About Us


The Diwakar Neonatal Intensive Care Endowment Foundation (D-NICE Foundation) provides interim financial help to economically deprived parents whose newborn infants require intensive care treatment.

Why do we need a Foundation exclusively for the  newborn requiring intensive care ?

Pregnancy and childbirth are events so routine to life, that little does one associate the birth of a baby as a harbinger of anxiety and stress until faced with the dilemma of a critically  ill newborn. The trauma is a lot more  challenging for economically deprived parents who are expected to choose  between a potentially expensive treatment and the life of their newborn baby for want of some immediate financial help. In no other medical field is the ‘future’ and the ‘cost-benefit’ outcome of therapy so emotionlessly discussed, than when a neonate is slated for intensive care. Economic issues over-ride  most other considerations.

The Parent’s Dilemma

Many a times  parents are moved to being mute spectators while the future of their baby is decided by the more vociferous relatives and ‘uninformed well wishers’. There is nothing more heart wrenching than to watch parents giving up their rights of deciding the fate of their newborn baby. A few hundred rupees would help them initiate the crucial early treatment for their baby, get the much needed time for the  parents of the  newborn discuss with each other all matters concerning their  baby, and provide the doctors a window period to evaluate the response to treatment

Available and Affordable Care

Today, neonatal intensive care has become available in many hospitals around the country. Further, there are  various health conditions that yield excellent results with a very short course of treatment. However, many persons, generally employed in the unorganized sector eg. Manual labourers, shop assistants etc. cite ‘lack of guarantee of normal outcome’ as a reason for withdrawal of intensive care support — while the real reason is financial instability.

“An amount many pay for a weekend dinner at an exclusive restaurant could decide the future of a family.”
-K K Diwakar

How can we help 

Minimal financial assistance can provide the ‘bridge support’ and give parents the time to  make the  right decisions and organize the funds  required to care for their child in the intensive care.

The parents can thus be helped in a modest way to avoid the life-long guilt of ‘giving up on their baby’ and help nurture a baby who has all the potential for a very productive future.

Our Process

Each patient for whom assistance is requested, is carefully screened and viability of care is established.  Following this, the financial position of the parents is ascertained.  Further, their ability to arrange funding for complete therapy is determined. The cost of therapy for initial few days is estimated.  If  all these parameters  are satisfied, the patient, in principle, qualifies for assistance. The Foundation vouches to financially support the patient’s care in the hospital. The duration of support may extend up to a week.

Finally, a cheque is issued to the treating hospital at the time of discharge, to cover the patient care expenses that the  Foundation had agreed to bear.