2019 Bear Archery Kuma 30 An all-new member of the trusted Kuma family, the Kuma 30 delivers the same incredible performance of the Kuma with a little less weight and smaller axle-to-axle. As this year’s flagship, the Kuma 30 brings both speed and comfort in a smaller and lighter package....
turkey grape


Watch as Editor Patrick Meitin puts Allen Company arrows through the Inside Archery DESTRUCTION TEST. Testing strength, durability and accuracy of these cost effective arrows. Learn more at /www.byallen.com
Darton Archery Just Released the 2019 Lightning XT Compound Bow


Darton Archery is sure to impress with its new lineup of high-performance compound bows for 2019.


Learn more at mohicansneak.com
The Latest Trends in Outdoor Clothing and Footwear

The Latest Trends in Outdoor Clothing and Footwear

As hunting equipment continues to push the limits of mechanical engineering and physics, so too do the other components critical to a successful hunt. You can see change and progress across the board, from bows and arrows to releases, targets, sights, calls and more. Clothing and footwear have been no...


  EVANSVILLE, IN (October 26, 2017) – Bear Archery introduces Karnage Crossbows, a new brand of fast, accurate, lethal weapons you can depend on. The Karnage brand is launching with two models, the Apocalypse and Apocalypse LS. These sleek, lethal weapons are forged with the white-tail hunter in mind and...

2018 Mathews TRIAX

Sparta, Wisconsin –  Introducing the ultimate stealth rig. The 2018 TRIAX is highly maneuverable, deadly accurate and the quietest, most vibration-free bow Mathews has ever built.  The TRIAX operates off a 28″ ATA platform with a 6″ brace height, and is powered by the award-winning, highly-efficient and extremely accurate Crosscentric™...
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2018 Products are launching and we have gathered up some of the hottest archery gear for 2018 all in one place just for you.
2018 Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1


Specifications Model Carbon RX-1™ Carbon RX-1 Ultra™ Carbon RX-1 Turbo™ Image View View View Compare Add to List Add to List Add to List Limb QuadFlex™ QuadFlex™ QuadFlex™ Cam ZT HYPER ZT HYPER ZT Turbo Draw Length Options for Each Cam Size 24.5-28″, 27-30″, 29-31″ 25.5-29″, 28-31″, 30-32″ 26-28″, 28-30″...
Gear That Closes The Gap

Gear That Closes The Gap

  Lethal DIRT X3 uses a natural dirt scent that acts as a cover scent and attractant combined with Lethal’s patented human scent elimination technology. It comes with Lethal’s patented Boost Activator that, when added to the mix, provides ninety days of powerful human odor elimination effectiveness just as their...
Introducing The Mission Crossbows SUB-1


Sparta, Wisconsin – Matt McPherson and the Engineering Team at Mission Crossbows set out to improve crossbows in every category – accuracy, ease of use, stealth, maneuverability, and fit & feel. Each component was scrutinized, resulting in over 24 patents/patents pending for the all-new SUB-1. Consistently delivering groups less than...


All-new for 2018, a lineup of bows that are rooted in inspiration from Fred Bear, his legacy of innovation and a heritage of introducing new technologies that are accessible to everyone. We’re proud to continue what our creator started.   Bear Archery 2018 Kuma Get the best of both worlds...
(604) 364-7315

New for 2018: Mathews TRX® 38

TRX® 38 Built off of the proven design of the longer TRX models, the 38 inch axle-to-axle TRX38 fills the void perfectly for shooters looking for a shorter, lighter, more comfortable bow for their draw length. Draw lengths range 23 inches to 30 inches and draw weight goes from 50...


Former Freeman SVP has Passion for Archery, 17 Years in Business Development For more information, contact Teresa Johnson at (860) 904-0497 or teresajohnson@archerytrade.org NEW ULM, Minnesota – The Archery Trade Association has chosen Matt Kormann of Marietta, Georgia, as its next president/CEO, after a nationwide hunt led by an executive search...
(813) 885-6527

Introducing the 2018 Elite Enlist

  HAS EVERYTHING IT NEEDS, AND NOTHING THAT IT DOESN’T The single greatest benefit of manufacturing our bows in-house is the ability to fine-tune our designs and our processes to the benefit of our customers. The result is a bow that delivers on a massive scale. Smooth draw cycles, comfort...
(323) 232-7416

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme III and YJ-350

Yellow Jacket Supreme III F/P and Yellow Jacket YJ-350 F/P targets feature Morrell’s Patented Multi Layered Design, which ensures unmatched durability and longevity. Arrow removal is a cinch with just one finger, and Internal Frame System Technology creates consistent depth to the edges of the target allowing you to shoot...
Delta McKenzie Chunk


Chunk’s cube design offers equal arrow penetration depth on all sides for a larger shoot-able area. Features include integrated handles and bright white aiming spots. Patented Mo’Foam is one of the densest foams on the market, and Delta’s exclusive heat process fuses it together into a single block. The welded-solid...

