Making Mobile Repairs Stronger, Faster and Simpler
Making Mobile Repairs Stronger, Faster and Simpler

Better Adhesives

Your time is valuable, and so is your reputation. The last thing you need is adhesives that slow you down or fail to hold your repair together. BowlerTech‘s kits are designed from scratch to make your work fast and simple, and to create the strongest repair possible.

Our epic (and, dare we say, obsessive) quest to find the perfect adhesive medium for our designs brought us face-to-face with engineers at 3M‘s headquarters, where we presented our ideal specifications and discussed our technical requirements in exhaustive detail.  We are confident that we have selected the very best adhesive material available anywhere on the market, from which to cut our unique kits.

Our Beta Products category now includes 3 kits for the Samsung Galaxy S6 - a full kit for screen replacement, a minimal kit which forgoes the long adhesive strips for the left and right side...
Beta products have arrived!
In order to meet your needs more quickly, we’re making new products available earlier in our development cycle. Like software “beta” releases, these products are very close to being finished
Goodbye customs fees, hello BH Mobile!
We’re very happy to announce that our bulk kits are now available in Canada exclusively through BH Mobile! This means faster (and cheaper) shipping options, and no more customs fees or delay