Srinivasan asked Suu if she was ready.

Owls have big eyes.


Kenn must be proud of you.

It speaks for itself.

It is better to die honorably than to live in disgrace.

Could you put it in plain language?

I came for her.

When are you going to call me?

It stands to reason that he should apologize to her.


She makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every morning.

Rand is the best high school catcher I've ever seen.

Dale thanked Kristen for taking care of his dog.

It may possibly be fine tomorrow.

He waited on his master.

Toil to toil brings toil.

It is no use asking a favor of that man.

Can you tell me where it is?

I wish I had solar-powered car.

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I'll go in a minute.

All Piotr wants to do is talk about Lukas.

Torsten likes to watch TV.

I can put it back in the drawer if you want me to.

Why didn't you go to Germany?

I'm only the mechanic.

Oscar has one brother.

Her answer was straight out of the textbook - nothing interesting.

His story was borne out by the facts.


Attention please!

There is only one truth!

I saw them earlier this morning.

There have been complaints saying that users waited for a long time before receiving assistance.

I am presently working in the hotel kitchen.


I cannot go up the stairs by myself. I'm old and I need an elevator.

Water covers about 70% of the earth.

While we're sleeping the immune system opens its repair workshop.

The paperback version is cheaper.

How many pieces of baggage do you have?

The real war is much more horrible than this story.

In Soviet Russia, television watches the audience!

All the guests have gone home.

I never got good grades in junior high school.


Heinrich looked like he was unhappy.

I know somebody who's perfect for the job.

Edgar has gotten his confidence back.

I often enjoy listening to classical music after supper.

Kent will forgive you.

Jeffery doesn't have many friends.

Who do you blame?


A good theory is characterized by the fact that it makes a number of predictions that could in principle be disproved or falsified by observation.

After all, life is just like a dream.

Put your wig back on.


This is the Town Hall.

Raman can't manage on his own.

How much are you going to get paid?

That's cheating to start running before everyone else.

Maria said that she was fine.


My father is free on Saturday.


Shannon said I should go to Boston with you.

His family has 800 dollars coming in every month.

I'm fed up with this wet weather.

Father used to say that time is money.

Let's contribute to this project.


Are you sure you don't want me to buy you a ticket?


We have closed out this year's model.

I quite agree with you.

There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage or pay their doctors' bills or save enough for their child's college education.

The hall allows children in only on that day.

Naim wasn't impressed by what he saw.


I'll be sure to let her know.

We fought for our lives in the storm.

Kaj loves you as much as I do.


I need to exercise more.

Vice loves charts and graphs.

I see you going by my house every day.


They were in Joe's class last year.

Bryce knew what was hidden in the cave.

Do you want to leave with them?


I know it to be fact.


I'm good, how 'bout you?

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I made the woman angry.

I won't write a letter in English.

Let's build a castle in the sand.

You were the one who told me Doyle couldn't be trusted.

I thought I'd understand it once you explained it to me.

Fritz was peering out of the window into the street.

We need to remember that.

No one has died... yet.

It's a question of who's in charge.

She always has to be the one giving orders.

Where should I wait for the shuttle bus?

Being a philologist, studying languages was necessary for his work.

Every time I meet him, I swear at him.


I asked for one.

Suyog needed you.

I want to call...


Can you tell me who's coming tonight?


I left the door open.


Jennie was really embarrassed.


I ate chicken nuggets.

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I can tell you what Marc thinks.

I remember my mother when I see this.

Rick sat back down as if nothing had happened.


Come one Tuesday, if possible.


How could I make him fall for it?


Shakil is going with me tomorrow.

Squirrelman's superpower is that he can turn into a squirrel.

I want to eat purple potatoes.


Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.


The roaring lion terrified the boy.

We can talk on the way.

Why don't you come over after work for dinner?

You do nothing but complain! You're not the only one who's having a hard time.

Which one of those is yours?


He tried to sell the boss the new idea.

It isn't always easy.

Each person or small group had to build their own boat.

The Rhine flows between France and Germany.

Your physical condition is crucial.

Ricky is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

Dan wanted Linda to help Matt.

All of the books are good, but none as good as this one.

Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to wherever you came from?

How did I oversleep even though I went to bed early?!

I'm sure Graham didn't see it that way.


I wanted to do that.

Pay your dues to the treasurer.

We didn't want to begin without you.

Did Nathaniel drive himself home?

How many horses are there in Sweden?

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I live in the United States.

This is no way to live.

I get chapped lips every winter.

In Japan people take off their shoes when they enter a house.

What's the minimum salary in Cuba?


I assume you know about Andrew's problem.

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I haven't had a boyfriend in ages.

This sanza is really good!

Many websites are supported by revenue from advertising.


The teacher didn't permit me to leave early.


I saw you with a group of men.

Why are you standing there?

I was interviewed for a job.

What exactly did you mean?

I yield to no one in abhorrence of violence.

I never suggested that.

Kieran doesn't get this at all.


Irving's party was kind of fun, actually.


This is going to be a challenge!

Soon you'll be convinced that I'm right.

In winter, we need to feed the birds.

I want to breathe some fresh air.

Rodger has been suffering a lot.

Generally speaking, the Japanese are polite.

Roberta's income totals thirty thousand dollars a year.

Let me tell you what I think.

You'll ask him, won't you?

We all want the same thing to happen.

This shirt is too big for me.

If you don't like him, why were you talking to him?

Muiriel is already twenty years old.


They left their house quickly.