(636) 916-1501

Black Eagle Vintage Traditional Crested Arrows   The Vintage arrow is a traditional option for archers who use a compound bow, recurve or both. This high-quality wood-grain carbon arrow has a hand-painted cresting. Each Vintage arrow must pass strict quality-control procedures. The Duracoat wood grain overlay-finish allows refletching and cresting....
Archery Equipment: Expand Your Arrow Rest Selection

Archery Equipment: Expand Your Arrow Rest Selection

Buck Rub Outfitters Magne’ Drop  The Magne’ Drop eliminates springs and triggers by replacing them with powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets that never break, weardown, or stretch – all while offering arrow containment, fletching clearance, and tune-ability that is second to none in the industry. The rest features mirror image...
Reconsider Stabilizers: A Look at Today's Cutting Edge Stabilizers

Reconsider Stabilizers: A Look at Today’s Cutting Edge Stabilizers

.30-06 K3 Quarterback Stabilizer The Quarterback Stabilizer has six rubber dampeners and a rubber o-ring with a patent-pending front-hollow damper that holds up to 10 quarters for a weight-forwarding effect. Acting in the same way that a heavy barrel steadies a target rifle, this weighted end-damper helps keep a bow...

Sight Roundup: 2017 Bow Sights

.30-06 Outdoors Longitude The Longitude Bow Sight has a lot of unique features that help bowhunters zero-in with ease. A signature drive-shaft system allows shooters to readjust their yardage without disconnecting their release from the D-loop. The extra-long dovetail rail also provides excellent peep and sight housing adjustment. The Longitude...

2017 Archery & Bowhunting Gear: Custom Arrow Gear

      The Allen Company Fat Belly Bullet Points Allen developed the Fat Belly Bullet Points to make target-shooting easier and more productive. The “Fat Belly” tapered shape creates a larger diameter impact-channel than the arrow’s shaft, making them easier to remove than standard bullet points. The Fat Belly’s...
(386) 303-7230

(613) 262-2752

        The Allen Company   The Power Point Chisel Broadhead from The Allen Company is designed for high-speed shooting and deep penetration. This compact 3-blade includes a conservative 1-inch cutting diameter with large vents to minimize surface area and ensure top-notch flight and accuracy. The head starts...
Alaska Bear Hunting: Crossbow Hunting Alaskan Bruins

Alaska Bear Hunting: Crossbow Hunting Alaskan Bruins

By Scott Haugen With the skiff anchored I wasted no time moving across the moss-covered forest floor. My goal was to quickly cover the 300-yard stretch of trees on this long, narrow little island and come out on the western shore, where moments prior I’d glassed a nice black bear...
Turkey Hunting: Turkey Bowhunting Tips and Tactics

Turkey Hunting: Turkey Bowhunting Tips and Tactics

  by Dana R. Rogers I love bowhunting turkeys, being fortunate enough to chase them in several states successfully over the years. The old adage is definitely true when it comes to bowhunting wild turkey: Roosted doesn’t mean roasted, but if you get on a pattern and use the terrain...
Southern Deer Hunting: Dixie Deer

Southern Deer Hunting: Dixie Deer

  By Stephanie Mallory The time has never been better to take a trophy buck in a Southern state. Times are changing for the Southern deer hunter. As a general rule, hunters don’t take to change well, but these changes are putting a big smile across many Southern hunters’ faces....
Indoor Archery World Cup and 2017 Vegas Shoot

Indoor Archery World Cup and 2017 Vegas Shoot

  The largest archery competition in the world recently took place in Las Vegas on Feb. 10-12. Held at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa, the 51st Vegas Shoot and the 4th round of the Indoor Archery World Cup launched their events with many of the top archers in...
8 Crazy Ways People Practice Archery


Some people really like getting creative with their practice regiment. Here are 8 cool ways people sharpen their skills, but please don’t try them at home. Underwater Maybe he wanted to watch the flight of the arrow in slow motion, or maybe he just wanted to swim and practice shooting...
Archery Gear: 2017 Target Bows

Archery Gear: 2017 Target Bows

  The technology behind bow shootability and accuracy continues to march forward, and that has huge implications for target shooting. Almost every major bow manufacturer has a model dedicated to target shooting, and there are many updated and brand new models for 2017. Here’s a look at some of today’s...
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2017 ATA Trade Show Coverage

  The rise of social media has made it so much easier to instantly share information and events with the world. It’s especially helpful for folks like us here at Inside Archery, because it let’s us be the eyes and ears of archery fans worldwide. Although the annual ATA Show attracts attendees...
Sitka Gear & Mathews Inc.: Subalpine / New for 2017

