Proppants, such as sand, are added to the water to prop open the newly created cracks.

He was disqualified from the competition.

You made it happen.

Ross was a spy.

I was thrown off guard.

I didn't mean to wake them up.

Don't dare to talk to my girlfriend.

We treat all visitors alike.

They dated just for a year.

It was still night.

Don't you think Matt might be part of the problem?

Is he speaking English, French, or German?

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We rode a boat to the island.

Do you think it's dangerous for me to swim across the river?

We've finally been given permission to leave.

What'll you give us?

Will you phone me later, please?

I'm so glad you are all here.

She touched my hand.

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Are you through with this book?


You will be able to speak fluent English in another few months.

Pamela saved himself.

I will see to it that everything is ready in time.

He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.

You're gonna get what you deserve.

What had I better do?

I think we're ready to do that.

I hate being bored.

She sells flowers.

We're not doctors.

You're lucky, aren't you?

She asked him to raise the funds.

Timo tried to halt the attack against the Indian village.

At some point you will realize: Esperanto is unbeatable.

The tickets are free of charge.

I don't like warm winters.

You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.


How long have you looked after this rose garden?

Are you telling me you've seen Griff today?

Be sure to look us up when you're in town.

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I hope we can keep prices down.

She almost got away with it.

I plan to telephone Nelken tomorrow and ask him to help.

Sorry, I complained a lot.

Why would Kirk want to change that?

Eat all you can and drink all you can now because there won't be any food for the next 3 days!

I had a lochia.


It's not a weapon.


I'll buy a gift for them.

He stared me straight in the face.

The language of friendship is not of words but of meanings.

I don't want to eat here.

Lanny doesn't have to work next Monday.

We did not expect him to finish the task in so short a time.

My friend and the shop clerk had a fight. My friend said he didn't break anything and the clerk said he saw him.

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I didn't go there by myself.

In the Christian faith, followers believe that there is only one God, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

How I long for a sight of my native land.

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Tremble, you sentences!

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Randolph handed Jess the binoculars.

I said that to myself.

I don't expect you to forgive me.

We have to consider the possibility that Donovan was involved in the robbery.

Why didn't you go to Boston with Arne?


Roberta asked me to speak to Cynthia.


Srivatsan needs to be punished.

On such a cold day I don't want to go out without a warm coat.

I kissed her on her forehead.

It is no good arguing with you.

The poachers stole some turtle eggs.

You should read books that will benefit you.

Don't lean on my chair.

The joke is on us.

Someone's in my room.

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The President leaves Washington for Paris next month.


We will carry you.

Who else do you want to invite to the party?

Animals are not lifeless objects.


He really is over seventy.

Greg is an agreeable person.

People are very hospitable here.

His knee turned a ghastly blackish purple from the swelling.

Straighten up!

The terrorist attack in Paris has shocked the world.

Bradley used to be a singer.

I doubt very much that I'll be there.

If I had money, I would buy tickets for the concert.

I don't feel up to eating anything tonight.

I thought you said Len was your brother.

I was never a very good athlete.

The young man who is speaking is my brother.

Rajendra may not be feeling well.

Those two guitars look very similar.


I can't offer you anything in return.

Klaus's children all look alike.

Unfortunately he's a little too narrow-minded to accept these changes.

It was a tough test.

Jeannie and I are getting married in October.

I can only speculate.

Do you know if Daren is alive?


Orville was utterly disappointed.

Why can't you go with us?

We should give Roxana a chance to tell us what really happened.

You have to make your own bed here.

You saw something, didn't you?

I'm really starting to hate it here.

Our diplomacy and strategy ran in clear contradiction to each other.


He must be a good boy.

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It looks ridiculous.

Could you have done it?

I saved George.

I suspect Eldad to follow my doings.

That's why teachers love you.

Do you know a better way than this?

Sam thought it was a dumb question.

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Barry, a transhumanist, has a soft robotics part which is his right arm.


A blonde girl is coming to meet him.

I can't make Tracy happy.

What Byron said made you smile, didn't it?

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Can you help me for just a minute?

That man died of pellagra.

Let's chuck it.


My brother had his pocket picked in the train.

A telephone recording tells you what time the concert starts.

I sat next to Pia.

The bottles were stopped with corks.

We didn't bring it back.

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I thought Wolf had left.


Caleb is addicted to heroin.

I'm intrigued by what you say.

The interminable border wars between England and Scotland came to a close.


That's pretty neat.

She calls on me from time to time.

Sometimes the nanny goat wants to go in the forest to get food. She calls all seven kids and warns them about the vicious wolf.

Get her off my hands.

America has enemies.

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That's not what I saw.

The problem was beset with difficulties.

I'm venturesome.

Let me do it.

You have opened the cages.


He died at a very old age.


There were too many people there.


It seems obvious.

Perhaps Wendell was right about that.

You seem to have a really good grasp on this.

We drank shochu at the karaoke bar.

Raymond got a phone call from Rajesh.

You never told me that you wanted to learn how to play the banjo.

All participants must be registered.

That's cheap, isn't it?

They transformed their small smart-looking car into a successful racing car.


Ram didn't have enough time to eat lunch.

I'm glad Curt came back.

What he said made us angry.

That crime is punishable by death.

Emma has certain qualities you'll appreciate.

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He can speak.


I am quite puzzled by his reply.

Some of them said yes, and the others said no.

The boxer needs to check his aggression.

It was rather strange.

My friends and I are hanging out tonight. Would you like to join us?


The loss amounts to ten million dollars.

What is the title of the book?

I traveled around Europe.