Who benefits from that?

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Failure is not an option.

Seymour smoked a cigarette out of boredom.

Repeat what I have just told you.

That's the least of our problems.

I have some unfinished business to attend to.

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They're probably sleeping.

Evaporation from oceans, lakes, and rivers creates 90% of the water in air.

Stan changed my life.

Let me show you what I bought today.

Well, I've got to go now.

She's looking at you.

I made a deposit in the bank yesterday.

I can tell you cared about her.

What would I do if they really came?

I really do like it.

Is there anything that we can do?


She's looking but she doesn't see anything.


I only speak French.

Round boxes? Are you nuts?

I can't do as he told me to.


We must absolutely find the assassins.


I don't care all that much.

All sales are final.

She was doing the housekeeping.

It's nothing to be alarmed about.

Clem felt bad.


Keep looking.


What's your favorite cartoon?

Everett didn't know what to say to Ahmed.

You probably do this all the time.


I don't see Izzy's car.


I'll settle things with Stephanie.


Pat and Linda usually go to school by bicycle.

There's probably been a traffic accident.

Whether it rains or not, I won't change my plan.


Obviously, I would love to be in Boston.

Tell her I won't do that.

Do you know my age?

How long have you been playing pool?

Are you going to the tennis court?

I finally found out where you were last night.

Slippery slugs slithered sideways down the slope.


I'm not able to do any other work.

She's lucky.

This cooktop is 44 inches wide.

That's the only way.

She got home exhausted today.

Swamy is a big eater.

How can I say "I love you" in your language?

This is one of my favorite songs.

You were great.

But you do. Please help me.

Such an offence is punished by a fine and/or imprisonment.

Deposit this check in my checking account.

Could you teach me Macedonian?

"Are the drinks free?" "Only for ladies."

At night, Novo could see the stars through the window next to her bed.

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That's only a part of the problem.

That's not a horse, it's a donkey.

We have to give them something.

I'm really proud of her.

I'd like to find out who Gilles got that from.


I've forgotten the name.

The child heard it like in a dream.

All the students were wearing black T-shirts.

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Betty told me he'd do it.


I've clean forgotten.

This store hasn't raised prices in years.

Edmond didn't help wash the dishes.

They'll ask him.

David doesn't have a whole lot of time.

The building is twenty stories high.

I am surprised to see you here in this hotel.


Giving up what you want is hard, but sometimes we have no other choice.


Jim's parents agreed to his marriage with Susan.

Concentrate on the mission!

Fay handed Jacques the message.

Bolivia is called "Buliwya" in Quechua.

He was shown the photo by her.

Cathryn resumed his pacing.

We have a lot of good teachers at our school.


She is a little shy.


Researchers announce method of circumventing Windows Vista security features.

Let's keep going and see the next town.

I hope you get the job.

The Communists chose to blockade the western part of Berlin. They cut off food and supplies to more than two million Germans in an effort to extinguish the last flame of freedom in Berlin.

You're a fool.

The police are after the man.

You need treatment.


I never should've got you into this.

We were somewhere else.

I've had a little wine.

You have to do this now.

The trip cost me a lot.


Do you think that's necessary?

Which would Herbert choose?

They wouldn't allow me to tell you the truth.

Who is buying what?

What's hidden in there?

I can't figure it out.

We just got to first base.

They attacked the enemy.

Terrence is going to call you tonight.

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Straka always wears a blue shirt.

Al-Qaida exists in every single country that the US wants to annihilate, perhaps even in North Korea.

Are you doing a special thing?


I got injured in the car accident, but it was not anything.


Best regards to your father.

I wasn't talking.

I thought you'd be interested to know that Wilmer found a job.


I think I'll go to Boston next weekend.


I think perhaps you should call the police.

I polished Ning's shoes.

Let him try.

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He raised me.


Weather permitting, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When water cools, it can become snow or ice.

She hates me as much as I hate her.

She returned the book to the library.

This joke is not funny.

I only wish I had stopped Debbie.

You're not God.

They say that Joshua was a great singer when she was young.

However hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.

Would you like to come eat at our house?

Did Arlene, by any chance, let Nguyen drive the car?

We made him our guide.

Don't stand in my way. Stay out of my business!

Ralf didn't know that Cathryn had already bought bread.

How can you contribute?

He will soon get used to the class.

The company's failed.


He demonstrated his courage by his actions in battle.

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You need to be extra careful around Hsuan.

She has had multiple plastic surgeries, including breast augmentations and a nose job.

Many people are scared.

If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Why didn't you slow down?


Clark is paid by the hour.


Rolfe, you've got to give it some time.

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She looked around in wonder.

Let's wait a few days and see what happens.

It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for her.

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I'll be staying here for another three days.

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The boy can solve any problem in arithmetic.

Marion managed to put the fire out by himself.

My sister married her high school classmate.

Andrea is no longer interested in buying your car.

He offered to carry my books.

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Was it hard for you to get in touch with Knute?

I promised Marci and I really don't want to disappoint him.

I agree with you 100 percent.

Now is not the time.

You may go now.


I wonder where Eliot and Vince are now.


I want to try eating fugu sometime.

Jeanne's behavior has changed.

The old car was taken for scrap.