Put the lime in the coconut.

Let's hear a story of his travels.

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A series of explosions reduced the laboratory to ruins.

I really didn't want to bother you again.

Everybody knows about that now.

Would you enjoy working from home?

I want a bath.

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I relayed the message to Kerry.

Is your radio new?

Guilt is written all over your face.

This is clearly wrong.

What're you going to say?

I'm supposed to do everything by myself.

Lenora looks a bit like Denise Richards when she was young.

Where is Rome?

He drank it in one gulp.

Aren't you going to help?

Dolkun has been working very hard lately, and yet isn't able to see even the slightest result.

"Quack, quack," said the duck.

Meeks wants Shahid to suffer for what she did to him.

You know that I don't usually talk like that.

If you really wanted to, you could buy me a motorcycle.

It seemed that they were telling a lie.

Byron's nose was bleeding.

I work for a firm of publishers.

"Noobs," Al-Sayib stated. "If 25 people got killed by you, Dima, then they must have been noobs."

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I was going to do that the day before yesterday.

The hill slopes downward to the river.

You must love Tor very much.

There are big faces on it.

This doesn't seem to affect Rakhal.

I'm talking about you.

They are far from happy.

Rain, rain go away!

It's a pretty simple concept.

The public transportation system runs like clockwork.

Hang on!

Kyung is no genius.

The residents made complaints about the noise.

Arthur lived next to his uncle.

It works for us.

Can it be that a white horse is not a horse?

And then Nathan leaned over and said something in Donna's ear.

"Boustrophedon" is an unusual word...

This dog is almost human.

Gabriel and Cyrus live on a farm and have 16 children.

I think you're making a big mistake.

I'm just doing what needs to be done.

If the large maroon turtleneck is too big, do you have it in medium?

Do you use a sponge when you take a bath?

His being absent complicates matters.

He delayed answering the letter.

Spring is here.


Keep to the left, please.

Sunspots appear darker than their surroundings because they are a few thousand degrees cooler.

Sriram decided to ignore Vishal's request.

Oliver took another bite of his sandwich.

On arriving in Tokyo, I called him up.

He gave up hope.

All you want is power.

I went swimming in the river yesterday.

I look like an old farmer.

You can't know that.

How many times do I have to say that?

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The first was the school uniform.

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I have prepared your bath.

He is the tallest person in the class.

It's not natural for a mother to outlive her child.


Just breathe normally.


Orville went to see Sanity.

Tovah has just arrived.

They're traitors.

We can hear you.

She ate nothing for lunch.

Diffusion is passive because it doesn't require an external source of energy.

I've seen the movie twice from start to finish.

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Do you have time for one more question?

The cat will scratch you if you provoke it.

He was never to see her again.

I will go on foot.

Savings bonds are a stable investment.


Do I know Stephanie?

It is a great pity that he died so young.

Julianto looks crushed.

The well-known poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.

Ima has a lot more money than I have.

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Shawn has been staying at a homeless shelter.


He's a bread connoisseur.

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How much property does the landlord own?

Juri refused to allow Pandora to go to the party.


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Tim is crying.


This is a problem.

Here you can't open your mouth without being quoted at once.

When Wikipedia states a stupidity, it soon becomes a truth.

The doctor is not available now.

This work took me 5 days, but it will take you as many weeks.

Kim corrected all the errors. Now the report is perfect.

He compared the copy with the original.


The lifeguard is ever ready to help others.


I never want to see Fritz again.

I think this is very rare.

He offered more than could be expected.


Horst and Alice both married men younger than them.

You have hung up the laundry.

Chastity extended the youth.

Do you have something in mind?

Linda has been blind since birth.

They pushed his body off the bridge and into the water.

Price died in combat.


That degree is not going to take you anywhere.

Sal has it wrong.

You need to talk to me.


The plane took off at 2:30.

Stop telling those filthy stories.

It's just a minor problem.

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I was hoping for something a little more useful.


Dannie is on the heavy side.

Tickets are selling fast and space is limited.

Raghu recanted his testimony.

You said I was a liar.

Drew never drinks beer.


Are you enjoying your weekend?

When I visited Ken, he was studying.

Jaime does things his own way.

Thomas nearly jumped out of his skin.

He likes to just sit around and play video games all day.

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Respect for law is fundamental to our society.

Let's begin with this problem.

Jennifer and Toufic spoke to each other for a long time.


Take him back.


She published a book.

Donovan is very happy to see Ronni.

What happened to your computer?

And does your son drive?

I should've known it was you.

Now that we have eaten, let's go.

We couldn't have done that without Herbert's help.

After he had given a lecture, he had an interview with some students.

I don't watch the TV in the afternoon.


He examined the spare parts one by one.

Pete knew I needed them, but he refused to give them to me.

Jean can't get around without a wheelchair.


Just name your price.

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Children should go to school.

I will not dwell any longer upon this subject.

Hearing Spanish makes me think of beautiful tropical destinations.

Give my love to her.

He focused his business on the metropolitan area.

Let's hope it's enough.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.

The riot police arrived on the scene.

I hope you have brains enough to see the difference.

Clovis, the constantly jumping wino, has prominent quadriceps and fantastic glutes.

Mom is washing the dog because he's dirty.

They lived in a very small house at the end of a long, gray street.

Where was Ji when we needed him?

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Polly has no idea who Old is.

He circulated the letter among the members.

My name is Richard, but you can call me Dick.

I'm aware of the fact.

I shut up.

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A president's work is very interesting.

You're learning, right?

Once gone, you will never get it back.


I can't believe people really eat that stuff.


Vistlik has a 9-5 office job.