(231) 588-7371

Subalpine / New for 2017 – Sitka Gear & Mathews Inc. Coming soon to a retailer near you.  #MathewsHalon #Optifade #Sitka Introducing Subalpine from SITKA Gear on Vimeo. /www.mathewsinc.com /www.sitkagear.com

Get Familiar with Indy

The 2017 ATA Trade Show takes place Jan. 10-12 in Indianapolis. Whether you’ve visited the city many times or this is your inaugural visit, you’re sure to find gems yet to be discovered. Here are some sights and restaurants throughout the city and near the Indiana Convention Center that are...
Bowtech Introduces the New Stryker Katana 360

Bowtech Introduces the New Stryker Katana 360

EUGENE, Ore. – Stryker Crossbow launches the Stryker Katana 360, a high-performance crossbow that outclasses the competition in size, technology and speed. Stryker’s most efficient crossbow ever, the Katana 360 delivers shooting comfort, deadly speeds and a price that brings incredible value to the consumer. “The Stryker Katana 360 delivers...
Bowtech Reign 2017 Review

Bowtech Reign 2017 Review

Watch as Patrick Meitin reviews the NEW 2017 Bowtech FLAGSHIP. Bowtech now brings us the Reign 6 and 7. These designs combine all of Bowtech’s most notable technologies to create compound bows that are smooth, quiet, as well as more balanced and shooter-friendly. The 2017 Bowtech INC. Reign Learn more at Bowtech’s website....
Bowtech 2017 Text Message Launch


Bowtech 2017 Text Message Launch – YOU’RE INVITED! Want to see the new Bowtech #SmartBow? Simply text FLAGSHIP to 313131 (393939 in Canada) to get the exclusive, first-look at our new flagship bow! You’ll get it before the press, media and even some dealers! It’s coming soon, so get on the list...
Archery Gear: 2017 Product Sneak Peek

Archery Gear: 2017 Product Sneak Peek

Here’s a quick look at some of the innovative 2017 products that have already made their debut. Mathews Halon 32  The new Halon 32 is a longer axle-to-axle version of last year’s Halon. That added length provides an enhanced string angle and superior stability, while still delivering speeds up to...
(613) 336-7140

Mathews: 2017 Hunting Line

MATHEWS® INTRODUCES 2017 HUNTING LINE  Sparta, Wisconsin – After an extremely successful year with the 2016 HALON®, Mathews introduces its 2017 hunting line with three new offerings featuring the highly efficient and powerful CROSSCENTRIC™ cam: HALON® 32, AVAIL™ and STOKE™. “This year is all about expansion of our CROSSCENTRIC cam...

10 Buck Calling Tips: Rut-Time

  By Gary Sefton Most deer-hunting seasons around the country coincide with at least some part of the whitetail rut, so in all likelihood you’ll have the opportunity to hunt during this peak-activity period. Using deer calls can be productive during this phase, if you keep in mind the fact...
Whitetail Ammo

Whitetail Ammo

Maximize your odds of success by using the best whitetail arrow/broadhead combos. Easton 6mm FMJ & NAP Spitfire Edge  Easton’s 6mm FMJs are great for quiet, effective shots. They feature Easton’s signature carbon core with a 7075 alloy metal jacket, a straightness tolerance of +/- .003, and pre-installed H nocks....

Excalibur Crossbows 2017

EXCALIBUR’S FLAGSHIP MICRO SUPPRESSOR REDEFINES CROSSBOW PERFECTION Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – Excalibur’s Micro Suppressor, the brand’s 2017 flagship crossbow, is a revolution in size and sound. The crossbow is deadly quiet, the most compact Micro crossbow ever designed by the company, and still capable of firing bolts at speeds up...
Hoyt Bowhunting 2017: Defiant, Pro Defiant, Carbon Express, Double XL

Hoyt Bowhunting 2017: Defiant, Pro Defiant, Carbon Express, Double XL

Hoyt 2017 Defiant Series Pro Defiant Series 86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in Hoyt’s most advanced aluminum bow to date–period. Hoyt bows consistently top the most prestigious podiums and punch the most demanding tags, dominating in situations that leave no room for error. The all-new 2017 Pro Defiant integrates...
Hoyt: Target Archery 2017


Hoyt Formula Faktor Since 1931, Hoyt recurve risers have continually advanced industry standards of engineering and performance. Hoyt is proud to continue that tradition in 2017 by introducing the most high-performance, stable recurve riser they have ever produced: the all-new #FormulaFaktor. In addition to being built on the winningest system in recent history,...
Bear Archery NEW 2017 Bows: Moment, Prowess, Legend Series

