The last time I painted is when I was at kindergarden. I didn’t believe that I could paint again. Jiani and GaoXuan were very helpful and helped me to paint some most difficult part of this piece. Now I look at it and say to myself, “wow, I can paint.”

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I love this event so much that I simply forget about time. I am now introducing all my friends to come.

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Creative Events

We inspire fun conversations and collaborative friendships.

Engagement Marketing

We engage local businesses with customers through shared creative experiences.

Story Center

We hunt for authentic stories to fuel your personal exploration and growth.

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We Are Unique

The Challenges

We live in a time of superficial connections and short attention span. It is often times challenging for us to find channels to unleash our creativities in most working environments. We crave for deeper connections outside of work, so we meet people on social media or networking events, we greet each other and exchange a few brief conversations, then we part and never talk again. When we look back, we don’t even know who they really are as a person.


Our Vision

Fostering Bold Social Connections

We help each individual to thrive by fostering a true sense of community with peer mentors through shared creative experiences and guided reflective conversations.

Our Approach

We bring combine the spirit of a light-hearted entertainer and that of a deep-rooted scholar to facilitate the flow of the creative experience. Our masterful moderators will engage every participant with intriguing self-reflective questions as well as abundant opportunities for self-expression and mutual appreciation. We believe that shared creative experiences are the gateway to profound and authentic social connections.

Our Technology

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology studies the data of each of our members and recommends personalized peer mentor matching to help individuals find the needed help for self-development.

COME and JOIN our painting events for a wonderful weekend afternoon!

  • One-of-a-kind Painting Events
  • Enjoy Inspiring Conversations
  • Express Your Creativity
  • Practice Appreciation
  • Improve Self Confidence
  • Make New Friends and Connections
  • $25-$49 covers all art supplies, refreshments, and personal instruction

Our members feel

More Confident
More Gratitude
More Friends

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PaintingCup Weekly Events

Come partake in our unique painting events in our location in a lovely and cozy paint studio located in the center of Brookline. There is no need for prior painting skills, our private tutor will aid newcomers during the entire painting session. You have nothing to worry even if you are a first-time painter!
Our all-inclusive events cost $25 which covers and include will be prepared by us including painting brushes, canvas, refreshments and more!! You only need to carry an idea and be ready to turn it into a beautiful painting!! You can also bring your own canvas if you prefer. You have the freedom to express your creativity and paint anything within your mind’s eye, be it a picture of you and your family, a park, a tree, or a little dog.
You can also enjoy home kitchen baked snacks and desserts with creative yet delicious recipes; if you like them you can also buy them and take them home;
Our events are designed for you to make lots of new like-minded friends! We believe friendship and new meaningful relationships are the most important thing!

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Stories Told


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