Digitalization 2.0

Disrupting Digitalization of retail industry worldwide

Recorded transaction
is the manifestation of formalization

Formalization of economy


According to the EU an economy is formalized when the business transactions are recorded. Digitalization records every transaction (even if deleted) being created in the daily business


The challenges of digitalization in emerging markets are mainly:

  • Computer literacy
  • Lack of repair infrastructure in rural areas

Digitalization 2.0:

Only smartphone as the mean of digitalization and therefore, formalization of any business:

  • Proximity shops
  • Auto Entrepreneur
  • Cooperatives

MOVApp: All-in-One solution

Cash register and a new marketplace is form of an App

Block chain technology

to protect all data in the application logic and the database


All transactions recorded and stored in a unified and formalized database located in local data centers

Open souk:

Any vendor can offer his products to the smallest community, such as:

  • Public sector services
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Money Transfer companies
  • Governmental services (E-government)

A new and digital eco-system

Formalizing through digitalization

Micro economic impacts:

  • Increase the revenue of proximity shops and auto entrepreneurs
  • Creates new direct and indirect jobs
  • Opportunity and motivation for people to start entrepreneurship

Macro economic impacts:

  • Shift informal economy towards formal economy
  • Reliable and digitalized real time data crucial for state size forecast and planning
  • Increase tax revenue
  • Strengthen Morocco‘s leadership in digital economy

The management team

Our founding team consists of three people with complementary education and background. We unify academic qualification and proven IT expertise along with migration background. We are experienced in the fields of international business development, finance, computer engineering, operations and lean process management. Due to our migration background, we exactly understand the needs of our target group and have direct access to them.

Due to our migration background, we exactly understand the needs of our target group and have direct access to them.


Rafik Beyt-Movsess

Rafik holds a MSc in computer science from the Technical University of Vienna. On top of 7 years of experience as a software engineer he worked 12 years as a management consultant for Deloitte and PwC in various projects in different industries in entire Europe.

At MOVEuropa he oversees the operations and is accountable for processes and the software architecture.


Ramin Ramezani

Business & Administration in Graz and Liverpool. MBA from Rider University in USA majored in International Marketing & Finance. Over 16 years experience in US on Wall Street, Europe, middle East and Africa. Ramin acts as Managing Director and is responsible for: strategic planning, raising capital, marketing and business development. He speaks five languages.


Austrian Fintech to reach immigrants all around Europe

  • First multilingual cloud-based cash register utilizing block chain technology.
  • Currently present in more than 350 shops in Austria.
  • Founder and provider of International Top-up for over 160 countries the world. Europe’s only offline provider of this service.
  • Ongoing digitalization of the ethnical market in Austria through our cloudbased cash register.
  • Conform to Austria‘s Federal Ministry of Finance and the Financial Authority.
  • 5+ years of cloud-based services and market experiences.

Austrian start-up and winner of two innovation prizes of the European Union.


MOVEuropa Services GmbH

Telephone: +43-1-307 80 80

Schönbrunner Strasse 213/505

1120 Wien