Bear Archery NEW 2017 Bows: Moment, Prowess, Legend Series

Bear Archery has done it again.   THE HERE AND NOW Now is the time to make a memory. This high-performance hunting bow comes in a compact shooting platform delivering top-end speed and balance so it’s ready whenever you are. The Moment features quick grip acquisition technology and a 31”...
(478) 250-5058

Bowtech Upgrades Target Bow with Launch of Fanatic 3.0

REFINED FOR PERFECTION: BOWTECH UPGRADES TARGET BOW WITH LAUNCH OF FANATIC 3.0 Eugene, Ore. – Competition archers know the difference between first place and second place can be the smallest of margins. That’s why Bowtech has refined every last detail of its industry-leading target bow to create the new Fanatic 3.0....
Diamond Archery Atomic - Interactive Digital Content, NEW


Elite Archery Introduces Rhinodize, Raises the Bar on Fit & Finish

(989) 440-6961

An exclusive coating process that marries brawn with beauty. West Henrietta, NY (October 10, 2016) – Elite® sets a new standard in archery finishes today with the introduction of Rhinodize™. Rhinodize is a proprietary finishing process available only on Elite bows. Elite has long been the leader in developing non-glare...

PSE Archery Evolve Cam System – NEW for 2017

PSE Archery has announced the “ultimate evolution” in compound bow cams, the Evolve® Cam System (ECS). This all-new quad-track cam system is the product of years of PSE research, and offers shooters up to 90% let-off without sacrificing speed or power. The ECS is premiering on four bows in the...
Mathews 2017 Competition Bows


Sparta, Wisconsin – For over two decades, Mathews target bows have been a fixture at the podium of archery competitions. For 2017, we are excited to introduce two of the most accurate target platforms we’ve ever created – The Halonâ X Comp™ and TRX™. “Whether you’re pounding X’s on a Vegas face, or...


By Scott Haugen The bull was closing fast, bugling and “glunking” the whole way down the shale mountainside. In a matter of seconds, I saw the bull’s massive antlers dipping and twisting through the thick stand of young pines. When he stopped and bugled at 16 yards, I stared at...

The Future of Archery

By Daniel Allred There’s long been a debate in the archery industry about where to draw the line when it comes to technological advancements. Bowhunting, after all, is a form of hunting that dates back to the dawn of man. At what point is gear too advanced, effective and therefore...

Rio 2016: Cashing in on Olympic Fever

By Rachael Reginek-Krenz The Olympic Games have been a popular international competition since their modern revitalization in the late 19th century. They’ve certainly changed a lot since the original Olympic Games, which were held in in ancient Olympia, Greece, over 2000 years ago. But to this day, they motivate people...
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Accessorize Your Compound Archery and bowhunting have come a long way since the invention of the bow and arrow thousands of years ago. Fortunately, we are part of a century that has the technology allowing you to widen your archery horizons. Sifting through hundreds of archery products to find quality...
Archers of Tomorrow: Organizations Growing Archery


It’s all too easy to feel alone in the world when you’re a small business owner. The entire concept of owning a business goes hand in hand individualism, but the archery industry has some unique options that aren’t available to the vast majority of other small businesses. There are a...
Mid-Year Gear

Mid-Year Gear

Generally speaking, the annual ATA Trade Show marks the launch of many of the year’s hottest products. Sometimes these products are announced a few months before the big show, but manufacturers use this massive industry gathering as an opportunity to make their year start with a bang by meeting with...
The Benefits of Competitive Archery


The thrill of competition fuels passion and sportsmanship around the globe. Children and adults alike enjoy games, and even lose themselves when a truly enjoyable competitive clash comes around. An archery range is an excellent stage for a variety of competitions. Let’s take a moment to think about some of...
Gear Up for Rio Olympics


The countdown to the Olympics continues to get smaller by the day. Soon the action will be right in our living rooms, and we’ll be cheering on the incredible athletes representing our country. It’s always nice to put a name to face, but even better learn someone’s story. With that...
clay iron


Eugene, Ore. – Bowtech Archery, the industry heavyweight in innovation, has taken its lightest, strongest high performance bow and made it even better. The new Carbon Icon DLX has been infused with industry-leading premium accessories and new color options creating a combination of look, feel and performance unlike anything on...
Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic Wasting Disease

By Daniel Allred The industry cannot afford to turn a blind eye to chronic wasting disease. But what do we really know about it? Where do the facts end and speculations begin? In terms of how it operates as a disease, here are the basics: CWD is a disease of...

3-D Archery Gear

3-D archery is a great way to introduce people to archery. It’s also a popular way for bowhunters to stay sharp in the offseason, and provide archers a new form of competition.
Archery News: Media Direct Bowhunting Roundtable

Archery News: Media Direct Bowhunting Roundtable

Media Direct’s Bowhunting Roundtable took place on May 24-26 in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. A handful of members of the outdoor media gathered at the Easton Salt Lake City Archery Center to meet with manufacturers and learn about exciting new products.  
Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer

Growing Business: Top Food Plots and Minerals for Deer

Just because it’s the offseason doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of work to do to ensure a successful hunting season. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the industry’s most innovative and bestselling food-plot seeds and mineral supplements.


