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​International Trading

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We build your software with razor-sharp strategy. We analyze every aspect of your industry and apply our digital expertise to provide a roadmap for success.
Our reactive and flexible workflow can be adapted to fulfill your processes. Our methods are enhanced continuously to meet your needs.
Our main expertise is the embedded software design :

  • We take into account the specialties of the targeted hardware (MCU, DSP, Analog signals).
  • We optimize the implementation according to the available resources (assembler, intrinsics, Cache, DMA, branching improvements…)
  • The provided software documentation is compliant with the modeling languages 6182886860.
  • Our deliveries satisfy the related code quality and safety standards ( MISRA, ISO26262 …)

Therefore, we help you throughout the whole process to successfully achieve your goals in terms of quality, safety, performance and time.
We support you from your requirement up to the validation/acceptance phase, gathering all the software design steps, code implementation as well as the related tests.




Simple, effective and realistic solutions …
Our desire is to seek simplicity and ease of use by focusing on essential features.


This orientation is reflected in the construction of solutions:
• Intuitive: Our solutions are ergonomic and intuitive so users naturally remember their procedure, even after a long period of time.
• Robust: Limiting the business rules to the basics allows us to design simple, robust and easier to maintain solutions.
• Economic and portable: We select development tools that we control, which are better adapted to the environment of the customer, and do not require the purchase of licenses for the deployment and use. Thus the solutions are easily integrated on all computers or handheld work.
• Scalable: Each new requirement is the subject of the design of a prototype that is offered to users. Once validated and stabilized, the prototype is the new solution in itself.





On the basis of technical specifications and/or the functional expression of your needs, our experienced team will develop the expected solution converging hardware and software.
Our main developments in electronic are based on microcontrolers, DSP and/or FPGA (implemented in VHDL or in schematic langauge according to the needs).

Our strong experience has been built mainly in the automotive and Robotic industries.


 We have experience in developing solutions on underwater and aerial robotics as well as in Pipeline inspection.
Our expertise in Mechanics, Electronics and computer science allows us to support you in most of the robotic projects.



No matter if you are a small or a mid-sized retailer, we can accommodate your Logistical needs: from one bag FOT to multiple container spreads and basket contracts on an ex-dock basis. 

  • Looking to “go direct”? Let us import on your behalf leaving the financing, shipping, insurance, customs entry, and warehousing to us. Let us customize a program to fit your needs.




Our mission is to be a trusted provider of goods and services within hard-to-reach, underserved and less-developed markets. Our vision is to bring products and services to communities that help people live better.




We import-Export a wide range of products according to our customer’s needs.
Our main routes are between South america, Africa and Asia.
We store an important assortment of products in the port of Tanger in Morocco. This allows us to be responsive to the needs or our customers in the African continent.



 At a time when advertising effectiveness is hampered by the mass of messages we receive every day, we believe that diversity is an asset and an asset for the actor who will stand out. All is well implemented in Hula-Hoop to create the conditions for a collective intelligence, to compare differences in the service of the original idea. 
Our teams of consultants support the idea to organize the original devices also meet the criteria of originality, but also and above all precise and measurable objectives Service: media schedules online and offline, development strategies traffic stores web strategies to store, event etc.

We support you in your production strategies for all types of printed media communication. We develop creative and innovative responses link. 
Are you a brand networks or international brands? We know your problems, often related to complex decision-making organizations. That is why we have developed tools for you. Innovative production systems of communication tools online with which you will be totally free to create, modify, correct your communication online. Free from design to manufacturing. Saving time impressive, energy, resources!

While some companies require effective web presence, other sectors are upset by new web and mobile technologies. That’s why we develop for you with innovative products and services, useful and relevant to the connected world. 
We develop your services, your websites, your mobile applications, we do know and organize your online reputation, conversations.


0039 3476 1355


Chemin des Cygnes 7

1007 Lausanne


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