She asked for pictures.

Murray is always happy.

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Dawson isn't supposed to be doing that.


Scientists of the 19th century believed that the Sun was powered by chemical reactions.

I think you already have enough money to buy what you need.

Come and give me a kiss.

He opened like this.

Nothing seems so tender to me as an old couple walking down the street holding hands.

You'll understand how terrible this accident was when you read the article.

It's a little complicated.


I explained to the host that I had been delayed by a traffic jam.

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Olaf Jackson has released a new album.

That will run.

I like to drink pumpkin soup.

I didn't mean to frighten you.

Paul respects his parents.


I think I could do a better job.

Where did you dig them?

Level off the sugar when measuring out.

You did say that.

I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm just feeling down.

Hume remembers giving Barry the key to the suitcase.

When I went down to the garden, two little girls were picking daisies.

Dan doesn't know what to do about it.


I saw the man knocked down and the driver driving away.


We can't get out of this.


Are you Masensen or Mohand ?


Rodger fell asleep with the window open.


He acted like an unhinged moron.

I wonder what ear lobes are for.

Have you ever treated children?

What else do we need to do?

I couldn't find a taxi last night.

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Oh well. We'll catch up some other time.

That would be treason.

Jeff never came out of his coma.

We will arrange travel expenses for trips for research purposes, so go to whatever country you want to.

If there's something I ought to know, I'd like to hear it.

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They did it themselves.

Does he have general common sense?

Have you ever asked if Tracy wants one?

He said he would come, and what is more, he said he was glad to.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We'll eat lunch on the bus.

It'll cost around thirty dollars.

She is among the best artists of today.

Kyung lost control.

Could you please pull the weeds and water the flowers?

The geopolitical situation is very volatile.

Casper was not happy.

I think we should wait.


Could you give us a little time, please?

For one second I thought I would die.

I think that's them.

Terroristic actions happened in Sri Lanka.

"I know it is sudden, but this is your client, King Harkinian of Hyrule." "So this is the King I'm defending. I've never defended royalty before..!" "LOL I LEARNED TO TEXT WITH MY MOUTH. WHAT DO YOU THINK?" "I KNOW it isn't funny." "...Spoilsport."


Her skin was just as white as snow, but her teeth as yellow as a daffodil.


Get him back here.


We never meant to harm you.

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Wild weather is forecast for our region today.

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No one responded.

I'm playing with the computer.

I need to know who I have to give this to.

Sherman was found dead in his hotel room in Boston three days ago.

The presidential election is not a beauty contest.


This carpet is more valuable than that one.

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Sridhar is braver than me.

I did everything by myself.

She started kissing him as soon as he got home.

We're all going to be just fine.

This is a book.

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The purchase is on the company's account.

Harmon is here for you.

She yelled in a rage.


If I knew her address, I would write her a letter.

It is urgent to go to the bathroom.

He gave me this book.

Let me think it over, and I'll let you know later.

I overslept and was not able to catch the bus.

His lips were pale.

Please come!

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

You understand what I mean, don't you?


There's bamboo growing in the garden.

I am not as young as Miss Brown.

Micah doesn't want this.

The subway line is going to be extended out this way.

There's no room for excuses when it comes to your negligence, is there?

The crime was committed in cold blood.

The trip will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.


No book is worth reading.

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I met an old friend of mine in Boston.


Celia seems relaxed.

After finishing eating, one must say, "Thanks for the food."

I don't even know your name.

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Your flight's canceled.

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If you skip my class, I will kill you.

She's a real friend.

What would you want to eat?


Kory smiled thoughtfully.

The teacher said: "Of course."

I wasn't around when Romain needed me.

Are you an angel?

Alessia can't speak English.

Malaysia came into existence in 1957.

I have just finished eating lunch.

Many folk songs were about social problems.

You made an error.

Do you want to go see a movie or something?

I attend scientific conferences.

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Do you understand your orders?

I wish I were as smart as you.

Everyone knows that I don't like Ramesh.


Much more appropriate for the child was real breast milk of nursing.


I have not been feeling well for two days.

Edith sat down to wait.

There's somebody who wants to meet you.

I wish I could see her.

Ti doesn't have to stay in the hospital.


She signs the most important documents.

Give it back to him.

When was the last time you helped your wife?

Your assistance is indispensable for us.

I used to go to school with Kathleen.

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Do you know anything about complex carbohydrates?

The last election was such a hot contest that several ex-ministers lost.

Here, drink this.

They made us work all night.

These are all good questions.

Jeffery is inexperienced and makes extreme statements.

When are you going to tell Stanislaw about what happened?

When is the next full moon?

Nichael says he's having trouble with his computer.

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Kayvan grabbed his knife and cut the rope.

In the past it was thought the world was flat.

Xochipepe likes flowers.

Jianyun's baby was three weeks premature.

If you need some help, just inquire the higher ranking official.

You can count me out on that!

Shouting at the top of your lungs.

Helium is the second simplest atom. It consists of a nucleus containing 2 protons and two neutrons. Around the nucleus orbits 2 electrons.

I am here.


That car is really expensive.


I'll just put this in the fridge.

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It's too heavy to move.

Mann took a sip of wine.

Keep it up, Tim.

To make love is the world's most delicious thing.

You're not supposed to be fighting.

Do you talk to your plants?

I can't fake it.

He had something of the hero in his nature.

Give me the bottom line.

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Lord cried a lot when Shamim left him.

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I could not keep the tears from my eyes.


We began with the soup.

Oh, no! My house is on fire!

It's too early to go to bed.