Bowfishing continues to grow in popularity. Industry leaders have taken notice, matching the enthusiasm of this new trend with cutting-edge gear. Here’s a rundown of the bowfishing supplies that are making waves. Alpine Archery Mako  The Alpine Mako is fitted with a CNC machined riser, stylish machined aluminum limb pocket,...
Kids and Archery

Kids and Archery

At this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge in the archery community that The Hunger Games and other pop culture phenomena caused a huge increase in archery participation, particularly in the younger demographics. The Hunger Games in particular seemed to be a massive driving factor. In 2011, a year before...
Crossbow Arrows: What's Hot


  The crossbow movement continues to sweep the country. They’re legal for hunting in varying degrees in 49 states. More hunters are giving them a shot for fun and practical reasons, and their short arrows are a staple that crossbow hunters repeatedly buy. Crossbow arrows feature the same technology used in...
ATA Board Elects Summers as Chair, and Easton, Copeland Vice Chairs


Longtime ATA Board member and officer Ben Summers, director of Operations for T.R.U. Ball Release Products, was elected ATA Board chair during the group’s March executive committee elections, while Greg Easton of Jas D. Easton Inc. and Mark Copeland of Jay’s Sporting Goods Inc. were elected vice chairs. Summers was...

2016 ACM & Cabela’s Great Outdoor Archery Event

2016 ACM & Cabela’s Great Outdoor Archery Event The fourth annual ACM & Cabela’s Great Outdoor Archery Event took place recently on April 2. This event featured two star-studded teams: Luke Bryan’s #TeamLuke, which consisted of Luke Bryan, Dustin Lynch, Eric Paslay, Kristy Titus, and Adam LaRoche; and Justin Moore’s #TeamJustin,...
National Archery Day 2016 Falls On Saturday, May 14

(570) 388-7454

National Archery Day 2016 National Archery Day will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2016. It’s no secret that holidays can bring a huge boost to certain businesses. Each major holiday comes equipped with its own special theme of products. A handful of specialty businesses even rely on this one...

Archery Gear: Latest Cutting Edge Products

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Hunter Stabilizer  The Nitro Hunter is a unique stabilizer that balances the bow, destroys vibration, and is pleasing to the eye. The Nitro Hunter Stabilizer comes with Sawtooth vibration dampening technology. The Sawtooth blades found on the lightweight aluminum body of the stabilizer are made of...




What happens in Vegas sometimes wins you $50,000. The 50th annual Vegas Shoot just wrapped up and it set the bar for attendance, with over 3,000 shooters from across the globe. Three tense days of shooting yielded some interesting results. The most interesting perhaps being that this year saw a...
Vegas Baby: The 2016 Vegas Shoot

Vegas Baby: The 2016 Vegas Shoot

2016 Vegas Shoot The 2016 Vegas Shoot kicked off today and should be quite the event. Novices to Olympic archers from around the world are gathered for 3 intense days of shooting. This year marks the tournament’s 50th anniversary. The weekend competition includes the traditional 3-spot 20-yard “Vegas Round” that made...
10 Hunting Dogs You Have To See!

10 Hunting Dogs You Have To See!

Lets Get Started! Everyone needs a little lighthearted fun on Fridays, and is there any better way to accomplish that than with dog pictures? We don’t think so. Here are 10 amazing hunting dog photos to lighten up your day, and perhaps inspire you to get a dog of your...
2016 Crossbows from TenPoint

2016 Crossbows from TenPoint

Check out TenPoint’s 2016 crossbow lineup, featuring the Venom Xtra, the Carbon Nitro RDX, the Turbo GT, and the Titan SS. The precision-crafted, laminated wood stock Venom Xtra satisfies the discriminating hunter, shooting enthusiast or collector who demands the best.  *Available with either the patented ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking...


Both mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads have their advantages, so most bowhunters make their choice based on which disadvantages they can best live with. BloodSport GRAVE DIGGER hybrid broadheads offer all the advantages of both fixed-blades and mechanicals, with none of the drawbacks.


Browning Crossbows

Browning Crossbows

OneSixOne TRADITION CROSSES OVER The wait is over. The OneSixOne now connects the tradition and heritage of one of hunting’s most dependable brands to the fastest growing segment of the sport. Firing at 350 FPS, this crossbow is well equipped to deliver exceptional results. Loaded with high-end features, it simply...
Beman ICS Arrows


Born and bred in America, Beman ICS PRECISION HUNTER is as red, white and blue as it gets. The ICS PRECISION HUNTER has the precision you demand to place the arrow in the exact spot it belongs. • Straightness: +/- .001 • Direct-fit S Nock – installed • CB Inserts – included Arrow...
Bowtech, Excalibur, and Diamond’s Hot New Products

(855) 325-4201

Bowtech BT-X  BT-X is an amazing combination of speed, balance, and strength in an ultra-compact design. The revolutionary skeletal riser was specifically engineered to remove unwanted weight for optimal balance and reinforced stability. The BT-X features the all-new Micro Sync Dial, giving the shooter the ability to precisely time cam...

