Resourceful and Responsive with Integrity

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Resourceful and Responsive with Integrity

We are a business, real estate and estate planning law firm, established in Arizona in 1991, to provide high quality, cost-effective, legal services while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our innovative, resourceful and hardworking approach to legal issues and problems delivers value by creating solutions to legal problems through quality work and responsiveness to client needs. We are committed to providing personal service to our clients. Our goal is to provide first-rate legal services for a reasonable fee and to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

We provide a higher quality of professional service to our clients in a more efficient and effective manner by limiting the scope of legal services to those matters in which we are most knowledgeable and experienced. When a client’s legal needs involve matters outside of those areas in which we practice, we will assist that client in locating other professionals who are best qualified to meet those needs.

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