I don't like where this conversation's going.


The teacher explained the meaning of the word to us.

Sorry? Pardon?

Negating the assertion requires a negative augend, but all augends are products of factors on the unit interval.

With whom did they speak?

Christian opened a new restaurant, but it didn't turn a profit in the first twelve months.

Let's find out who stole Susumu's car.

I arrived later than usual.

I waited an hour for my friend.

Many people wanted to impeach President Nixon.

Becky and I wore each other's clothes.

Robin is an intelligent boy.

Kathy was looking out the window.

Children need to be fed.

I find your proposal incomprehensible.

The boy was about to jump into the lake.

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That's something we need to think about.

The only way to know if it fits is to try it on.

What'll you do to us?

Are there any more donuts?

Susan manages to tell her mother that it is time to say goodbye.


It is no use reasoning with a child.

I hope that John will come.

I think Malcolm is a pretty remarkable person.

I have attached a PDF file of my curriculum vitae.

Where the fuck did the sun go?

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Is that all you have?


I'm all thumbs in the kitchen.

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She tried on a new dress.

My father picked up the tab for dinner which came to $150.

I doubt Pria knows how to fish.


Why do you permit it?

That sounds a little dangerous.

Can you give me a slice of bread?


He was rowing against a gentle current.

It is impudent of him to say so.

Has this kind of thing happened to you before?


Let's eat our dinner before it gets cold.

He can't say anything to his father's face.

Leung looks unhappy.


He's half deaf in one ear.

He walked slowly for the child to follow.

I hope you're all having a good time.


Do you love your dear little dog?

That's going to be a problem.

It is often said that a good way to lose weight is to stop eating sweets.


I've got some reports to write.

I only speak French with him.

I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it.

Was I polite enough?

The sun is shining in my face.

Why does Hartmann look so angry?

How many different schools have you attended in all?

Ssi never told us much about himself.

Gail told me you're from Boston.

The eagle is white.

Though the enemy's defenses were strong, we tried to break through.

She is yet to know the truth.

My horizons are broader than your pupils after cannabis consumption!


Jock has been treated unfairly.

I learned French, before going to Europe.

Attractive women are often thought to be dumb.

All the girls love Dannie.

I'd like to get to know Jem.

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Her voice was heard above the noise.

I just never will understand you people.

He was happy for having realized his dream.

Going to Europe is very exciting, but also scary.

Who would have thought back then that Hillary would only live for seven years?

Julius receives more than 50 emails a day.

I won't tell her you said that.

Sriram knew Mwa did it.

I'm tired of this crossword puzzle.


In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

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Siegurd Jackson is the head of our department.

"Stop laughing!" said Geppetto angrily; but he might as well have spoken to the wall.

This town isn't lively.

That's a bunch of hogwash.

Who would want to hire them?


I've thought of it a lot.

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The doors were locked and we couldn't get in anyhow.

Juliane set the basket on the table.

I lost my way in Boston.


Is this thing edible?

The last leg of our journey will be the most difficult.

A person named Sato came to visit while you were out.

I hope Colin is safe.

Do not block the driveway.

Please explain in detail.

It takes a lot of time to get used to married life.


Many authentic nobles did not have a nobiliary particle in their names.

Justin attended high school for three years without missing a single day or ever being late.

Vincenzo could be in for some trouble.

Don't enter the room until I say "All right."

I don't disagree.

You're even dumber than I am.

You can give Olaf all of it, if you want to.


I told June that I'd help Mott.


Everyone will experience it.


Most of us love our country.

I thought Piercarlo said it was his dog.

It's a great opportunity.

You may not like it, but you should at least try it.

Catherine was the only one who knew where Hans was.

I hate being bored.

Cathrin told Jarmo to buy some coffee and cigarettes.

Why do those who don't want children have to pay for those who do?

Rajiv is an engineer now.

Curtis can't afford to buy a house.

We're not going to find them.

All this time we kept an untold secret.

I did try to warn her.


This is the best amplifier on the market.


Linder tied his tomato plants to stakes with twine.

They hastened to execute the plan.

Jorge doesn't appear to be nervous.

The prince bowed down to Snow White.

I got something nice for you.

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Be kind to her, Bill.

The Bridge of No Return separates the two Koreas.

We're not going anywhere with you.


She's a bad liar.

I'm so sorry, but I forgot your name.

After all we had done, he was still ungrateful.


The yacht sailed all over the world by using the force of the wind.

The gasoline tank was underneath.

Owen is a senior.

What else can you say?

You can't hurt her.


He peels his apple.

There's one other thing we need to buy.

To her delight, she got through the examination.


I can't afford to waste a single yen.

These bananas went bad.

'Cause I don't really change my E-mail address.


Please tell me how to pronounce this word.


I love the way it sounds.

You're the prettiest girl in town.

Everybody says that.

Warren doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

Maybe the box was empty.


We're going to go into the other room.


Macedonia is called "Makedonija" in Macedonian.

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On Sunday we put the clock forward.

What do you see now?

Lucius has come alone.


Good day. What do you want?

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Let's go before I change my mind.

Matt didn't tell me what the matter was.

Charlene dropped everything he was doing to help Yvonne.

The eternal flame of love burned only half a year.

Tickets are $13, $30, and $33, and go on sale Monday at noon.

The weeks pass like dreams.

Doyle was surprised how well Ramanan could draw.

I sent your present today!

I have lost my umbrella somewhere in the park. I have to buy one.

The good news brought tears to her eyes.

I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.

Just as the fairy tale finished, the child had already fallen asleep.

What's Alexis so happy about?

Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy.

Three people are missing after the flood.