(419) 870-1448

Bear certainly turned some heads at the 2016 ATA Trade Show by unveiling their very own line of crossbows. This product line was engineered from the ground up with a design that focused on safety, power, and ease of use. Five key features make this line really stand out: 3XS...
2016 ATA Trade Show - Day 3

2016 ATA Trade Show – Day 3

ATA’s 20th trade show was certainly an amazing event, and like so many before it, it went by in a flash. Today was a day of tying up loose ends, finishing off those checklists, and seeing good friends one last time with a bittersweet goodbye. Although things were winding down...
2016 ATA Trade Show – Day 2


Day 1 was indeed a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and smiling faces. In such chaos it’s tough to keep track of everything on the checklist, and no one wants to waste a precious moment here. Day 2 gave us all a chance to take a deep breath and find the...
2016 ATA Trade Show - Day 1

2016 ATA Trade Show – Day 1

The 2016 ATA Show started with a bang today as Bowtech Archery and Bear Archery unveiled their new products at the show’s start. Bear turned a lot of heads by releasing their new line of highly-advanced crossbows – the Fisix FFL, Torrix FFL, the Bruzer FFL, and the Fortus, 4...
(202) 353-1454

WebXtra January: Louisville Local

Looking for some good local grub options during your time at the Kentucky Exposition Center? Here’s a brief list of some options that are within walking distance. Support local businesses and try some amazing food at the same time! Cardinal Hall of Fame Café Address: 2745 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY...
WebXtra January: Competitive Archery in 2016

WebXtra January: Competitive Archery in 2016

Competition archery is one of the best avenues for expanding interest in the sport. Participation is on the rise across the country, but an increase in awareness and encouragement could boost that even more. As the list bellow displays, there are tournaments across the country for all ages and skill...
Dude Perfect Does it Again


Dude Perfect has again displayed the fun and versatile opportunities that archery can create. Combining the friendly foam-tipped arrows of archery tag, and the concept from the classic video game Mario Kart, Dude Perfect and his buddies have a blast romping around in golf carts and putting their shooting skills...
T.R.U. Ball Archery & AXCEL Sights - 2016 Product Line

(413) 512-8182

T.R.U. Ball Archery and Axcel Sights announced their new line: the RubberNeck, BlackNite, Sweet Spot Pro, and Accu-Stat Scopes (3-pin and 5-pin). The RubberNeck This release features a 10° swivel head for less torque. The ThermaDynamic rubber sleeve and thumb grip lets you keep a grip on your shots while...
Martin Archery - New for 2016

Martin Archery – New for 2016

Walla Walla, WA–Refusing to let a 2015 factory fire slow down their momentum, Martin Archery today released four all new compound bows for their 2016 product line. The new bows–the Hellfire 35, Inferno 33, Carbon Vapor and Stratos CR–are the result of the most ambitious market research and technological development...
(956) 260-7661

Archery and the Natural Food Movement

  By Daniel Allred The Industrial Revolution changed an awful lot. During the 18th and 19th centuries the western world made a rapid transition from rural to urban societies through assembly lines and massive leaps in scientific knowledge. Food production was not exempt from these changes. The idyllic image of...
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 - Released 11/20

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 – Released 11/20

Our favorite archery heroine is back in the final installment of The Hunger Games, and she’s ready to revolutionize the fictional world of Panem. Katniss Everdeen returns to the silver screen today! In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer for the latest (and final!) movie in the series:...

The All New 2016 Mathews Halon™

Sparta, Wisconsin– Built on Crosscentric™ Cam technology, the 2016 HALON™ delivers hard-hitting energy with the consistent accuracy you’ve come to expect from Mathews®. Inspired by No Cam™ technology, the HALON’s all-new CrossCentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout to produce a stealthy draw and delivers speeds up to 353...

Looking to the New Year

By Patrick Meitin The approach of a New Year can prove simultaneously exciting and stressful for an archery shop owner or larger store manager. There is excitement in the air as you look forward to seeing what the brilliant minds of the archery and outdoor industry have devised in way...


