I'm doing this as fast as I can.

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Now go forward.

Rabin is approximately Niall's age.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along?

I was planning on it.

Tao accused him of having stolen the bike.

It's mediocre.

He was eaten up with guilt.

I think she is showing off her new dress to us.

I just got a job.

Siping was a friend of my brother's.

This star cannot be seen by the naked eye.


It's an embarrassing question.


It was too much.


Her composition is very good except for two or three spelling errors.

His diligence and good conduct earned him the scholarship.

How much are you willing to lose?

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Hey, I have a great idea.


Being knowledgeable about Japanese culture is a good thing.

Freedom is the core of all human progress. It believes that nothing's given to us, but if you're willing to work hard. If you're willing to compete, the American dream is there for you.

I fell from the first rung of the ladder.

I hope he's all right.

Let it be on your head!

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He made many grammatical mistakes in his composition.

No one speaks this language anymore.

A friend of your father's friend is not always your father's friend.


We can't let Thuan in.

Things came to a head at the weekend when Stephe found out that Randell had been having an online affair.

The children blamed each other.


Adrian was peering out of the window into the street.

Mother is very busy just now.

How soon can I meet Roberto?

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I don't know how to pronounce his name.

Deborah didn't follow the rules.

He is senior to me by two years.

Naim couldn't do that either.

I came to see how you're doing.

They can offer something else.

What are you laughing at?

So, are you going to buy that or not?

I'm just glad it's over.

Bradley was a no-show for the third week in a row.

Sergei and Saul look sad.

The way Leith looked at me was so adorable, I just couldn't say "no."

You've made my friend unhappy.


Heroes don't die. Only bad guys do.

You don't know very much about me.

Let's get to the point.

I think you're stylish.

I'm happy right now.


This kind of picture does not appeal to me.

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It revived with even greater vigor.


He is one of the original settlers. When he arrived, there were no buildings for miles around.

I spent 3,000 yen on a new CD.

I hate this teacher.

What's your favorite kind of movie to watch with your children?

This bridge was built two years ago.


Have some birthday cake.


The population of Australia is much smaller than that of Japan.

Francois is a math nerd.

I think you need to go home now.

Nils forgot to take his umbrella with him.

Is there anything special you need?

Hunger is a very powerful human instinct which can compel us to extremes of behaviour.

I didn't expect you to admit it.

Yesterday I finished studying Esperanto on Duolingo.

Do you know your blood type?

This incident is quite uncanny.

We've got much bigger problems to deal with right now.

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Does anyone know Ranjit's family name?

I think Linder is sad.

This is a wonderful book.


The exception proves the rule.

I think you're going to want to take it easy for a few days.

1 kilo of tomato sauce equals to 2 kilos of tomato.

Gas could be leaking at our home.

How long do I have?

If you eat any cake, I'll whip you.

Nothing is wrong with you. It's not your fault.


I am studying Japanese.


That's one question I haven't been able to answer.

I think we need those.

He's the one who made an excursion there.

Mat should've asked.

Use bullet points.

Miriam and Frank have been at odds with each other for a long time.

What make of computer do you use?


Red and blue lights started flashing in the rearview mirror.


I'd also like to have a try.

Lowell felt that he was getting old.

Gordon can't even write his own name.

Dirk is still unconscious.

Someone will do it.


Keep in mind that even Job's patience can be lost.

Why are pretty things so fragile?

Isn't that what really matters?

Can you just throw these out?

Murat had an unusual thirst for knowledge.


My husband damaged a nerve in his neck.

Dan was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket.

My mother disapproves of too much exercise right after lunch.

Look, I already told you everything you need to know.

I lie to Annie all time.

I asked Marilyn to be here by 2:30.

We never figured out why.


Make good friends and read good books in youth.

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The news delighted him.


Where could Luc possibly be?

Shutting down.

Cecilia has been missing for thirty days.

Saqib was just starting to trust Kelvin.

You're no longer my daughter.

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Naomi sowed her field with barley.


She gets compliments often.

Do you want to try this?

I'm proud of having run fast as a boy.

Anyone could've done what you did.

I don't have any more jokes left to tell.


I want to go to a country without Mondays.

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Go easy on Bob. You know, he's been going though a rough period recently.

The plane takes off at 8:00 a.m.

Lord wondered where Laurent had put his cane.


If it had not been for his help, we would have failed in business.

Because I didn't take the bus, I'm not home yet.

She told me about it.

Do you like eating fish?

The morning sun is too bright to look at.


None of the balls are yellow.

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You should fix your tie.


There's nothing wrong with my memory.

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Everyone knows his name.

He's a cool guy.

During the class she fell asleep in spite of herself.

How will this affect us?

They are highly complementary.

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The last few days have been terribly busy for both of us.

It was the coldest inaugural day in the nation's history.

Tell her I'll be back.

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Ron is as tall as I am.

If Srikanth knew how to swim, she would go to the beach more often.

Where does that leave them?


A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman.

Masanao is pretty good at singing.

Look, you can't buy this anywhere else.

Tollefsen didn't break his new shoes in enough before the marathon, and got bad blisters on his feet.

I like this cup.


She doesn't smile for me anymore.

Please write your date of birth here.

As a child, I loved Barbie.

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This magazine has a picture of the Queen.


What do you think of reggae?

Many commentators regard Obama as a centrist.

Why doesn't she exercise with me anymore?


I just don't know.

Finally, I have the house all to myself. Party time!

There are two places vacant in the company.