standard' and 'common', and end up saying that the north-eastern accent is 'the most common'.

She caught sight of the tautology that she was looking for in a crowd of other, equally useless and potentially dangerous, tautologies.

Hundreds of buffaloes moved toward the lake.

When will you need it?

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From what material is the jacket made?

Do you want to tell Slartibartfast?

Kristi found Spike's diary, but only the last three pages remained.

Tyler really doesn't like you.

They liked having more space for their children to play.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach all of a sudden.

There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.


He has changed my life.


A car lying on its side blocked the passage.

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You shouldn't do too much.

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The drowning boy was more dead than alive.

I hope you find them.

She was forty, but she appeared older.


I bought this old clock at an antique stall in the market.

I'm just a little busy right now.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights for African-Americans by teaching nonviolence.

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That is different than what I had expected.


On my way home, I was very scared.

He writes scripts.

I've always thought that rickshaws and sukiyaki were the most successful amongst the products made from what was imported from the West during the Meiji period.


This is it. It's over!

If you dream of starting your own business, but sit, enjoy yourself and don't do anything in that direction, you will not achieve anything.

You have to learn to put up with this weather.

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Did you actually see Danielle do it?


The show is confirmed.

Could you imagine going on holiday on your own?

How heavy you are!

You may invite any person you like.

It's like being in a candy store.

Nelken cautiously pushed the door open and entered the room.

People don't live forever.


Yeah, show us your t... ranslations...

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Hippies like to wear flares and paint flowers on their faces.


Let's play by ourselves.

He became a meme.

He has to fix the clock.

It's because you don't want to be alone.

The Van Horn family was wealthy.

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What do you need it for?

I think there's a job opening up at our company, if you're interested.

It is necessary for you to start at once.

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Moses was very pleased with the results.

That was a crazy thing to do.

I defy you to solve this problem.

Yvonne's pulse is low.

Nicolo still looks tired.

I think this is a conversation for a much later time.

They will not accompany the children to school.


Your boyfriend's really lucky to have someone like you.


Do you want a ride to the store?

He is the eldest in his class.

She saw a cartoon.

He owns this land.

He is in service.

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Rand insulted the waiter.

We have to pay taxes.

Daren has a friend named Mike.

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Bart wastes a lot of food.


Why are you awake?

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I've never done anything impulsive.

I know, I should have stayed with you.

I'm not very patient.

Math is the last subject that I want to study.

Could you come out here, please?

Prices are still high.

You will be all right again in a couple of days.

Take the money with you.

I'm going to go sit down.

Let this be an example to you.

Sam was in on the theft.

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The chance that Alberto will get arrested is very slim.

He chuckled.

When did you begin learning French?

We'll talk things over.

The crowd grew larger minute by minute.

The monkeys are grooming each other.

Sanford didn't want Sonny to call him all the time.

No one ever notices second place. Either you're a winner or you're nobody.

A red and spotted white towel, please.

You did what you could to help.

We're expecting about 3,000 people to come to our concert in the park.

One of you come in and one of you wait outside.

Marci's wife would probably leave him if she knew the truth.

I haven't done this for years.

I know you've been studying very hard.

I found my book.

I am pleased with his work.

Education is a system of imposed ignorance.

An ostrich does not fly through the air.

Bradley is a remarkable girl.

I don't want to go alone.


Skeeter's patience was exhausted.


You're really good at that.


Floria's not in a good mood.


Ritchey knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Collin could.


Kids can be so mean.