Press Release from Darton Archery: Darton’s 2016 Crossbow lineup features a completely new series named the Toxin. All Toxin crossbows feature Darton’s patented compact tactical bullpup stock design. Toxin Crossbows are engineered with safety first featuring a more than adequate finger protection. Each Toxin Series model includes: – Dry Fire...
Inside Archery September 2015: APA Archery Cover Story

Inside Archery September 2015: APA Archery Cover Story

For more information, visit APA Archery’s website.
Easton Archery Center of Excellence Grand Opening

Easton Archery Center of Excellence Grand Opening

The U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California was expanded with a new state-of-the-art archery center on October 22, thanks to lifelong archery supporter Jim Easton. Gifted and operated by the Easton Foundations, this expansion adds 42,629 square feet to the current U.S. Olympic Training Center. “USA Archery is...
Hoyt Launch 2016

Hoyt Launch 2016

Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX It’s back. It’s more compact. Its bite is as toxic as ever. Now featuring the DFX Cam & 1/2 and UltraFlex limbs on a 28″ axle-to-axle that delivers the shootability of a 30″. The #CarbonSpyderFX packs a lethal bite. Now featuring the DFX Cam & 1/2 and UltraFlex...
Elite Archery Impulse - New for 2016


Impulse 31 A proctor of pulse-raising performance, the 2016 Impulse™ series delivers speed without compromise and “Shootability” without sacrifice.

WebXtra November: A Brief History of Bowhunting

By Daniel Allred Archery is seeing a revitalization in pop culture, but considering humanity’s entire timeline, it’s easy to see that it never really went out of style. Let’s take brief look back to see how bowhunting evolved from humble beginnings to its current place in modern America.
WebXtra November: Quivers


By Patrick Meitin Every bowhunter needs a safe and convenient place to store arrows. The bow quiver has proven the most popular design with bowhunters since Fred Bear developed them in the late 1940s, as it keeps equipment bundled into one convenient package and arrows handy, while also protecting broadhead...


You’ve never shot anything like the monocoque-designed 2016 PSE  Carbon Air®, a revolutionary new breakthrough in bow technology.

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Watch as Patrick Meitin talks about and tests several of the top trail cameras. Here are the results:  

Inside Archery July 2015: TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Cover Story

For more information, visit the TenPoint Crossbows website.

WebXtra September: Scent Lures & Killers

By Patrick Meitin Get the drop on big game by adopting the latest scent products. Despite exceptional eyesight and fair hearing, big-game animals ultimately operate and survive with their noses. White-tailed deer, in particular, locate and keep track of one another, and communicate with other deer through an array of...
Fantastic Archery Targets

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By Patrick Meitin Targets engineered to stop arrows and bolts and stand up to the punishment from today’s fastest compounds and crossbows. When I started college in 1987 I was shooting a PSE Vector compound. I pulled 75 pounds to 31 inches with that bow, and shot a 30 ½-inch...

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Killer Packs

Packs are the only feasible way to haul gear and accessories to and from the field, and they’ve advanced greatly over the past decade. Here are some of the latest options to get you—and your gear—where you’re going.
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Spring and summer are right around the corner, and what better way to welcome in warmer weather than with an Explore Archery program? Hosting your own Explore Archery program is easy and a great way to get bows in new hands and spread the word about your shop! Explore Archery...


    Video: Indoor Archery World Cup Final  • Video: Freestyle Men’s Championship Shoot-off  • The largest indoor archery tournament in the world, the NFAA World Archery Festival, known more commonly as the Vegas Shoot, was held February 6-8, 2015, at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas....
Inside Archery January 2015: Plano Synergy Cover Story

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Between putting the ATA Show Guide & Membership Directory to press and Christmas, Zebra Publishing staff found time to spend a day at Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut.

15 Crossbow Safety Tips You Need to Know

Crossbows are fun. They’re fairly easy to become proficient with, which means even a brand new shooter can feel competent after just a few shots. They’re also quieter than a gun and have far less recoil, which makes them a genuine pleasure to shoot. And today’s crossbows are lighter and better balanced than ever, which allows shooters of all shapes and sizes to become comfortable with them. And crossbow safety is important. Besides that, they’re just plain cool. Fire a few bolts from a high-quality crossbow, and there’s a little part of you that’s whispering, “Okay, zombies. Bring it on.” But the fact that crossbows are so easy and comfortable to use can lull shooters into a false sense of security. Crossbows are very safe, but they’re still weapons, and the misuse of a crossbow can have serious consequences. We spoke with Dave Robb, marketing director of TenPoint Crossbows, about...
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Protect Your Gear With SKB's 3i-3613-BXB Ultimate Waterproof Crossbow Case


The SKB Cases Sports Division is proud to introduce their new 3i-3613-BXB Ultimate Waterproof Crossbow Case, the perfect travel case for protecting expensive crossbow investments. This iSeries case is watertight, dustproof, military-grade, made in the USA, and features a custom foam insert to accommodate the most popular crossbows from Ravin, including the R20 Sniper Edition,...
Fred Bear's Field Notes Becomes a Bi-Weekly Streaming Podcast

Fred Bear’s Field Notes Becomes a Bi-Weekly Streaming Podcast

Bear Archery launched the release of its very first podcast, Fred Bear’s Field Notes. The bi-weekly podcast is based on “The Adventures of Fred Bear,” a riveting piece written by the main character himself, Fred Bear, derived from his own personal journals from 15 of his most noteworthy hunts. Widely considered the father of modern...

