Ralf was so stressed out that he started losing his hair.


I'll be done in a second.

Don't you remember anything?

Part isn't interested in hanging out with us.

I offered him some money, but he would not take it.

I heard there was some trouble at Randolph's house last night.

They went out of sight at last.

Sometimes it just happens that way.

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My unhappiness probably is because I very much like to be alone.

No one has a problem with that.

We're crazy about each other.

I don't want them to hurt Jacobson.

Bryce kissed the tip of Liyuan's nose.

Does fracking really cause earthquakes?

I'm ready to forgive her.

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She can play the guitar.


Concert tickets are on sale at this office.

We miss you a lot.

She was reading a gardening manual.

I reassured him that I would not be late.

It's cool this morning, isn't it?

I'm very modest.

A musical score is very useful for the classical music.

Have I ever told you guys about the first time I went camping?

You must put an end to this foolish behavior.

However, I am one of those who think differently.

Vern has been accused of being a jewel thief.

Tell me your names.

What's that mean exactly?

A child was born to them.

A car lying on its side blocked the passage.

Barry can't afford to get married.

He later married her.

Siping is quite a character.

Hurf lived in Japan for ten years.

That's not the way it happened.

Today, I want to go home already.

We don't trust Jesse anymore.

What will happen to Louise?

Let us help you deal with it.

We have way more questions than answers.

The plasmid and the nucleoid are bacterial components that contain DNA.

I know you've got more important things to do.

We appreciate the warning.

You'd better take an umbrella.

Saqib plans to go in spite of the bad weather.

Sunil promised Nikolai that he'd never leave her.

How did you find out about this place?

When she walked through the door, my heart began to beat faster.

Teenagers long for the approval of their peers.

You knew it from the start.

Look at those clouds! It's going to rain.

I copied down several useful references on gardening.

Jane's farewell speech made us very sad.

We've got three hours.

Bert didn't provide further details.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamed being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.

She photographed the house.

Elijah didn't know what Martin thought about it.

Pantelis opened the box.

I didn't know that your mother lived with you.

This is not going to end well.

I know why Jef doesn't like Axel.

The floor is slippery, so be careful.

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She is completely absorbed in a book.

The couple led a happy life.

I never touch beer.

They took Stefan away on a stretcher.

The world is getting smaller every year.

I don't have enough money for a taxi.

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Jon doesn't really like Italian food so much.

Sherri's resources are limited.

Who am I speaking to?

That's what I thought you meant.

He drove carelessly and had an accident.

I wasn't told that.

I'm disappointed in you.


Sabrina comes here almost every day.

I'm crying right now.

I did that earlier today.

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I'm behind the kitchen.

For several days she flew steadily south, resting from time to time when her wings grew tired.

Donne is an exception.

They give presents to one another.

Lila's not at all sure who he should talk to.

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Why is Mikey's name not on the list?


I was born on March 18th 1994.

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You shouldn't have threatened Marla.

Protecting the President is what I'm here for.

I'll turn thirty next week.

What did you speak about with her?

My friend George is coming to Japan this spring.

She felt that something was missing, something the universe wanted her to do.

I'm never going to complain about that again.

She gives the impression of not caring much about anything.

Let me first start with the good news.

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Teruyuki mistook the sugar for salt.

The contents of the four registers are preserved by the called subroutine.

Show me the doll that you bought yesterday.

This is a socio-linguistic study on the Japanese language.

Micheal doesn't usually talk to me like that.

Mr. Tanaka is one of my father's fishing companions.

What does Spock want you to do?

Sing me a song.

I had to do it before 2:30.


Is flight 23 on time?

Tell Angela we'll be ready.

As many as ten people saw the accident.

At one time I knew chemistry as well as I knew mathematics.

Bert wished he were better at swimming.

Do I really need this?

We can speak both Japanese and Korean.


How long has George studied Portuguese?

Not everyone is like you.

I fell in the pool.

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People gathered with tomatoes and eggs to condemn the mayor's actions.

You're mad.

Ji isn't very polite, is he?

We don't lose often.

She went in for the audition last week.

Philippe is going to be out of town.

This is such a relief.

Please feel free to ask me questions.

I would like my name to be Socorrito.


We read the letter again and again.

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Thanks for letting me know.


Leon will get here soon.


You have the right to abstain from serving as witnesses.

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When I think about those students, it gives me a headache.


Felix needs to stop doing that.

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There was a foul smell.

I'm just not very hungry.

Were you the one who poisoned Root?


I heard that Jem is in the hospital.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.

She laid the table for six.


It shrunk because I washed it.

Time you've enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

He loves writing entries for Wikipedia.

I felt a light touch on my shoulder.

I suggest that we take a new approach.

Beware the ides of March.

Thank you for the dinner, it's so delicious.

I need to know who helped you.

Money is for people the cause of many disasters.

In present day Japan, "alchemy" is only used metaphorically; to refer to improper means of making money by politicians or religious hucksters with no morals or shame.

I swear it's not my fault.

She's neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.

Sometimes water becomes a precious commodity.


I'm ecstatic about it.

There would not be such a difficult thing.

He's not all that gorgeous.

I've always trusted you.

I get jealous when he talks to other girls.


Val is taking this very seriously.


People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it's impossible to count them accurately.

Roman doesn't like my friends.

Basically, I am a honest person.


Ira died a few days ago.


What's the minimum salary in Germany?

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The fisherman exaggerated the size of the fish he had caught.

Jun is very impatient, isn't he?

I'll have to tell them.


The money is a legacy from my aunt.

Tuan didn't want to walk the tightrope without a net.

Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.


Colin has got quite a mouth.