Bear Archery Launches Two All-New Bows to Add to the 2019 Lineup

SPECIES LD AND LIMITLESS BRING BOTH LONG AND COMPACT PLATFORMS Bear Archery announced today the launch of two all-new compound bows to join the 2019 lineup. Both the Species LD and Limitless are rooted in inspiration from Fred Bear, the company’s founder, who developed a legacy of innovation and a heritage of introducing new technologies...
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PSE Archery announced today the release of its 2019 bow line, including the next evolution of Evolve Series bows. The bows leading the charge will be the new 35” Axle-to-Axle version of the 2019 Carbon Air Stealth 35, along with the new Evolve Cam System (ECS) powered Evoke 35 and Evoke 31. PSE shooters have...
Bear Archery Adds a Target Bow to their 2019 Lineup: The Revival

Bear Archery Adds a Target Bow to their 2019 Lineup: The Revival

Bear Archery announced the launch of its all-new target compound bow to its 2019 lineup. The Revival is a high-performance bow built to meet the accuracy and comfort demands of the target shooter with an easy draw for consistency and repetition. At Bear Archery, we understand that the sport of archery requires distinctive equipment to...
Completely Redesigned 2019 Mission Bow Line

Completely Redesigned 2019 Mission Bow Line

MXR The 2019 MXR is a one-of-a-kind, high-performance hunting bow offering accuracy and speeds traditionally found in higher priced bows. Built around our Crosscentric Cam technology, the MXR is powerful and efficient. The seven inch brace height enhances forgiveness and accuracy, while the proven cam system generates 324 feet per second for performance you can...
Bear Archery Launches New 2019 Bear X Crossbow Series

Bear Archery Launches New 2019 Bear X Crossbow Series

Saga 370 SPEED: 370 FPS DRAW WEIGHT: 175 LBS WEIGHT: 7.5 LBS WIDTH COCKED: 14 INCHES WIDTH UNCOCKED: 18 INCHES Includes: Scope, quiver, sling, 3 carbon bolts, cocking rope, and rail lube / string wax.   Saga 370 LS SPEED: 370 FPS DRAW WEIGHT: 175 LBS WEIGHT: 7.5 LBS WIDTH COCKED: 14 INCHES WIDTH UNCOCKED:...
Moon Shine Camo Rebrands as Sirphis and Announces Four Distinct Brands

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Introducing Pulse and Grit House Brands   Moon Shine Camo, announces their company rebranding to Sirphis, LLC, along with a new design and a new graphics brand. After years of marketing Lifestyle Camo patterns and establishing Muddy Girl as a go-to female brand in the outdoor industry, we decided it was time for a new...
Trophy Ridge Launches Two New Adjustable Arrow Rests

Trophy Ridge Launches Two New Adjustable Arrow Rests

NEW SYNC AND SYNC MD OFFER ULTIMATE ADJUSTABILTIY Trophy Ridge announced two new drop-away arrow rests joining the 2019 lineup of archery accessories. With the introduction of the Sync and the Sync MD, Trophy Ridge is delivering the micro-adjustability bowhunters want with the Trophy Ridge quality bowhunters trust. The Sync features a removable full containment...
Introducing SIK Broadheads: Change the way you think about broadheads

Introducing SIK Broadheads: Change the way you think about broadheads

NEW PREMIUM PRODUCT LINE THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT BROADHEADS SIK Broadheads, an all-new premium broadhead brand, launched today with three flagship products, providing high-quality products for both novice and expert bowhunters alike. The first member of SIK’s flagship line is the SK2, a broadhead guaranteed to deliver supreme field point accuracy....

T.R.U. Ball Archery’s Reo Wilde Signature Series GOAT Release

T.R.U. BALL Archery’s most anticipated mid-year release is now delivered! The Reo Wilde Signature Series GOAT combines two of the most popular methods of activation into one unprecedented release. The GOAT can be used as a thumb activated trigger release or hinge release in three easy steps, taking about 30 seconds to switch. It comes...


Higher Output to Simulate Higher Deer Traffic Scrape hunting is probably the overall most effective way to harvest quality Whitetail bucks.  Due to the extreme interest in mock scrape hunting and the high consumer demand for the Magnum Scrape-Dripper, Wildlife Research Center has introduced The Super Charged Scrape-Dripper. This new dripper is designed to be...